Volume 1Edit

Black and WhiteEdit

Queen has pawns.
—Qrow, in a mysterious message to Ozpin

Volume 3Edit

New Challengers...Edit

That was a mess.
—Qrow, criticizing SSSN's performance
Happy Vytal Festival!
—Qrow, as he drunkenly pays for his drinks

It's Brawl in the FamilyEdit

You know what you really are? A bunch of sellouts, just like your boss.
—Qrow, towards Winter Schnee about the Atlesian Military
Listen to big sister, Weiss. She'll protect you. Just like Atlas is gonna protect all of us, eh?
—Qrow, to Weiss, after Winter tells her to leave.
Alright then. Come take it.
—Qrow, to Winter after she threatens to remove his tongue.
If I was one of your men, I'd shoot myself.
—Qrow's comeback towards James Ironwood
Communication is a two-way street pal! You see this...that's the 'SEND' button!
—Qrow, calling Ironwood out on not comunicating
Despite what the world thinks, we're not just teachers or generals or headmasters. The people in this room, the leaders of the other two academies, we're the ones that keep the world safe from the evils no one even knows about. It's why we meet behind closed doors, why we work in the shadows. So you tell me James, when you brought your army to Vale, did you think you were being discreet, or did you just not give a damn?
—Qrow, describing the nature of Ozpin's Group and that James defied it
You think they're scared of your little ships? I've been out there and seen the things she's made, and let me tell you, they are fear.
—Qrow, about Salem

Lessons LearnedEdit

I had come across a small village in the swamps west of Mistral. Right off the bat, I knew something wasn't right. I needed information. Tired from battling Grimm along the way, I decided to start my search at the town's inn. The place was crawling with lowlifes and thugs and even a few Huntsmen that I could only assume had been hired by less than reputable people for less than respectable jobs. And that's when it happened. I was defeated by the mere sight of the innkeeper's skirt length!
—Qrow, about his last mission
Sure, you may be acting like Huntresses, but you're not thinking like one. Do you really think four girls and their friends can end all crime in the kingdom?
—Qrow, on Team RWBY's efforts
Violence hasn't dropped since Roman got nabbed. It's stopped completely. No White Fang activity anywhere around the city. You cut off the head of a King Taijitu, but now the second head's calling the shots. That's what Ironwood can't get through that thick metal head of his.
—Qrow to Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long
Remember, you're talking to a member of the coolest team to ever graduate Beacon! Team STRQ... That's when I met your parents. We were pretty well known back in the day.
—Qrow, about his former team, Team STRQ
Look, just remember that you've still got a long way to go. And don't think for a second that graduating means you're done. Every day out there is worth a week in this place. You two... you're gonna go far, but only if you keep learning, if you never stop moving forward.
—Qrow, to Ruby and Yang


Honestly, we've run out of time. I don't know if you've not noticed, but things are getting a lot scarier out in the world. Tensions are high. Grimm are growing stronger, more prevalent. And it's not going to be long before the peace we've been enjoying for so long goes out the window.
—Qrow, explaining to Pyrrha Nikos why they are recruiting her to be the Fall Maiden


All I know is that you attacked a helpless kid. So either you're lying or you're crazy.
—Qrow, to Yang
And here I thought your dark-haired friend was the emo one.
—Qrow, to Yang
She wanted me to tell you that she saved you once, but you shouldn't expect that kindness again. Raven's got an interesting way of looking at the world that I don't particularly agree with. And she's dangerous.
—Qrow, about Raven and her message

Heroes and MonstersEdit

You idiot. I know you didn't do this.
—Qrow to Ironwood, about the hostile androids

End of the BeginningEdit

You're special, Ruby, and not in the "daddy loves his special angel" kind of way. You're special the same way your mom was.
—Qrow, to Ruby
Remnant's full of legends and stories. Some of them true, some made up. But there's one Oz told me from a very long time ago. Back before Huntsmen, before Kingdoms, it was said that those born with silver eyes were destined to lead the life of a warrior. You see, the Creatures of Grimm, the most fearsome monsters mankind had ever encountered, were afraid of those silver-eyed warriors. They were the best of the best. It was said that even a single look from one of these fighters could strike a Grimm down. It's a ridiculous story.
—Qrow, to Ruby
All those missions I go on, all the times I'm away in some far-off place, it's been for Ozpin, but he's missing now. Something's been set in motion. With Oz gone, I'll have to pick up where he left off.
—Qrow, to Ruby

