Most hero units by May 2019.

The following is a list of characters that appear in RWBY: Amity Arena.



  • Ruby Rose:
    • Scythe Ruby - A melee unit with an area attack. Will dash toward distant enemies.
    • Sniper Ruby - A ranged unit that attacks distant enemies.
  • Weiss Schnee:
    • Ice Weiss: A melee unit that can freeze enemies.
    • Summoner Weiss: A ranged unit that summons a tank on command.
  • Blake Belladonna:
    • Ribbon Blake - A unit that can zoom to any location using her Ribbon.
    • Shadow Blake - A ranged unit that creates an afterimage to distract enemies.
  • Yang Xiao Long:
    • Biker Yang - A melee unit that damages and pushes all enemies in front of her.
    • Rocket Yang - A ranged unit that cause splash damage.


  • Jaune Arc:
    • Vomit Boy Jaune -An average melee unit that is an all-around fighter.
    • Boundless Jaune - A unit that can restore the HP and strengthen the aura of friendly units.
    • Vanguard Jaune - Melee unit that can command allies to focus attacks.
  • Pyrrha Nikos:
    • Pyrrha: A melee unit that throws a shield to damage everything in its path.
    • Rifle Pyrrha: Ranged unit that keeps her distance while attacking.
  • Nora Valkyrie
    • Hammer Nora: A melee unit with an area attack. She can smash enemies into orbit.
    • Launcher Nora: Ranged unit that bombards enemies with 6 grenades.
  • Lie Ren: A melee unit that dash strikes a distant enemy to cause massive damage.


  • Sun Wukong: A melee unit who can create clones of himself.
  • Sage Ayana: Melee unit that slams his sword to damage and push enemies away.
  • Neptune Vasilias: A ranged unit that shocks nearby enemies upon placement and when attacking.


  • Coco Adel
    • Coco Adel: Deals increasingly higher damage to the enemy with her minigun.
    • Kinetic Coco: Melee unit that damages and pushes the enemy with a spray of bullets
  • Fox Alistair: Sows confusion among enemies to split them up.
  • Velvet Scarlatina: A unit that copies a previously deployed unit.
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi: Attacks and stuns enemies in his placement area.


  • Roy Stallion: Throws saws that also hits enemies on its way back.
  • Nolan Porfirio: Continues to deal electric damage with each attack.
  • May Zedong: A ranged unit with an incredibly long attack range.


  • Flynt Coal: A ranged unit that pushes back enemies upon placement.
  • Neon Katt: ​Melee unit that takes 1 DMG at a time until their own first attack.


  • Arslan Altan: A melee unit that pulls then knocks away units.


  • Raven Branwen: A melee unit that teleports allies to allies.
  • Qrow Branwen:
    • Crow Qrow - A melee unit with an area attack. He can fly anywhere by transforming into a crow.
    • Harbinger Qrow - Melee unit that rapidly approaches and attacks enemies.


Salem's Inner Circle

  • Arthur Watts: A melee unit that hacks and converts enemy structures.
  • Tyrian Callows: A melee unit that poisons enemies.
  • Hazel Rainart: Melee berserker that attacks target until either is eliminated.
  • Tock: A melee unit that hits 10 times in one attack.

Cinder's Faction

  • Cinder Fall:
    • Cinder: A ranged unit that rains arrows down on a designated area.
    • Flame Cinder: Melee unit that dashes at enemies and has an AOE skill to damage enemies in an area.
  • Emerald Sustrai: A ranged unit that creates copies of allies when placed near them.
  • Mercury Black: A melee unit that fires a targeted air blast.
  • Roman Torchwick: A melee unit that can pull an ally or an enemy to his position.
  • Neopolitan:
    • Parasol Neo - A melee unit that uses her parasol as a barrier to resist attacks.

Junior's Club

  • Xiong Family: The two "idiots" attack with axes while Junior attacks from a distance.
  • Malachite Twins: A melee unit that swaps around to fight longer.

White Fang

  • Adam Taurus:
    • Blade Dash Adam: A melee unit capable of extreme speed and attack.
    • Moonslice Adam: Melee unit that absorbs and returns enemy damage.
  • Albain Brothers: A melee unit duo that is fast and strong.
  • Ilia Amitola: A melee unit that moves undetected.
  • White Fang Goons:
    • White Fang Thugs - Deploys three White Fang Fighters that have low HP but hit hard.
    • White Fang Gunners - Deploys three White Fang gunners that are weak but shoot quickly.
    • White Fang Squad - Deploys a squad of both melee and ranged White Fang.
  • White Fang Dropship: Moves to the enemy's turret or tower and drops a group of White Fang Thugs.
  • White Fang Lieutenant: A melee unit with a powerful double strike.
  • White Fang Watchtower: Three White Fang Gunners are hiding safely in the tower while attacking enemies.
  • White Fang Barracks: Spawns White Fang Gunners to send into battle.
  • Sienna Khan: A nimble melee unit that avoids damage and freezes enemies.
  • White Fang Dropship Formation: Three White Fang Dropships fly in formation.

Atlesian Military

  • James Ironwood: A melee unit calls Atlesian Knights and airstrikes.
  • Winter Schnee: A melee unit that halts then obliterates its target.

