Season 2Edit

Cool DadEdit

It's a harsh world out there, Tai. I'm just teaching them what they need to know.
—Qrow, to Taiyang about helpful advice to Ruby and Yang

Parent Teacher ConferenceEdit

Whoa whoa whoa, don't try to pin this on me. I'm out there every day busting my butt on secret missions, what do you do all day?
—Qrow, to Taiyang


Hey there kiddo, wanna see that new monster movie? I could use a hand sneaking candy into the theater.
—Qrow, to Ruby

Monsters of RockEdit

I think you boys are overlooking an obvious solution.
—Qrow, to Jane. Ren, and Sun
(sigh) Yeah, we're never gettin' outta here.
—Qrow, to Jane. Ren, and Sun

Season 3Edit

Evil InterviewEdit

Did somebody say..."ladies"?
—Qrow after bursting into the room in nothing but his Speedo

Mortal FrenemiesEdit

Or you could borrow it afterwards. I'll underline all the "good" parts.
—Qrow to Winter about the "Cold Heart/Hot Love" Book

Tea PartyEdit

Hey, runt! Are you ready to hang out with the coolest uncle ever?
—Qrow, to Ruby about spending time together
Huh, it's funny you say that, kiddo. Any day I get to hang out with my niece is a pretty good day to me.
—Qrow, to Ruby

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