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Port's Blunderbuss is the weapon wielded by Professor Peter Port. It is a cross between a blunderbuss and a battle axe.


Infobox Port Blunderbuss

Peter's Blunderbuss placed on the wall

A seemingly rudimentary design, Port's Blunderbuss appears merely to have an axe blade attached to the stock of the weapon.

He is shown to wield the battle axe portion by holding the barrel of the gun. During the episode "Breach", Port is seen using the blunderbuss in combat against the Grimm. He is able to shoot several balls of fire from it, decimating the Grimm in front of him alongside Bartholomew Oobleck. However, in "Battle of Beacon", a Griffon appears unaffected when he shoots it in the neck.


  • In "Little Red Riding Hood", the 12th episode of RWBY Chibi, Weiss questions the practicality of having two axe blades on the stock, pointing out that they prevent the weapon from being aimed. Port himself chimes in, putting it down to "personal preference".
  • According to the RWBY Volume 2 Crew Commentaries, the blades on Port's weapon were intended to fold up and go into the gun, but this feature has yet to appear in the series.

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