I wish it hadn't come to this.
—Clover Ebi

"Qrow and Robyn vs. Clover is a battle that occurred in the episode With Friends Like These where Qrow Branwen and Robyn Hill fight Clover Ebi inside the Manta.

Preceding EventsEdit

The Huntsmen are flying back to Atlas with Tyrian in custody. En route they are contacted by Ruby Rose who reveals that Salem is on her way there. In response General Ironwood plans to declare martial law, then use the Relic of Creation to move the city while abandoning Mantle.

After Ruby is cut off, Clover receives a message on his Scroll. Displaying wanted posters for Team RWBY and their allies, who are now to be detained on sight. Clover informs a shocked Qrow of the new development as Robyn draws her weapon while angrily stating that Ironwood wants to get the people who might oppose his plan out of the way.

Qrow attempts to calm things down as the two face each other, pointing out they are close to Atlas where they can talk after landing.

The FightEdit

Robyn fires a bolt at Clover that he deflects with Kingfisher. She follows up by swinging her weapon, as they clash he knocks her to the floor. Qrow rises while drawing his own weapon, Clover dodges a slash then both lock weapons.

Clover voices his dismay about the situation, while Qrow asserts they can still quit fighting. Only for Robyn to jump in forcing Clover back, then deflecting his fishing line which strikes the rail Tyrian's cuffs are tied to allowing him to slip loose. As Clover parries Qrow and Robyn's attacks, the ship lurches suddenly.

Qrow sees Tyrian has already killed the pilots and grabs him, but gets kicked back. Tyrian grabs the controls and directs the Manta downward as Clover bails out.


The ships crashes into the snowy wastes, not too far away from the city. Qrow finds Robyn unconscious, but alive in the wreckage. Clover tries convincing him to surrender, but Qrow refuses. While the two begin fighting, Tyrian escapes his bonds.

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