Volume 1

The First Step

I'm not quite sure. I was planning on letting the chips fall where they may.
—Pyrrha, responding to Weiss Schnee asking her whether or not she had decided on a team yet
Yeah, it was pretty cool. Sadly, the cereal isn't very good for you.
—Pyrrha, regarding the cereal brand she is a mascot for
I'm sorry!
—Pyrrha, after pinning Jaune Arc to the wall at Weiss' request

The First Step, Pt.2

I'm sorry!
—Pyrrha, after throwing Miló at Jaune to help him land
Do you have any spots left on your team?
—Pyrrha, attempting to team up with Jaune and trying to make a joke

The Emerald Forest

I'm sorry!
—Pyrrha, after unintentionally flinging a branch into Jaune's face
For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee.
—Pyrrha unlocking Jaune's Aura

The Emerald Forest, Pt.2

I'm not sure this is it.
—Pyrrha, doubting Jaune
(Jaune is hanging onto a Death Stalker's tail) Jaune! Whatever you do, don't let- (the Death Stalker flicks its tail and launches Jaune across the forest) ... go.
—Pyrrha, failing to save Jaune from himself

Players and Pieces

Go, go!
—Pyrrha, telling the others to keep moving


Jaune, you know if you ever need help, you can just ask.
—Pyrrha, offering support to Jaune
Atrocious. I can't stand people like him.
—Pyrrha, voicing her disdain of Cardin Winchester

Jaunedice, Pt.2

You know, I really will break his legs.
—Pyrrha, threatening to break Cardin's legs
Jaune, everybody needs a little push from time to time. It doesn't make you any different from the rest of us. You made it to Beacon! That speaks volumes of what you're capable of!
—Pyrrha, trying to comfort Jaune
Then let me help you!
—Pyrrha, offering her support to Jaune

Forever Fall

I'm sure our leader knows exactly what he's doing.
—Pyrrha, on Jaune's absence

Forever Fall, Pt.2

Well, Ruby has her speed, you have your glyphs. My Semblance is polarity.
—Pyrrha, on her Semblance
Your team really misses their leader, you know.
—Pyrrha, to Jaune
Your stance is all wrong. You need to be wider and lower to the ground.
—Pyrrha, on Jaune's stance

Volume 2

Welcome to Beacon

Hello again!
—Pyrrha, to Team RWBY


Come on! I know you get frustrated, but you must keep trying.
—Pyrrha, attempting to encourage Jaune
Well, I believe the saying goes: "There's... plenty of fish in the sea."
—Pyrrha, to Jaune

Burning the Candle

You can't get it wrong if it's the truth.
—Pyrrha, to Jaune

Dance Dance Infiltration

I've been blessed with incredible talents and opportunities; I'm constantly surrounded by love and praise; but when you're placed on a pedestal like that for so long, you become separated from the people that put you there in the first place. Everyone assumes I'm too good for them - that I'm on a level that they simply can't attain. It's become impossible to form any sort of meaningful relationship with people. That's what I like about you: when we met, you didn't even know my name; you treated me like anyone else. And thanks to you, I've made friendships that will last a lifetime. I guess, you're the kind of guy I wish I was here with - someone who just saw me for me.
—Pyrrha, to Jaune on why she does not have a date to the dance

Volume 3

Round One

If anything, we should be looking forward to a fight with actual guidelines and not... well, murderers.
—Pyrrha looking forward to the Vytal Festival

New Challengers...

So... What are we?
—Pyrrha, about her and Jaune's team attack


Professor, if you don't mind me asking, why have you called me here?
—Pyrrha to Ozpin, in Ozpin's office
If all of this is true, why keep it secret? If this girl is so important... if... If we're truly on the brink of war, why not tell everyone?
—Pyrrha, asking the inner circle why the Maidens are a secret
I'll do it. If you believe this will help humanity, then I will become your Fall Maiden.
—Pyrrha, before she knows what becoming the Maiden may do to her


When I think of destiny, I don't think of a predetermined fate you can't escape. But rather... some sort of final goal, something you work towards your entire life.
—Pyrrha, on destiny
None of it makes sense! This isn't how things were supposed to happen!
I've always felt as though I was destined to become a Huntress - to protect the world... and it's become increasingly clear to me that my feelings were right. But... I don't know if I can do it.

Heroes and Monsters

—Pyrrha to Ozpin, officially accepting the role of Fall Maiden

End of the Beginning

I'm sorry.
—Pyrrha's last words to Jaune
Do you believe in destiny?
—Pyrrha's last words to Cinder Fall, before her death

Volume 4


Jaune... I... I... I want you to know that I am happy to be a part of your life. I'll always be here for you, Jaune.
—Pyrrha at the end of her training message

RWBY: Amity Arena

We all win when we work together.
—Pyrrha upon being deployed
Pyrrha Nikos, unbeknownst to many, is actually an accomplished marksman. Due to her melee combat prowess and the fact that she carries a shield, many forget that Milo is "also a gun." Furthermore, this is made even more confusing by Miss Nikos' tendency to throw Milo in spear form when given the opportunity to do so. Heck, she even throws Akuo all the time! Judging from her combat footage, we are guessing that Miss Nikos has a Semblance that allows her to retrieve her thrown weapons. Yes... it must be... telekinesis! We're sure of it! "Whoa, you can control poles..." -Ruby
RWBY: Amity Arena

About Pyrrha

Maidens choose themselves. I simply believe I've found the right candidate. Ever since the day I met her, I had the feeling she would be the one. She's strong, intelligent, caring... but most importantly, she's ready.
Ozpin, on choosing Pyrrha to be the next Fall Maiden in "Never Miss a Beat"
Pyrrha thought that if there was even the smallest chance of helping someone, then it was a chance worth taking. And because of that, she died fighting a battle she knew she couldn't win.
—Ruby telling Oscar about Pyrrha's death
—Pyrrha's epitaph in "Lost"
She trained here, Sanctum Academy. Everyone was crushed when she chose Beacon over Haven. No one wanted to see her go, but... it was where she wanted to be. I'm just glad she was surrounded by such amazing people.
She understood that she had a responsibility... to try. I don't think she would regret her choice, because a Huntress would understand that there really wasn't a choice to make. And a Huntress is what she always wanted to be.
—the red-haired woman to Jaune, about Pyrrha's choice
Pyrrha never got the chance to graduate... But she was a Huntress.
—Jaune to the red-haired woman
I think... I think she knew she wasn't going to win. That she might not come out alive. But... she also knew she was the only one that could try.
—Jaune to Nora and Ren about Pyrrha's choice before she died during the Fall of Beacon
Pyrrha may not be by our side anymore, but we can fight like she is.
—Nora, to Jaune and Ren about Pyrrha
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