Volume 4Edit


It's just obnoxious that you'd bring up family and then carry on like your own daughter doesn't exist.
—to Raven Branwen about Yang
You have a very skewed perception of that word.
—to Raven about "family"
Because without her, we're all going to die.
—about the Spring Maiden


Look, pal, I'm not sure who you are, but you need to leave my niece alone.
—Qrow, to Tyrian after he saves Ruby Rose
You took the words right out of my—!
—Qrow's unfinished sentence before Tyrian attacks
What's your favorite fairy tale?
—Qrow, to RNJR

A Much Needed TalkEdit

This world's been around for a long time, long enough that people have created dozens of gods. But if you believe Ozpin, two of them are actually real.
Did you know crows are a sign of bad luck? Old superstition, but it's how I got my name. You see, some people can absorb electricity, and some people can burst into rose petals. And some people are just born unlucky. My Semblance isn't like most. It's not exactly something I 'do'. It's always there... whether I like it or not. I bring misfortune. I guess you could call me a bad luck charm. Comes in real handy when I'm fighting an enemy, but it makes it a little hard on friends... and family.
—Qrow explaining his Semblance.

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps BackEdit

Tai. She's not... coming...
—Qrow, out of it due to the poison

No Safe HavenEdit

It's quiet... good job, kiddo.
—Qrow to Ruby, upon realizing RNJR has killed the Nuckelavee
Hey, aren't I normally the one to save you?
—Qrow to Ruby, as he recovers from poison in Mistral
It's good to see you again, Oz.
—Qrow, when he meets Oscar Pine

Volume 5Edit

Welcome to HavenEdit

No, reckless is leaving one of the Relics completely unguarded. It's not checking in with Oz for ages!
—Qrow, chewing Lionheart out.
I found him!
—Qrow, drunkenly declaring he has found Ozpin.
I did it!
—Qrow, crowing about having found Ozpin/Oscar

Unforeseen ComplicationsEdit

Play things close to the chest until we get a better hand.
—Qrow, on what to do next.

Known by its SongEdit

This isn't right. I get one or two of them, but... all of them?
—Qrow, confused that all the Huntsmen and Huntresses haven't returned.

Rest and ResolutionsEdit

How can six kids possibly make so much noise eating dinner?!
—Qrow, complaining about the group's noise.
Yang, that's enough! We made a choice. We wanted this.
—Qrow, telling Yang that he and Raven got their shape-shifting of their own free will.

The More the MerrierEdit

Running away was one thing, but this... you've crossed the line!
—Qrow, to Raven
We're not family anymore.
—Qrow, no longer seeing Raven as family anymore

Volume 6Edit

So That's How It IsEdit

No one wanted me... I was cursed... I gave my life to you because you gave me a place in this world... I thought I was finally doing some good...
—Qrow, to Ozpin
Meeting you... was the worst luck of my life...
—Qrow, to Ozpin


Okay, stop. Just... stop! Look, if this thing goes south, it's not something we can just fight our way out of. This is the Atlas Military we're talking about. For your sake, just drop this.
—Qrow, to everyone

Volume 7Edit

The Greatest KingdomEdit

But I wouldn’t say unwelcome. I was honestly expecting things to go a lot rougher.
—Qrow, to everyone before they get ambushed by the Ace Operatives
Hey, pal! I’m a licensed Huntsman! Just helped save everyone?
—Qrow, to Clover Ebi
Now, this… This is much closer to what I was expecting.
—Qrow, to everyone after they got arrested

A New ApproachEdit

You try stopping these kids when they have their mind set on something.
—Qrow, to Winter
She’s, uh, not exactly a spring chicken.
—Qrow, to everyone about the Winter Maiden
James... you don’t need the entire military for this.
—Qrow, to Ironwood
Huh, so that’s why you withdrew your troops, to handle the panic that would break out in Atlas.
—Qrow, about Ironwood's reason
Oz spent his whole life, many lives, keeping this secret.
—Qrow, about Oz
Uh, Oscar here is… is the next Ozpin.
—Qrow, to Ironwood about Oscar

Ace OperativesEdit

Gotta say, I’m still not really used to working with other Huntsmen in the field.
—Qrow, to Clover
Long time ago. I just found working alone tends to be for the best
—Qrow, to Clover about going solo
I wouldn’t thank me. My Semblance brings misfortune. Sometimes I can’t keep it under control.
—Qrow, to Clover

Pomp and CircumstanceEdit

Your opposition in Mantle dropping dead isn’t exactly a good look for you, huh?
—Qrow, to Ironwood about the recent murders in Mantle
She was always the best of us. Bit of a brat, though. But hey, I like brats.
—Qrow, to Ruby about her mother.


