Pharos Academy[1] is a primary combat school located in the Kingdom of Vale, on the continent of Sanus. Coco Adel and Velvet Scarlatina are former students of Pharos who transferred to Beacon Academy following graduation.


Coco Adel, Velvet Scarlatina, and Vega Bleu are former students of Pharos Academy, where the former gained a reputation within the Academy's walls for being both a heart breaker and a record-setter. Following graduation, Coco and Velvet transferred to Beacon Academy, and Vega went to Atlas Academy.

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  • "Pharos", Greek for "Lighthouse", refers to the Lighthouse of Alexandria, a large Hellenistic lighthouse built on the island off Pharos, Alexandria in Egypt in the 3rd century BC and destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and for many centuries was one of the tallest man-made structures in the world.
  • As seen with Beacon, Signal and Pharos, combat schools in Vale seem to be named after buildings or devices made to navigate, communicate or attract attention.


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