Finest heart, too. This pharmacy is just where he volunteers when he’s not building the future of Atlas alongside Ironwood, up in the cloud.
Maria, talking about Pietro

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Pietro's Pharmacy (unofficial) is a clinic in Mantle where Pietro Polendina tends to the prosthetics of the people in Mantle. It first appeared in "The Greatest Kingdom".


Pietro's Exam Room is a small, multi-floored clinic situated in Mantle. The bottom best described as dilapidated and messy, with its blue tattered wallpaper and distressed floor boards. To the left of the entrance, Pietro keeps a large desk with shelves containing many books. Furthermore, the farthest side of the door has a highly advanced patient's chair where he implants prosthetics on the needy people of Mantle.


At one point, Pietro set up a clinic in the city of Mantle where he tends to prosthetics.

Maria Calavera visits the clinic every decade to get her eyes fixed, where the last time she visited, she brought Team RWBY, Qrow Branwen, Team JNPR, and Oscar Pine along in order to assist them with reaching out to James Ironwood. The clinic was defended when Sabyrs attacked Mantle.


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Whale statue on Pietro's shelf

  • Pietro has a statue of a whale on a shelf. This is likely a reference to Pinocchio where Geppetto is swallowed by a whale.


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