Season 1Edit

The VacuumEdit

That sounds lovely!
—Pyrrha to Ren, about doing comedy segments

Love TriangleEdit

You know, if I recall, we have that exam coming up. Do you... need a study partner? Because I'm free! Right now. If you want...!
—Pyrrha, asking Jaune to be her study partner
Right... Um. Perhaps another time...
—Pyrrha, reject Weiss' offer to study with her after being rejected by Jaune

Save Nora!Edit

Would you teach me some of those fighting moves? I've never seen anything like it.
—Pyrrha to Jaune

Security WoesEdit

Board games were a great idea, Jaune!
—Pyrrha to Jaune, about playing the board game

The One with a Laugh TrackEdit

Everyone knows that a pre-fight meal is the most important. That's why I always turn to Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes before a match.
—Pyrrha, sponsoring Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes commerical ad
Mmm, taste that? That tastes like... victory.
—Pyrrha, after tasting the cereal and lie to the audiences that it taste good

Season 2Edit

Magic ShowEdit

Oh! "Find a penny, pick it up. Then all day long you'll have good luuuck!"
—Pyrrha to Jaune, after finding a penny

Must Be NiceEdit

Boy! You are just so creative!
—Pyrrha, unable to be honest with Jaune about his strategies

Movie NightEdit

I think we should see Love More Than Likely, I heard it's a very tender love story.
—Pyrrha to everyone, suggesting to see a romantic film

The Mystery BunchEdit

I'm sure we'll stumble across one completely by accident.
—Pyrrha to everyone
Another case solved with a minimum amount of effort.
—Pyrrha, after solving a case

The FixerEdit

You have traces of chocolate under your fingernails; there's a wrapper in your left pocket; your pupils are dilated from shame.
—Pyrrha, analyzing and observing Sun
No bones about it.
—Pyrrha to Sun and Neptune

Season 3Edit

Tea PartyEdit

Weiss, this tea party is very lovely! What's the occasion?
—Pyrrha to Weiss, about the tea party

In The Clutches of EvilEdit

I'm the Red Huntress! And I'm here to--
—Pyrrha introduces her superheroic persona

JNPR DreamsEdit

Awwww! Shh! Don't wake him! He looks soooo happy!
—Pyrrha to Ren, regarding Jaune cheering himself on his sleep

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