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The future-fantasy world of Remnant is filled with ravenous monsters, treacherous terrain, and more villains than you can shake a sniper-scythe at. Fortunately, Beacon Academy is training Huntsmen and Huntresses to battle the evils of the world, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are ready for their first day of class.

RWBY (pronounced ruby)[1] is an American anime-style web series created by Monty Oum, written and planned with the help of Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross,[2] and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions.



1108 Players and Pieces 14319

The members of Team RWBY fighting together

The plot is centered around the four members of Team RWBYRuby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. The series follows their meeting and training at Beacon Academy, a prestigious school for training Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors who defend the world from evil.

Along the way, they make many friends and allies, including fellow students Team JNPR, Sun Wukong and Penny Polendina, and foil the plots of villains, such as Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall and the terrorist group the White Fang.

However, as the series continues, Team RWBY must confront their own demons: Ruby is faced with moral dilemmas that challenge her heroic intent, Weiss must reconcile her legacy as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company with her own personal convictions, Blake remains haunted by her past as a member of the White Fang, and Yang searches tirelessly for her mother, who mysteriously disappeared when she was a child.


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V3 wor1 1

A map of Remnant, the world of RWBY

RWBY is set in the world of Remnant, a future-fantasy world with airships, high-tech weaponry and a form of natural energy called Dust, existing side by side. According to the narration in the series, the early history of Remnant has been long forgotten, with recollections being passed down in the form of myths and legends.

In the world of Remnant, all living creatures possess a soul, the physical manifestation of which is known as Aura: a form of innate energy that bestows its user with certain abilities and powers. Semblances are expressions of this power and are akin to a personal superpower unique to each character. Remnant is populated by two intelligent species - Humanity and the Faunus, a race of Human-animal hybrids.

All of the inhabitants of Remnant are beset by the Grimm, which are described as "creatures of destruction" and lack a soul. Huntsmen and Huntresses fight the Grimm and protect the peace of Remnant and its people.


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Beacon Academy Staff
Atlesian Military


Salem's Inner Circle
Cinder's Faction
White Fang

Supporting Characters

Show Content


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1001 Red Trailer 5754

Ruby Rose in the "Red" Trailer, the first trailer to be released

Four trailers were released leading up to the premiere of RWBY. Unlike regular previews, the trailers for RWBY were not cut using animation from the series, instead being original self-contained animated short films that told their own unique stories. In this sense, they acted more like prequels for the series proper than actual trailers.

Each trailer is referred to by a certain color and letter and features a character corresponding to those themes, revealing a little about the central characters' backstory. For example, the "Red", or "R", Trailer featured the character Ruby Rose.


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Episodes of the series are watchable in their entirety on Rooster Teeth's website and YouTube. The series is also simulcast concurrent with the public release of the show on anime streaming website Crunchyroll. Previous seasons were available on the internet streaming service Netflix.[3]

In 2016, theatrical screenings of RWBY Volume 1 in Australia, the United Kingdom and United States were announced, with the help of screening and events coordinator Tugg. The theatrical screenings took place from April 27th, 2016.[4] Screenings for Volumes 2 and 3 were also announced for 2016 in the lead-up to Volume 4 .[5] Screenings for Volume 2 took place on July 27th.[6]

RWBY Complete

Main article: RWBY Complete

"RWBY Complete" is the volumes of "RWBY" presented as a full-length, feature films without chapter breaks and credits. The Complete versions of the first four volumes were included on the DVDs and Blu-rays for the volumes as ''movie versions''. Rooster Teeth would later repackage them as "Complete" on their website and Animation YouTube channel, including the later volumes.


Original Concept


Red, White, Black and Yellow

At some point Monty Oum had a dream of four different colored girls and told Kerry about it.[7][8] Sometime later, while Red vs. Blue Season 10 was being made, Monty recruited Miles, and the three of them began talking about RWBY.[9]

Monty Oum had the idea for RWBY for several years, but never got around to acting on it due to the amount of his time dedicated to his work on Red vs. Blue. During the production of Season 10 of Red vs. Blue, Monty decided to develop his idea further and present it to Burnie Burns. After describing the premise of the show as well as giving a description of the character that would become Ruby Rose, Monty received approval for the show.

Some of the animations and concepts Monty used in the series were in development for more than 10 years. For example, the idea for the shotgun nunchucks used by Sun Wukong can be seen in some of Monty's very early animation work.[10] Certain characters and their fighting style, such as Qrow Branwen, also pre-date the show entirely.

