RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 3Edit

I've drawn out your Aura. The shining light is your power
—Pyrrha, after unlocking Jaune's Aura
Basically, Aura is your soul incarnate. Everyone has an Aura, though it varies in strength and nature from person to person. Huntsmen and Huntresses manipulate aura to enchance their bodies and fortify their weapons. If Dust is the Light of Hope granted by the Gods... ... Then Aura, is the Flame of Potential, held by all that lives. It's what proves... that we are Huntsmen.
—Pyrrha, explaining the concept of Aura to Jaune

Chapter 4Edit

Besides, your reasoning just now made sense. Other students might get attacked if we let it live, and it could even grow large enough to threaten the city.
—Pyrrha, to Ruby about if they run away, the Grimms might attack the students and city

Chapter 5Edit

I didn't expect you to be such a daredevil. Playing bait all on you own?
—Pyrrha, to Jaune after he played bait for the Death Stalker

Chapter 13Edit

I've always been an elite, ever since I was little. I came out on top at everything I did and people loved me for it... That was enough to make me happy. But, in time... a distance grew between me and them. By the time I realized it... there was nobody by my side anymore.
—Pyrrha, to Jaune about her past on how becoming famous leave her isolate from the people she loved
I would've liked... to have attended this thing with someone like you. Someone who didn't who didn't know my name. Someone who... would call me "partner" without a second thought. Someone who truly... wanted me to be their friend.
—Pyrrha, to Jaune about her special person she wants to be with

RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

We all win when we work together.
—Pyrrha upon being deployed
That was almost as hard as eating Pumpkin Pete's again, and again, again...
—Pyrrha, once her tutorial for Battle of Beacon mode ends

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