I lost you before. Are you asking me to go through that again? No. No. I want the chance to watch you live your life.
—Pietro Polendina

Doctor Pietro Polendina is a renowned Atlesian scientist and the father and creator of Penny Polendina. He makes a brief appearance in "PvP", and makes his proper debut in "The Greatest Kingdom".


Pietro is an elderly man with dark skin and short, balding white hair. He wears a green cap with oval-shaped glasses. He wears a red vest over a cream shirt with a pink bowtie. His dark mustard pants and leather boots match with his cap and red-brown belt.

Pietro uses a special chair to aid himself with movement. This chair is built to have four moveable legs, and is white and green in color, with yellow accents.

In "Worst Case Scenario", before Pietro created Penny, he was a young man with brown hair, he wore a red vest over a cream collarered shirt with a pink necktie and a white scientist jacket, and gray pants.

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Pietro is described by Maria Calavera as "one of Atlas' finest minds" that works with the Kingdom of Atlas on its technological projects, being capable of restoring Penny following her apparent destruction.

He is described as being a 'big kid', something that his daughter inherits from him.[2] He is kind and excited to experiment on his latest projects, though Pietro's intellectual excitability makes him somewhat scatter-brained. In addition to his work with the Kingdom of Atlas, he also volunteers to help the people of Mantle.

He cares very much about his daughter Penny and wants to keep her safe.

Powers and Abilities

Pietro's current Aura after he transferred some of his to Penny

He is an Atlesian engineer that is capable of creating and repairing high-grade technology, as shown through the creation of Yang Xiao Long's prosthetic arm and his recovery and repair of Penny Polendina.

Pietro has an unprecedented ability to separate his Aura and use it to give life and a soul to an artificial being, in this case, it being the source of his own daughter's soul in Penny Polendina. However, this power to create life is limited, as it takes a larger and more permanent part of his Aura every time she is repaired from near-death. So far this procedure appears to have left "burnt" patches in his Aura.



  • Pietro alludes to Mister Geppetto from The Adventures of Pinocchio. For more information on this allusion, as well as other choices the creators made for this character, see Pietro Polendina/Behind the Scenes.

Color Naming Rule

  • His first name, "Pietro", comes from "petros", which means "stone" in Latin and Greek.
  • Polendina is cornmeal mush, which is yellow.

Character & Design

  • Pietro can be seen wearing a bow similar to Penny's.
  • During production for Volume 7, the crew tried to avoid making Pietro too similar to Dr. Weller from gen:Lock by making him have the personality of a 'big kid'.[3]



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