Volume 1

The Badge and The Burden

Monsters, demons, prowlers of the night. Yes, the creatures of Grimm have many names.
—Port, mentions the many names given of the Grimm
Our planet is absolutely teeming with creatures that would love nothing more than to tear you to pieces!
—Port, discussing the nature of Remnant outside the four kingdoms
A true Huntsman must be honorable! A true Huntsman must be dependable! A true Huntsman must be strategic, well-educated, and wise!
—Port, describing what it means to be Huntsmen

The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2

Bravo! It appears we are indeed in the presence of a true Huntress-in-training.
—Port, complimenting Weiss Schnee after she defeats the Boarbatusk
Of course you did, child. You have the blood of a true Huntress in you.
—Port, reply to Weiss' compliments after Peter's recent lesson
Dear girl, confess to me your strife!
—Port's concern for Weiss
I've believed in Professor Ozpin for many years, and the man's never once led me astray!
—Port, defending Ozpin
So instead of fretting about what you don't have, savor what you do. Hone your skills, perfect every technique, and be, not the best leader, but the best person you can be.
—Port, giving advice to Weiss

Volume 3

Round One

For those of you just now joining us, welcome to the Vytal Festival Tournament, broadcast live from the Amity Colosseum!
—Port as an announcer for the Vytal Festival tournament

New Challengers...

Oh! It looks like one of my favorite students is charging up to use her semblance!
—Port announcing Nora absorbing Nolan's electricity

Never Miss a Beat

Ooo! It looks like Yang's angry. And you wouldn't like her when she's...upset.
—Port commenting on Yang's mood after Weiss was knocked out

Battle of Beacon

Students! I think it would be best for you to leave.
—Port, telling the students to escape the battleground
One final match, Barty! Place your bets!
—Port to Oobleck, as they stand against the Griffon horde

Volume 4


Oh, please! She's a mature young woman! If she can handle combat, she can handle a few jabs at her old man!
—Port, trying to persuade Taiyang Xiao Long to cut Yang some slack
Oh, Miss Xiao L—Yang, if you don't mind me asking, why haven't you tried on the arm yet?
—Port, asking Yang about her Atlesian arm while showing her respect
Fear is like any other emotion. It comes and goes. It's all in how you handle it.
—Port, pontificating on fear

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Hmm, some sort of foreign object. I feel like I've seen that symbol before never mind that! Defend the control center while I undo the damages. Make sure your weapons are loaded and your mustache wax is stowed, this could get hairy
—Port to the player in Chapter one, reaching the terminal with the Merlot industries logo

RWBY Chibi

Ho-ho! Personal preference!
—Port, explaining why his weapon has two axe blades
Ha-ha! Are you weak and whiny? Too soft to face the great outdoors? Do people often confuse you for a newborn kitten? Well, you're in luck. Because I'm here to help you.
—Port introducing himself in the show Man Up With Port
Hrg, my heart! Ooh... Nope, shutting down.
—Port not handling well a surprise party
Haha! Did I scare you? That's because my bare hands are lethal weapons! Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such deadly appendages. And sometimes, even someone as virile as me needs to use an actual weapon.
—Port introducing himself in another Man Up With Port episode
RWBY/Justice League
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