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RWBY: Amity Arena is an official mobile game of the American anime web series, RWBY. The game appears to transport players to the world of Remnant to create a team of Huntsmen and Huntresses fighting in the Vytal Festival. Players will pit their chosen champions against each other in unique biomes just like in the Amity Colosseum. NHN Entertainment were inspired by Remnant: The Game, the board game the characters play in Volume 2.[3] The game was revealed by Rooster Teeth on April 25, 2018.[4] The art director and concept artist for the official character designs is Shin Hun-gyo in BaobabNet.

Playable Characters

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Choose your Huntsmen

Pick any Huntsman or Huntress from Vale, Mistral, Atlas or Vacuo! Each with unique dust-infused abilities, semblances, and weapons, you can even test your teams against your fellow guild mates in friendly matches before taking on an opponent in real-time to improve your rank.

Fight in the tournament

Compete against other schools and other teams as you climb to the top of the leaderboard! With your favorite member of the Beacon Huntsmen Academy, you can prove your prowess on a global stage. Mix and match Creatures of Grimm, famous Huntsmen, and soldiers from the White Fang or Atlas to supplement your team.

Experience the world of Remnant

From the icy mountains of Atlas to the quad before the Grand Hall at Haven Academy, battle your team of Huntsmen and creatures against other players around the globe. Unlock new arenas and locations in Remnant, and build up a solid deck of characters and play with a strategy that works for you.

Customize your deck

Collect dozens of cards of your favorite characters in the RWBY universe. Use their Semblances and skills to fight against opponents, knocking out their champions, and destroying their Dust Towers. Go on special missions around Remnant with your Huntsmen to recover more resources and cards. Learn from friends and guild mates the best strategies, perfect skill timing, and misdirection plays to win every match.

Compete against other players

Real-time strategic duels mean you go head-to-head against another opponent for control of the arena. Use your wits and skills to bypass your opponent and destroy their defensive towers. Discover the abilities and strategies with each card, and use the skills of the Huntsmen and Grimm at the perfect time to snatch up a victory at the last second.[5]



Oooh, this should be fun!
—Sniper Ruby
Yeah! Let's break stuff!
—Scythe Ruby
Aww, too cold for you?
—Ice Weiss
Let's not waste any time.
—Summoner Weiss
Didn't see me, did you?
—Ribbon Blake
I strike from the shadows.
—Shadow Blake
—Rocket Yang
Kiddie gloves are comin' off!
—Biker Yang


Don't underestimate me!
—Vomit Boy Jaune
Hey! Be careful!
—Boundless Jaune
I'm Queen of the Castle!
—Nora Valkyrie
We all win when we work together.
—Pyrrha Nikos
Fight, Focus, Repeat.
—Lie Ren


Hey! Love the outfit, kid.
—Coco Adel
Nice hustle, Fox. Good job.
—Coco to Fox
Oop! Sorry!
—Velvet Scarlatina
I can't promise you'll leave without a scratch.
—Yatsuhashi Daichi


Sun's out with his guns out!
—Sun Wukong
Lock Down! Right!
—Neptune Vasilias


Too bad all that money can't buy you skill.
—Flynt Coal
Never miss a beat, never miss a beat!
—Neon Katt


The weak die, the strong live.
—Raven Branwen


Neo, if you would.
—Torchwick to Parasol Neo
What are you two idiots doing?!
—Junior to his Henchmen
Oh, may I cut in?
—Cinder Fall
Let's do this!
—Mercury Black
You know, we really gotta stop meeting like this.
—Roman Torchwick
Running away again?
—Adam Taurus
Heeheeheehee! Surprise!
—Tyrian Callows
An interesting development.
—Albain Brothers
—Malachite Twins in unison

Beacon Staff

Children, please!
—Glynda Goodwitch
Wasn't expecting that now, were you?
—Peter Port


—Penny Polendina
Ruby: Zwei!
Zwei: Woof! Woof!
—Ruby to Zwei
What's our next mission?
—Ilia Amitola
How embarrassing!
—Winter Schnee

Team Attacks

Ruby: Ice Flower!

Ruby: My BFF!

Weiss: No.
—Ruby announcing the team attack
Ruby: Bumblebee!
Blake: Yang!
—Ruby announcing the team attack
Oobleck: We've got a problem!
Zwei: Woof!
—Oobleck and Zwei
Jaune: Pyrrha!

Pyrrha: Done!

Nora: Heads up! Woohoohoohoo!
—Jaune signaling Pyrrha to execute Pomegrenade
My hour of victory is at hand!;
I will have my revenge!
—Roman when Partners in Crime is deployed/Roman after PiC's Passive Skill is activated


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