RWBY: Roman Holiday is a RWBY novel published by Scholastic featuring Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan.[1] It was released on September 7th, 2021.[2] While authored by E. C. Myers, the book is not a continuation of the previous novels Myers authored for RWBY. According the RTX 2021 panel with Meyers, is set a very long time before the start of RWBY.[3]

A preview of the book was released on August 5th, detailing the chapter names and first two chapters of the book.


Before she was a criminal wrapped up in the end of the world, Trivia Vanile was the daughter of disappointed parents who wanted nothing more than for her to be normal. Locked away and pushed into the shadows, Trivia has no one to keep her company. No one, that is, other than Neopolitan, her best and only friend.

But things change after a chance encoutner with the young Roman Torchwick, a criminal on the run trying to make a name for himself before his mistakes have a chance to catch up to him. As an uncertain alliance slowly turns into a true partnership. Trivia finally begins to grasp the freedom that she had always longed for. And while her parents always insisted that Neo was nothing more than a figment of her overactive imagination, Trivia realizes that she might be a larger part of her that she ever could have guessed...[4]


The book concerns the beginning of Roman and Neo's friendship.[5] Furthermore, it will touch upon Roman's past and moments in both of their childhoods.[3]


Chapter One: Imaginary Friends

In the early morning hours of her eighth birthday, a young girl named Trivia Vanille plays Tiptoe tag with another, wilder girl named Neopolitan through the halls of a dark mansion. As the two play, Neo enters the family room, which she was not allowed to go into. During this, Trivia inadvertently knocks over an expensive Akaibara vase, shattering it, and alerting her parents. When the two arrive – her father, Jimmy, angry and her mother, Carmel, concerned – Trivia finds Neopolitan has vanished, and cuts her hand on a piece of shattered glass. Enraged, Jimmy pulls Trivia out from under the couch by her ankles, shaking her upside down. Jimmy demands her to speak for herself and tell him what happened, but Trivia is only able to produce a rasping sound. Carmel asks her daughter what happened, so the girl uses a communication board to spell out the name "Neo", blaming the other girl.

At this, the two parents argue amongst themselves about their daughter's condition, Jimmy is impatient with her and Carmel says Trivia has an overactive imagination, and that her doctor, Mazarin, told them to give the young girl space. As her father leaves, ranting about the things to provide for his family's wealth and ordering somebody to clean the mess, Carmel sits with Trivia. She asks her daughter if she knows that a friend who does something bad and leaves her to take the blame is a bad friend. She begs Trivia to say something, but when she gets no response, Carmel leaves Trivia in the room to clean up after herself, leaving her alone once more. However, as she looked up, Neopolitan has returned, and convinced Trivia to leave somebody else to pick up the pieces...

Chapter Two: Lie

At age eighteen, a young Roman Torchwick sits on Sakura Park in Mistral Below, the lower levels of Mistral. He’s keeping an eye on a local nightclub, The Luck of the Mountains, where he plans on seizing any opportunity he finds. Roman thinks about the club's activities, both illegal – gambling in the basement, and legal – the entertainment. The club's star is a woman named Honey Wine, who has the Semblance to make those who listened to her song feel good and prone to listening to her suggestions and ignoring their surroundings, making them easy to pickpocket.

Roman spots a drunken, wealthy man stumbling out of the club, and Roman decides he really wants the man's coat. Roman pickpockets the man's wallet, and pretends to have found it on the street to return it to him after following him into an alley. The elite is distrusting of Roman, calling the young thief's bluff. Roman beats the man with a cane, demanding he surrender his coat and gloves.

As he reaps his rewards, Roman is flanked by two gangsters, Brick and Mortar, members of the Spider, an organization run by a woman named Lil' Miss Malachite, who frequents The Luck of the Mountains. They tell Roman he is stealing from the mob boss by stealing from her patrons, and the former of the two is goaded into a fight which Roman wins. He escapes, but is found by a small army at the Happenstance Hotel days later. Roman is dragged to see Lil' Miss, one of the most powerful people in Mistral, second to Leonardo Lionheart, who had managed to overthrow the organization's leader. There, Lil' Miss decides that she sees enough potential in Roman Torchwick to find some work in him, and gives him a choice of what sort of person he wants to be.

Chapter Three: Painting the Town Pink

Trivia, with encouragement from Neopolitan, has left her home without permission while her parents Jimmy and Carmel are busy hosting a large party at the Vanille residence. At first, the twelve-year-old feels apprehensive about disobeying her parents, but the dazzling wonder of Vale's commercial district at night and the fact that she'd have just been held up in her bedroom alone quickly overpowered these feelings.

Trivia freely explores the food carts and was enjoying a milkshake when three older girls, Cookie, Mags and Heather, confront her about her heterochromatic eyes. When Trivia is unable to explain to them that she cannot speak and tries to leave, Cookie trips her and ruins her milkshake - and outfit. In retaliation, Trivia uses her Semblance to frighten the trio with the image of a large fissure opening in the ground between them, and is surprised when they notice Neopolitan, as her friend had not been so clearly visible to others up to that point. Neopolitan punches Cookie in the nose and the illusory girl shatters from the impact, leaving Cookie's nose broken.

The commotion catches the attention of the police, whom Trivia unsuccessfully flees from. After preventing Trivia from falling into a construction site, Officers Arad and Cloud bring her back to her home where her parents' party is still ongoing. Carmel greets them at the door and is shocked to learn that her daughter had snuck out and gotten into a fight. Her mother instructs Trivia to return to her room quietly, but she instead pushes her way into the party when she notices Neo beckoning her inside. With Neo's encouragement, and frustrated with the lack of attention her parents gave her, Trivia uses her Semblance to trash the party and ruin Carmel and Jimmy's evening. However, when Trivia catches sight of her father, she is overcome with fear and halts her rampage. Realizing that she would need to take responsibility for the things Neopolitan goaded her into doing, Trivia prepares to confront her father. He instead motions for her to go to her room, and she follows his silent order.

Chapter Four: Steal

Chapter Five: Hard Lessons

Chapter Six: Cheat

Chapter Seven: Falling Out

Chapter Eight: Survive

Chapter Nine: Arrival

Chapter Ten: Rival

Chapter Eleven: Trivial Pursuit

Chapter Twelve: Double Trouble

Chapter Thirteen: New Girl

Chapter Fourteen: Tea For Two

Chapter Fifteen: Fight and Flight

Chapter Sixteen: Partners in Crime

Chapter Seventeen: Brewing Trouble

Chapter Eighteen: Panopti-Con

Chapter Nineteen: Torch Song

Chapter Twenty: Boss For a Day

Chapter Twenty-One: Fury Road

Chapter Twenty-Two: Two For Tea

Chapter Twenty-Three: Meeting the Parents

Chapter Twenty-Four: Falling In

Chapter Twenty-Five: Smoke and Mirrors

Chapter Twenty-Six: Friends to the End


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  • A "roman holiday" is an idiom related to an occasion on which enjoyment or profit is derived from others' suffering or discomfort.
  • The novel may be a reference to Roman Holiday, a 1953 American romantic comedy film which depicts a girl stuck with boredom in a luxurious confinement, who escapes from her guardians and falls in love with an American news reporter in Rome.
  • Behind Roman on the cover is a wooden wreath with two hatchets, the Emblem for the Kingdom of Vale. This might reference how Jimmy Vanille was the city manager for the Capital city before his death.
  • The novel was partly inspired by artwork made by Courtney Brenek, a designer at RoosterTeeth. Courtney Brenek also designed the front cover.