Ace Operatives

  • Clover Ebi: Melee unit that uses bolas to restrict his enemies.
  • Vine Zeki: Ranged unit that pushes enemies away on deploy and grabs them from afar.
  • Elm Ederne: Melee unit that can set up and fire two rockets straight.
  • Harriet Bree: Melee unit that damages, knocks away, and dashes in to debuff enemies.
  • Marrow Amin: Ranged unit that slows enemies and hits 2x with one boomerang.

Happy Huntresses

  • May Marigold: A melee unit that hides allies and attacks enemies in a line.
  • Fiona Thyme: Ranged unit that pulls an Armored Truck out of a Pocket Dimension.

Atlesian Technology

  • Penny Polendina:
    • Penny 1.0: Creates a bladestorm at a target location that deals damage for a set duration.
    • Penny 2.0: Ranged air unit that amplifies damage to its target over time.
  • AK-200: Two AK-200 droids ready for ranged combat.
  • AK-130: Four AK-130 droids ready for melee combat.
  • AK-135: Three AK-135 droids ready for melee combat.
  • Spider Droid: Shoots a laser into a target for a set amount of time.
  • Atlesian Paladin: A durable ranged unit that only goes after structures.
  • Atlesian Airship: Deploys two AK-130 units every few seconds.
  • Atlesian Gunship: A long range aerial unit.
  • Atlesian Beam Turret: A building that attacks enemies in a straight line.
  • Argus Shield: A wall that only hinders enemies.
  • Atlesian Burrow Gun: A turret that hides until a ground unit is near.
  • The Colossus: Building that holds then releases the Colossus.

Creatures of Grimm

  • Ursa:
    • Ursa Major - A durable melee unit that only goes after structures.
  • King Taijitu: Wraps around and deals continuous damage to enemies.
  • Nevermore Chick: A ranged air unit that makes area attacks from above.
  • Baby Death Stalker:
    • Baby Death Stalker Swarm - Deploys fifteen Mini Death Stalkers.
    • Baby Death Stalkers - Deploys five Mini Death Stalkers.
    • Death Stalker Den - Spawns one Baby Death Stalker every so often. If the den collapses, four will immediately spawn.
    • Burrowed Baby Death Stalkers - Calls for 15 baby Death Stalkers over time at a location.
  • Boarbatusk: Rolls towards its enemies with great speed and power.
  • Lancer:
    • Lancers - Deploys four small ranged air units with fast attack speeds.
    • Lancer Swarm - Deploys eigth small ranged air units with fast attack speeds.
    • Queen Lancer - This aerial tank unit summons lancers at regular intervals.
  • Griffon: A melee air unit that closes in quickly and hits hard.
  • Beowolf:
    • Beowolf Alpha - Leaps at a structure and deals heavy damage to it.
    • Beowolf Pack - Melee units that dash towards structures.
  • Geist:
    • Petra Gigas - A tanky unit that deals great area damage upon death.
  • Beringel: A melee unit that has a jump slam and area attacks.
  • Baby Ravagers: Small flying melee units that attack quickly.
  • The Apathy: A melee unit that keeps respawning to weaken enemies.
  • Manticore: Ranged air unit that does AOE DMG to land units.
  • Mutant Creep: A ground unit that will create an AoE attack upon coming in contact with any structure.
  • Nuckelavee: A 2-in-1 unit that is able to target ground units and buildings simultaneously.
  • Grimm Wyvern: Sends a Wyvern to fly through the arena causing damage and dropping an Ice Sabyr.
  • Ice Sabyr: A melee unit that slows everything nearby upon death.
  • Megoliath: A melee tank that pushes enemies out of the way.
  • Centinel: Melee units that travels while burrowed underground.
  • Seer: Air unit that uses its HP to control enemy units.
    • Having had its development delayed, the Seer unit was never not fully released before the game's closure.

Beacon Academy Staff

  • Glynda Goodwitch
    • Glynda Goodwitch: Summons a temporary defense tower.
    • Frost Glynda: Ranged unit that fires piercing bolts and calls a storm to damage and slow enemies.
  • Peter Port: A ranged unit that fires a spread for massive damage.

Novel Characters


  • Zwei: A unit that flies to a target location and damages the surrounding area.
  • Old Man Shopkeep: Structural unit that helps generate Aura every eight seconds.
  • Maria Calavera: Melee unit that pulls both herself and the enemy towards each other.
  • Jinn: A card that summons Jinn to stop the time of everything around the target ally.

Team Attacks


  • Ice Flower: A combo unit that can freeze enemies at close and long ranges.
  • Freezerburn: A melee unit that uses fog to hinder enemies.
  • Checkmate: Blake attacks together with Weiss then makes nearby allies invincible for a short time.
  • Bumblebee: A combo unit that moves to a target location to displace and damage enemies.


  • Pomegrenade: A combo unit that launch in the air and crash on the enemies at close and long ranges.
  • Flower Power: A melee unit that hits multiply targets rapidly.

Other Team Attacks

  • Dr. Oobleck + Zwei: A combo unit that deals ranged damage in a straight line.
  • Partners in Crime: A melee unit that can pull an ally or enemy to himself.