Episode 8 - "Players and Pieces"Edit

  1. Model - Pyrrha Nikos' shield, Akoúo̱, is missing, starting at 1:58, when she is running from the Death Stalker up until she gets thrown at 3:21. The shield only appears on her next appearance at 5:58.
  2. Placement - At 2:16, Nora Valkyrie is between Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. A few seconds later, however, at 2:20, Nora is to the left of Yang.
  3. Animation - At 3:08, Weiss Schnee has a constraint cube in her right hand.
  4. Model - At 4:16, the Death Stalker's stinger is right in front of Ruby, but at 5:33, the stinger is stuck inside the ice.
  5. Model - At 5:57, you can see a black and white space next to Yang Xiao Long's head. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  6. Model - At the same time as 2, a few pillars on the right are seen floating off the ground.
  7. Animation - Towards the end of 6:00, Pyrrha's running animation seems to hiccup very briefly, without affecting her forward motion.
  8. Lighting - At 6:07 to 6:08, Miló is dark, but at 6:18 and 6:19, it is bright.
  9. Animation - When the Nevermore flies into the stone bridge and teams RWBY and JNPR try to dodge the attack, their jump/leap trajectories seem to be too shallow to be able to fully evade the Nevermore's attack and thus they should not have been able to successfully make it to the intact parts of the bridge.
  10. Animation - At 6:55, immediately after the Nevermore's collision with the bridge, there is one frame where Jaune Arc appears to the left of the Nevermore when he should actually be at its right.
  11. Animation - At 7:37, when Blake Belladonna uses her afterimage ability a large cube can be seen for a few frames.
  12. Model - At 7:51, Crescent Rose is open in scythe form while the next second, Ruby Rose is shown opening Crescent Rose from gun to scythe form. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  13. Placement - At 7:57, Team RWBY is shown to be at the front of the structure, but at 8:01, they are at the side.
  14. Animation - The Nevermore is shown to be flying directly at team RWBY up to 8:01, but 8:02 shows the Nevermore hitting the support pillars instead.
  15. Model - At 8:29, during the battle of Team JNPR with the Death Stalker, a whole Blake model is seen on the bridge with them. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  16. Model - Right after, when Team JNPR charges against the Death Stalker, Jaune's sheath unfolds and the sword disappears, then, he draws the sword through the shield.
  17. Animation - At 8:37, Pyrrha rolls right on the spot instead of moving forward.
  18. Model - At 9:01 to 9:02, the Death Stalker's character model is actually floating above the ground, right before Pyrrha launches Nora Valkyrie.
  19. Model - At 9:07, as Nora flies down towards the Death Stalker, Pyrrha and Jaune's models are missing from the bridge.
  20. Model - At 9:21, Magnhild is not in line with Nora's hands.
  21. Animation - At 9:51, Weiss freezes the Nevermore's feathers in a massive sheet of ice, however, the ice holding it down vanishes without a trace in all subsequent shots excluding Weiss' small backflip from the Nevermore.
  22. Model - Ruby's feet appears to be embedded on the glyph at a split second of 10:23.
  23. Animation - At 10:23, for a brief moment, you can see the start of Weiss' glyph even before Weiss has started to cast it. Also, the glyph that formed at Ruby's feet is gone for a split second of 10:24.
  24. Animation - At 10:32, as Ruby decapitates the Nevermore, the head is clearly seen lopped off the body and spinning forward, as if it were to fall off the cliff, but as the shot changes angles less than a second later, the head is shown to be just getting sliced off, while the direction the head would've gone has changed to where it flies backwards, instead of forwards, like the former shot showed.
  25. Model - At 11:02 Myrtenaster can be seen in Weiss' hand, but then at 11:02 it can be seen sheathed at her hip.
  26. Model - At 11:32 Ren's weapons appear and disappear again.

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