Monty pitched the idea for Ruby's character to Burnie as "a badass Red Riding Hood". Fairy tales, literature, mythology and historical figures would later become a source of inspiration for other characters, who are developed with a certain existing basis in mind. However, Monty was careful to note that they are not adaptations, but rather original characters which allude to other works.[11]

The theme of four colors, Red, White, Black and Yellow, each corresponding to four girls, came to Monty in a dream. This color theming would become a core part of the character development process and a key theme in the series itself.[1]

Many characters were designed by Eileen Chang, who followed rough sketches provided by Monty and further developed them into fully-fleshed out character designs.

Team Expansion

Monty Miles n Kerry

Series writers Monty Oum, Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross

After receiving approval from Burnie, Monty then enlisted the services of Shane Newville to assist him in animating the show. The show was animated in the software Smith Micro's Poser, which Monty had years of experience and expertise in. The assets were modelled in Autodesk Maya. Motion capture footage was also widely used for animations in the show alongside manual animation.

Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna were brought on by Monty to be the main writers. Monty assigned the two writers anime homework so that they could have a better idea of what Monty was aiming for.[1] The pair developed characters based on the basic outlines given by Monty. For example, the personalities of Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren were devised based only on the direction that they were "powerful" and "honorable", respectively. On finding the correct tone and inspiration for the series, Kerry Shawcross cited Grimms' Fairy Tales as well as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as influences.[13]

The four team members spent many working and off hours, in and out of the office, developing the show. One of the most frequented locations was the local IHOP, where the map of Remnant, the show's setting, was developed by squirting ketchup on a napkin, with blots forming landmasses, in order to create a truly organic and emergent design. Over many such discussions, the long-term plot, world-building and characters of the series were planned out.

The first released videos for RWBY were the four trailers, which were developed mostly by Monty and Shane alone. A larger team of animators, modellers and other artists later joined the RWBY team for the production of Volume 1.


Lindsay voice

Lindsay voice acting for Ruby

After some development, Monty decided to begin casting the roles for the leads, with each lead character reflecting certain personality traits of her voice actor:

  • Lindsay Jones was cast as Ruby Rose, with her silliness, but also honesty, being reflected in Ruby.
  • Kara Eberle was chosen to play Weiss Schnee, as both can be nice, but at the same time "bitchy".
  • Arryn Zech plays Blake Belladonna because Monty did not know much about Arryn, he had the impression that she was mysterious, just as Blake is in the series.
  • Barbara Dunkelman voice acts Yang Xiao Long as both do not care what other people think about them.

Many other Rooster Teeth employees landed voice roles in RWBY, with Jack Pattillo cast as Junior Xiong and Michael Jones taking on the role of Sun Wukong. Series creator Monty played Lie Ren until his death after Volume 2 aired, and writer Miles plays Jaune Arc. Other crew working on the show also had a chance to play characters, with Volume 1 Art Director Taylor McNee cast as Penny Polendina and Producer Gray G. Haddock playing Roman Torchwick.

Other actors who have previously worked with Rooster Teeth landed roles, including Shannon McCormick, who had previously voiced Agent Washington in Red vs. Blue, playing Ozpin; and Samantha Ireland, previously the voice of C.T. in Red vs. Blue, being cast as Nora Valkyrie. Kathleen Zuelch, voice of Agent Texas in Red vs. Blue, voices Glynda Goodwitch, and was also a Producer on Volume 1 of RWBY. Voice actress Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana from Halo, was also contacted for Volume 1 and played Salam, the mysterious narrator. Jessica Nigri, a famous cosplayer, was approached by Monty and cast as Cinder Fall.

Volume 3 marked a point where along with Rooster Teeth staffers and collaborators, the cast also got the addition of well-known anime voice actors, such as Vic Mignogna as Qrow Branwen, Elizabeth Maxwell as Winter Schnee, and Yuri Lowenthal as the new voice of Mercury Black.


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1101 Ruby Rose 06271

Ruby in "Ruby Rose", the first episode of the series

The first episode of the series premiered live to audiences at RTX 2013, with the online public premiere taking place on July 18th, 2013.[14] All subsequent episodes were released every Thursday at 7pm EST for the general public on the Rooster Teeth website. Rooster Teeth also uploaded each episode to YouTube one week following its premiere. Development on later episodes continued during the show's run, with some episodes completed mere weeks before they were aired.

There are sixteen episodes in Volume 1. However, the episodes vary greatly in length, with episodes 1, 8, 15 and 16 being around eleven minutes long, with all the other episodes running approximately six minutes. Volume 1 ran from July 18th to November 7th, 2013. The DVDs and Blu-rays of the first volume were released on November 12th, 2013.

RWBY Volume 1 received several accolades, including the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) 2014 Award for Best Animated Series[15] and the 4th Streamy Awards for Best Animated Series and Best Original Score for Jeff Williams.[16]

Volume 2 Production

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Gray G. Haddock revealed on January 30th, 2014 that production on RWBY Volume 2 was underway and that the first episode would premiere at RTX 2014.

