Volume 7

The Greatest Kingdom

And no more heavy-lifting, yah hear?
—Pietro, to his previous patron before she left
Ah, yes, yes. Have we met?
—Pietro, to Maria Calavera
Maria! Yes, with the cybernetic optical implants! I adjust them every ten years or so. Oh wow, has it been that long already?
—Pietro, to Maria about her prosthesis
You can call me Pietro.
—Pietro introducing himself to Ruby and co.
Oh, it's stuffy up there. Down here, I get to help the locals and have a little fun. I'm currently working on shoes that make you dance. Wanna try 'em on?
—Pietro, to Ruby and co.
Well, the Fall of Beacon took a toll on all of us. James was no different. I couldn't tell you exactly what it was he saw there, but it changed him.
—Pietro, explaining to Ruby and co.
You have to understand, it wasn't just the Grimm. Someone completely dismantled Atlas security code, made it their play-thing, and made us look like traitors to some and buffoons to everyone else. Whoever managed to do that is either a genius or one of our own. I fear the answer may be both, and so does the general.
—Pietro, explaining about the culprit behind the dismantle Atlas security code
You're Team RWBY!
—Pietro, to Team RWBY
Oh, my girl, I do. I most certainly do. And I feel like such a dunce for not recognizing you sooner. My daughter's told me so much about you.
—Pietro, mentioning his daughter to Ruby Rose
Darling, why don't you say hello to your friends?
—Pietro, to Penny
Died? I guess, in a manner of speaking, she did. But we were able to recover her core from Amity Arena once it had made its way back to Atlas. It took me some time, but…
—Pietro, before Penny finishes his sentence
What is the meaning of this? What are the Ace Operatives even doing down here in Mantle?
—Pietro, after seeing the Ace-Ops capturing Ruby and co.

Ace Operatives

Apologies for the mess and for holding onto your weapons for so long. The upgrades you requested were, uh… well, they were more than I anticipated.
—Pietro, to Ruby and co. about the weapons
Your new weapons and armor should be as requested, but I also took the liberty of reviewing your combat footage from the Vytal Festival Tournament. There's some additional enhancements I'd like to suggest. Oh, but for now, these should serve you well enough.
—Pietro, about Teams RWBY and JNPR's upgrades before their mission

Worst Case Scenario

She's confused, scared. We'll have her recorded visual data shortly. That should prove her innocence, but the damage has already been done.
—Pietro, to Ruby and Weiss Schnee about Penny
The things people are saying about her… If Penny hadn't been there, Robyn would be--
—Pietro, before coughing
Well, if we're dealing with the same enemy from Beacon, hacking into Mantle's system would be easy. Fortunately, the rest of Atlas is running on an upgraded network.
—Pietro, about the culprit responsible for hacking Mantle's security system
If Maria hadn't offered to help me these past weeks, I'd have likely collapsed by now. Getting a communications tower into the sky seems impossible on its own, but now, to think of what people wanna do to my girl…
—Pietro, worried about his daughter and the people's distrust toward her
There's a reason why Penny is the only one of her kind. When the General first challenged us to find the next breakthrough in defense technology, most of my colleagues pursued more obvious choices. I was one of the few who believed in looking inward for inspiration.
—Pietro, to Ruby, Weiss, and Maria about creating Penny
And when General Ironwood saw her, he did too. Much to my surprise, the Penny Project was chosen over all the other proposals.
—Pietro, about Ironwood's interest in the Penny Project
And each time I rebuild Penny, it takes a little more. If people get their wish and she's destroyed, I won't be able to…
—Pietro, before he breaks down crying over Penny

Volume 8


We've made decent progress on construction and fuel collection, all potentially manageable, but uh… hm… Amity was designed so it couldn't launch itself without first being granted clearance from General Ironwood's terminal.
—Pietro, to Ruby about Amity
Actually… there is more than one terminal. The one in his office and uh… one in the main Atlesian Military Compound… at the base of the city. You'd have to get into the compound somehow, then, uh, get inside the operations room, and then… hoo boy… I might need to think about this some more.
—Pietro, to Ruby's group about the terminals in Atlas Academy and the Atlesian Military Center
I… suppose someone needs to help you bypass security.
—Pietro, to Ruby about the Atlesian Military security
Penny, we can't risk--
—Pietro, before Penny persists
Yang. Go by the pharmacy. I was developing some new tools for you all before… this happened. You're going to need them.
—Pietro, to Yang about going to his pharmacy


Ahem. This process is a… little complicated. So I'm remoting into Penny from Amity Colosseum.
—Pietro, to Ruby while using Penny remotely
I just have to… There. Downloading the cloned imprint now. When Penny gets to Amity, we'll run the launch sequence. Amity's computer will try to connect to the general's terminal but get Penny instead.
—Pietro, while using the terminal
(coughs) About that, Penny. When Amity goes up, I think you should be on it with Maria and I.
—Pietro, to Penny


There is a difference between a good idea and our best idea. Sadly, we don't have time for much else.
—Pietro, to Penny
Penny, we are not having this conversation again. I'm your father and I'm telling you that you belong on Amity.
—Pietro, to Penny
Oh, I didn't have time to install seat belts, so I'd advise you to hang on.
—Pietro, to Penny and Maria
I don't care about the big picture! I care about my daughter!
—Pietro, to Maria
I lost you before. Are you asking me to go through that again? No. No. I want the chance to watch you live your life.
—Pietro, to Penny about wanting her to live her life

About Pietro

My father asked me not to venture out too far, but... You have to understand, my father loves me very much; he just worries a lot.
—Penny, to Ruby about her father in "A Minor Hiccup"
I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!
—Ruby Rose, to Penny about Pietro in "Painting the Town..."
Oh, he's very sweet! My father's the one that built me! I'm sure you would love him!
—Penny, to Ruby about Pietro
I didn't think I'd need to introduce one of Atlas' finest minds.
—Maria, talking about Pietro and his achievements
You chose that fat imbecile over me!
—Watts, to Ironwood about Pietro in "Gravity"
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