Sometimes you have a really good streak for a really long time and then something bad happens.
—Pike Rite

Pyke Rite is a "professional" Huntsman and a relatively recent graduate of Haven Academy. He is a character that appears in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.[1]


Pyke is a young man with light tan skin and green eyes. He styles his brown hair in a short bowl cut. Pyke wears a brown long-sleeved shirt with a yellow dash across the middle. The shirt only has one sleeve, with the other arm being covered by an orange-brown arm warmer. His right arm is larger than his left which is also joked about by the creators.[2]

In addition, he wears a brown, leather bandolier with three pockets, the middle of which being yellow as well. He wears green cargo pants with metallic kneepads, as well as brown boots with a yellow dash going down them.


Pyke is a blind optimist, if somewhat of a naive and overly idealistic person. He is somewhat awkward, and looking to impress others. Pyke used to be into the equivalent of Remnant’s anime series, and transferred to Haven Academy from Shade Academy after his first year due to an incident that he doesn’t like to talk about. He can be somewhat cocky in nature, such as when his Semblance gives him a great outcome and acts with gusto when it does. Interestingly, Pyke does not accept money as payment for his Huntsmen work, wishing only to help.

Pyke is noticeably not very perceptive, leading him to often miss important details. He also has a tendency to want to impress more grizzled Huntsmen, and makes an effort to fit in with them. He refrains from drinking alcohol.

Despite this, he is not unintelligent, often just misjudging situations. He possesses a degree of tactical intellect, as shown when him and his teammates were sneaking back into Kuchinashi and he was able to come up with a successful plan for them to break in.

When Taupe is kidnapped by the Hana Guild, he shows a different side of himself when threatening two teenagers to get information of Taupe's whereabouts. This implies that some of his Optimism may be a mask for the pain that he has from both his past and the negative affects of his semblance.

Powers and Abilities


Main article: Rasen

Pyke's weapon of choice is Rasen, a drill cannon mounted on his right hand. The weapon uses red Fire Dust. Pyke is able to use his weapon's recoil to slow down falls from enormous heights. Pyke has stated that using his weapon he can dig a five foot room in one hour.


Main article: Fate's Hand

Pyke's Semblance, Fate's Hand, is said to be unique, in that he embraces destiny and leaves things up to chance. The ability is described as asking fate for the best way to handle a situation, and hoping for the best. By asking fate to step in, Pyke's Semblance can vastly improve outcomes. However, it can both not affect situations at all or make situations much worse.


  • Pyke is based off of the anime, Gurren Laggan, which is the favorite anime of his player, Kerry Shawcross.
  • Pyke is an Anglo-Saxon name. The name was originally given to a person who made or worked with a pickaxe as a agricultural or excavating tool.
  • The name Rite is derived from the Old English "wyrhta," meaning "worker," or, specifically, "woodworker, carpenter, craftsman," and was used to refer to a carpenter, bringing about brown colors to mind.
  • Pykrete is a material made from sawdust and ice and is known for its unbreakable properties.
    • His name may also refer to pyrite, a brass-yellow mineral with a bright metallic luster.
    • It could also refer to Picrite basalt.
  • Pyke is approximately 3 to 4 years younger than Arrastra Skye.[3]


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