Japanese Release

Rwby vol1 japan dvd blu-ray cover limited ed

The Volume 1 Limited Edition theatrical release Japanese DVD/Blu-ray cover. Illustrated by Kuma.

In 2014, it was announced that Warner Bros. Japan had received distribution rights for a Japanese release of RWBY[17][18] – the first time an American-made anime would be marketed and released in Japan, the birthplace of anime.

The Japanese dub, released in 2015 on Blu-Ray and DVD, included several highly notable names in the Japanese anime voice acting scene, such as Saori Hayami, Yū Shimamura and Ami Koshimizu.[19] The Japanese dub of RWBY Volume 1 was also screened in 6 theaters in Japan on November 14th, 2015.[20] The Blu-Ray disc release was ranked #2 in any category in Japan for the week of December 7th-13th.[21] Some of the Japanese merchandise, including the dubbed DVD and Blu-Ray discs and the Japanese soundtrack release, was also made available through the Rooster Teeth store in the United States following the conclusion of Volume 3.[22]

A manga adaptation of RWBY, drawn by Japanese manga artist and writer Shirow Miwa with oversight from Rooster Teeth, was also announced in 2015, with serialization beginning in the Ultra Jump magazine in November 2015. Also released and distributed by Warner Bros. Japan was an official RWBY Fanbook, including art drawn by numerous professional Japanese manga illustrators.[23]

It was announced in July 2016 that Japanese dubs of RWBY Volumes 2 and 3 would be released in 2016. They were also accompanied by theatrical releases in Japan.[24] Volume 2 was released in theaters from October 1st-14th, 2016 and Volume 3 from December 3rd-16th, 2016.[25]

It was announced on June 13th, 2017 on Comic Toranoana's Twitter account, that RWBY Volume 1–3 Blu-ray was set to be released on September 27th, 2017.[26] The RWBY: Best Vocal Album was released on August 30th, 2017 in Japan.[27]

It was announced on July 3rd, 2017 on Warner Bros' YouTube channel that the Japanese dub of RWBY Volume 4 was released on October 7th-20th, 2017.[28]

Volume 3 Production

Main article: Volume 3

On January 22nd, 2015, series creator Monty Oum was hospitalized following a severe allergic reaction during a routine medical procedure, rendering him comatose. Monty was unable to awaken from the coma and passed away on February 1st, 2015, at the age of 33.

While the future of the series was briefly in question, it was announced that RWBY would continue, with Volume 3 of the series premiering in 2015.[29] The first episode premiered on October 24th, 2015. 

Volume 4 & RWBY Chibi

Main article: Volume 4
Main article: RWBY Chibi

The RWBY Volume 4 official poster

Volume 4 was announced by Gray G. Haddock on April 1st, 2016, the 13th anniversary of Rooster Teeth's founding. At RTX 2016, the release date was announced as October 22nd, 2016.[29] The shot list and initial storyboarding for the first episode of Volume 4 were underway by May 2016.[30] Voice acting recording sessions for key characters also began by May to June 2016.[31][32][33]

Also announced as part of the 13th anniversary celebrations was a lighthearted spin-off show, RWBY Chibi, which began airing on May 7th, 2016.[34] As part of Rooster Teeth's 2016 "Summer of Animation", RWBY Chibi continued to air weekly on Saturday mornings until the start of Volume 4 in the Fall.[35] Completely different animation teams worked on RWBY Volume 4 and RWBY Chibi.[35][36]

After Volume 3, Rooster Teeth changed animation software from Poser Pro 2013 to Autodesk Maya. With this change, the animation department also made all new models and designs for RWBY.

Volume 4 premiered on October 22nd, 2016.[29]

Volume 5

Main article: Volume 5

The Volume 5 online premiere date, October 14th, 2017 was announced at RTX Austin 2017. In addition, theatrical screenings of the premiere were held through Fathom Events across the United States on October 12th.

Volume 6

Main article: Volume 6

The first concept and writing meetings for Volume 6 began a week after the Volume 5 finale aired.[37] Voice acting recording sessions for key characters began in late May 2018.[38] During development, several people were added or promoted to key positions, including Connor Pickens, who replaced Miles Luna and Gray Haddock as co-director.

