Episode 9 - "PvP"

  1. The swords of the Atlas Soldiers disappeared and reappeared.
  2. First, James Ironwood is sitting with Beacon Academy students, and then he is sitting with Atlas Academy students.
  3. The marching Goliath has an Ursa bone mask.
  4. At 3:00, Lie Ren is seen sitting left of Nora Valkyrie and Jaune Arc, but at 9:09, just after the Nevermore appears, he is seen rising from a seat next to Sun Wukong and Coco Adel, where Nora and Jaune would have been sitting.
  5. When Coco rises from her seat, her Gianduja's strap is over her shoulder, but the bag is missing.
  6. Cinder saying "dismemberment" in her speech refers to an earlier version of the script where Mercury would lose his leg to Yang in their duel in "Fall".[1]

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  1. Volume 3 DVD Directors' Commentary