They all are. Been through a lot together.
—Qrow, to Clover about Ruby and her friends
Once upon a time, I’d have drank to that.
—Qrow, to Clover about his drinking problem
Don’t worry, I-I gave that up.
—Qrow, to Clover about how he quit drinking
That was a close one.
—Qrow, after the confrontation with Robyn and the Happy Huntresses

Worst Case ScenarioEdit

IF we ever had any doubts Atlas was Salem’s next target, I think those are officially out the window.
—Qrow, about Salem targeting Atlas

Cordially InvitedEdit

I mean, they already invited you, didn’t they?
—Qrow, to Clover before he joins Ironwood and the others
I think I’ll just stick to patrolling the grounds.
—Qrow, to Ruby's Group and the Ace-Ops before leaving for the patrol

With Friends Like TheseEdit

Why couldn’t you just do the right thing instead of the thing you were told?
—Qrow, to Clover about following Ironwood's orders instead of making his own choices
I’ll kill you!
—Qrow, swear to kill Tyrian for murdering Clover

RWBY: World of RemnantEdit

Nice place to raise a family, if you're into that sort of thing.
—Qrow's statement on Patch
Of course, with the fall of Beacon, everyone's a little more worried these days. And they should be.
—Qrow about the current state of Remnant

RWBY: The Grimm CampaignEdit

There's Huntsmen work, and then there's work that only Huntsmen can stomach. In Mistral, you'll get both kinds. Full of thieves and assassins, this is a region where the people can be just as, if not more, dangerous than the Grimm. If you don’t know how to watch yourself, the wrong back alley can swallow you just as easily as a Manticore. It’s the type of place where secrets live in the open, perfect for the brazen sorts to make an unscrupulous living. Unlike Vacuo, this isn’t where people go to disappear. It’s where they go to make empires, hidden amongst the winding mountains, and in the belly of the underworld, you just have to find them. Just make sure you don't stick up your nose too far where it doesn't belong...
RWBY: The Grimm Campaign Introduction
Well, what do we have here? Unfortunately it looks like all four of you accepted the same mission from the mission board. Not a perfect system, so that happens sometimes. ‘Suppose it won’t hurt to have more eyes on the ground, we’ll sort out credit and whatever else later. There’s something brewing in Mistral, I mean, there’s always something brewing in Mistral, but usually it’s kept in the shadows. Y’know how it goes, some crime boss is always behind another crime boss in the tower, and we let it sort it out amongst themselves and life moves on. But lately, there’s been much more collateral damage than normal. Something’s shaking up the underworld and spilling out into all the kingdom, old rules disappearing, open war between factions, and what’s more: we’re seeing increasingly abnormal Grimm activity, and in all the madness it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s modern day myth. Professor Lionheart has put out an open call for more Huntsmen, a show of force to remind the underworld there are limits for them. But, to put it bluntly, a Faunus headmaster doesn’t have a lot of friends in a place like Mistral, and the Huntsmen who make Mistral their primary stomping grounds aren’t always the most reliable when it comes to, well, establishing order. Let’s just say they’ve got some other pastimes, and not all of them are above board. Find out what’s going on, see what scurries in the ground when you kick off a few rocks, and just remember you probably can’t rely on anyone but yourselves. Don’t start a fight with the underworld you can’t win. Oh, and one other thing: I’m going to have to be frustratingly vague here, but I can’t send you with a clean conscious--
—Qrow delivers a message to the protagonists, which is cut short by static

About QrowEdit

It's just that I've only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before. A dusty, old crow...
—Ozpin to Ruby in "Ruby Rose"
He's always drunk!
He promised me he'd watch out for Ruby before he left. And I trust him.
—Yang to Raven about her faith in Qrow
Alright ladies, let's pause for a moment. We have one objective - retrieving the Relic of Knowledge. Now Qrow Branwen may be on our list of individuals we would very much like dead, but he's not going to go down without a fight, and he's not going to go down quietly. Our advantage here is just as you said - we walk straight into Haven, no resistance, no one the wiser. A battle with your brother throws that all out the window.
Watts, to Raven about Qrow
Qrow. I meant it when I said it was good to see you again.
—Ironwood, to Qrow
Well, hey, don’t beat yourself up about it. My Semblance is "good" fortune. Lucky you, huh?
—Clover, to Qrow
I meant deflect a compliment. Those kids wouldn’t be where they are without you. You’ve had more of an effect on them than you realize.
—Clover, to Qrow and his influence on Ruby and her friends

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