The first chapter of Volume 6 premiered in selected theaters on October 25th, 2018 before the official release on October 27th, 2018.[39]

Volume 7

Main article: Volume 7

The development for Volume 7 began shortly before the finale of Volume 6 aired.[40] Eddy Rivas and Kiersi Burkhart were added as co-writers, in addition to Miles and Kerry. A few crew members, such as Dustin Matthews were also added as directors on specific episodes.[41]

The official RWBY Twitter account confirmed that Volume 7 will premiere on November 2nd, 2019 on July 19th, 2019. [42][43]

Volume 8

Main article: Volume 8

On October 3rd, 2019, a month before Volume 7 began airing, the crew announced that writing for Volume 8 had already begun.[44]

Volume 9

Main article: Volume 9

On October 3rd, 2019, at the New York Comic Con RWBY Panel, a month before Volume 7 began airing, the crew announced that Volume 9 was green lit for production.[45]

Official RWBY Media

Animated Series

RWBY: World of Remnant

Main article: RWBY: World of Remnant
Hist1 00001

RWBY: World of Remnant is a supplemental mini-series, documenting various areas, beings and objects in Remnant, the world in which RWBY is set.

Episodes of the series provide information on specific subjects within the RWBY universe, with narrative exposition accompanied by illustrative visuals. The art style of World of Remnant is heavily stylized and mostly rendered in 2D as compared to the 3D look of the main series.

World of Remnant episodes air on an irregular release schedule, concurrent with the main show. World of Remnant episodes air during the main series' "off-weeks", in lieu of a full episode. These were irregularly spaced in Volume 2, but Volume 3 features a World of Remnant after every third episode of the series.

RWBY Chibi

Main article: RWBY Chibi

RWBY Chibi is an animated spin-off of RWBY. The show features stylised "chibi" versions of RWBY characters, with an emphasis on lighthearted comedy rather than plot and drama.

It was first announced as part of Rooster Teeth's 13th Anniversary celebrations on April 1st, 2016. The first episode premiered on May 7th, 2016.[46][34] Subsequent episodes aired on Saturday mornings at 10am CST, the same time slot as RWBY. The first season of RWBY Chibi was released weekly up until the start of RWBY Volume 4 in Fall 2016. The show returned for its second season during the hiatus between Volume 4 and 5.[47]

On January 16th, 2018, it was confirmed that a third season of RWBY Chibi would air on January 27th, 2018.[48]

Unnamed RWBY Show (2020)

In February 11st, 2020, it's been announced that one of three shows will be a new 2D, mixed media style of animation of RWBY. According to one of the producers, Laura Yates, mentions that it would be the kind of bedtime stories that Taiyang might have read to Yang and Ruby when they were little.[49]


Main article: RWBY Books

There have been a number of novels and a world companion book release for RWBY.

Comics and Manga

Main article: RWBY Comics and Manga

There have been a number of different manga and an upcoming comic series released for RWBY.


Main article: RWBY Soundtracks

Each volume of RWBY features an original soundtrack composed by Jeff Williams, with songs written for the show spanning a variety of genres. The songs are written and recorded by Jeff Williams and feature vocals from Jeff Williams' daughter, Casey Lee Williams, with other vocalists including Sandy Lee Casey, rapper Lamar Hall, and Adrienne Cowan .


Main article: RWBY Games

RWBY has a wide range of board and video games based on it, spanning from deck building games to a range of mobile games to a fully-fledged video game.


Main article: RWBY Merchandise

RWBY merchandise is distributed by Rooster Teeth through their online store. Merchandise includes shirts, posters, action figures, plushies and more. Some RWBY merchandise is also sold at the alternative clothing retailer Hot Topic.[50]

RWBY Live Action Specials

Main article: RWBY Live Action Specials

Over its run, RWBY has had several live action series and specials. These specials provided behind the scenes looks into the show's production as well as promotions for the series and its content. These specials were usually exclusive to Rooster Teeth First members, though some were later released for public viewing via the Blu-ray releases or on the Rooster Teeth Animation YouTube Channel.

RWBY in Other Media

Main article: RWBY in Other Media

RWBY and its characters have made a range of crossovers and appearances into a large range of other shows, games and other media.


  • On April 29th, 2012, Monty posted a cryptic RWBY-related tweet - the first time the show was alluded to online.[51]
  • All character and team names, excluding Ozpin, follow Monty's color naming rule. This means that each character's and team's name is either a color; means a color; sounds like a color; or makes people think of a color.[52][53]
  • Promotional material at NYCC 2012 has indicated that Rooster Teeth has been teasing RWBY since October 10th, 2012.[54]
  • On October 10th, 2013 Monty stated on Twitter that "The first RWBY anything to ever go public was handed out exactly one year ago at NYCC".[54] Following this statement, the Rooster Teeth Twitter account posted a short message "RWBY Day".[55] October 10th was thus dubbed "RWBY Day".
  • On December 31, 2019, Crunchyroll's editorial team released an article featuring the most-viewed anime series on the Crunchyroll website during the 2010s decade. RWBY was found to be the most watched series of the decade in Japan, and one of the four most popular animated series of the decade in the entirety of Asia, along with Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.  



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