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Pietro's Lab (unofficial) was Pietro Polendina's laboratory in Atlas. It first appeared in the episode "Ace Operatives" of RWBY Volume 7. It was later destroyed when Atlas crashed into Mantle and both cities were flooded.


The lab was shown to be a high-tech laboratory in stark contrast to Pietro's Pharmacy in Mantle. It featured wide television screens, white-tiled floors, and a massive work bench, where Pietro kept an old photograph of his colleagues from the Atlesian military, including Arthur Watts, who is glaring at him. There was a machine in the room into which Pietro could plug Penny Polendina, allowing him to go through her files, including footage of what she sees.


Pietro worked in Atlas with James Ironwood building state of the art technology such as Penny.

In "Ace Operatives", Pietro gave Ruby's Group upgraded weapons in his lab.

Maria Calavera is seen consoling Pietro in "Worst Case Scenario" after he is forced to ground Penny. Maria, along with Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose also learn that Pietro created Penny by using part of his Aura while stating that he couldn't bring her back again if she were to be killed once more.

It was later ransacked in a search for Pietro after he was declared wanted, similarly to his Pharmacy.

Watts worked there in "Strings" and "Amity" trying to hack Penny under Ironwood's command with multiple Atlas Soldiers holding him at gunpoint.

When Ruby's message was being broadcast all over Remnant, Watts, Ironwood and the Ace Operatives now led by Winter Schnee were shown in the lab as Watts hacked into Penny. After Ironwood noticed how Penny wasn't responding, he angrily ordered the Ace Operatives to return Watts to his cell while he snuck Ironwood's broken Scroll with him as well as to search for Penny themselves.

When the City of Atlas crashed into Mantle in "The Final Word", the lab was destroyed after both cities were flooded.

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