Team RWBYEdit

Oooh, this should be fun!
—Sniper Ruby
Yeah! Let's break stuff!
—Scythe Ruby
Aww, too cold for you?
—Ice Weiss
Let's not waste any time.
—Summoner Weiss
Didn't see me, did you?
—Ribbon Blake
I strike from the shadows.
—Shadow Blake
—Rocket Yang
Kiddie gloves are comin' off!
—Biker Yang

Team JNPREdit

Don't underestimate me!
—Vomit Boy Jaune
Hey! Be careful!
—Boundless Jaune
I'm queen of the castle!
—Hammer Nora
Eyes on us, ugly!
—Launcher Nora
We all win when we work together.
—Shield Pyrrha
Get Ready! Enemies nearby!
—Rifle Pyrrha
Fight, focus, repeat.
—Lie Ren

Team CFVYEdit

Hey! Love the outfit, kid.
—Coco Adel
Nice hustle, Fox. Good job.
—Coco to Fox
Oop! Sorry!
—Velvet Scarlatina
I can't promise you'll leave without a scratch.
—Yatsuhashi Daichi

Team SSSNEdit

Sun's out with his guns out!
—Sun Wukong
Lockdown! Right!
—Neptune Vasilias

Team FNKIEdit

Too bad all that money can't buy you skill.
—Flynt Coal
Never miss a beat, never miss a beat!
—Neon Katt

Team STRQEdit

The weak die, the strong live.
—Raven Branwen


Neo, if you would.
—Torchwick to Parasol Neo
What are you two idiots doing?!
—Junior to his Henchmen
Oh, may I cut in?
—Cinder Fall
You're just a failure with a death wish.
—Flame Cinder
Let's do this!
—Mercury Black
You know, we really gotta stop meeting like this.
—Roman Torchwick
Running away again?
—Blade Dash Adam
Sorry you couldnt see this through to the end.
—Moonslice Adam
Heeheeheehee! Surprise!
—Tyrian Callows
An interesting development.
—Albain Brothers
—Malachite Twins in unison
As you wish.
—Hazel Rainart
Beg for forgiveness and nothing else!
—Sienna Khan
This will certainly do the trick.
—Arthur Watts
Well, that's a fancy trick now, innit?

Beacon StaffEdit

Children, please!
—Glynda Goodwitch
I will not accept ANY excuses!
—Frost Glynda
Wasn't expecting that, were you?
—Peter Port


—Penny Polendina
I'm combat ready!
—Penny 2.0
Ruby: Zwei!
Zwei: Woof! Woof!
—Ruby to Zwei
What's our next mission?
—Ilia Amitola
How embarrassing!
—Winter Schnee
Our enemies will feel our strength!
—James Ironwood
Lets move out!
—Clover Ebi
—Marrow Amin
Let's pick up the pace!
—Elm Ederne
A very...head first approach.
—Vine Zeki
I'd say, I'm a little faster.
—Harriet Bree
I don't think you realize who I am.
—Young Maria Calavera
What knowledge do you seek?
Oh funny!
—May Marigold

Team AttacksEdit

Ruby: Ice Flower!
Ruby: My BFF!
Weiss: No.
—Ruby announcing the team attack
Ruby: Bumblebee!
Blake: Yang!
—Ruby announcing the team attack
Oobleck: We've got a problem!
Zwei: Woof!
—Oobleck and Zwei
Jaune: Pyrrha!
Pyrrha: Done!
Nora: Heads up! Woohoohoohoo!
—Jaune signaling Pyrrha to execute Pomegrenade
My hour of victory is at hand!;
I will have my revenge!
—Roman when Partners in Crime is deployed/Roman after PiC's Passive Skill is activated
Ruby: Freezerburn!
Yang: Got it!
—Ruby announcing the team attack
Ruby: Checkmate!
Blake: Let's do this!
Weiss: About time!
—Ruby announcing the team attack
Jaune: Ren, Nora, Flower Power!
Ren: How do I bring a flower?
Nora: Flour, like in baking!
—Jaune announcing the attack

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