Throughout the production of a series, a lot goes on behind the scenes in regards to planning and design, which often go through multiple stages before resulting in the final version that is seen on screen. Some concepts and ideas can have an effect on the show and characters, and unexpected occurrences during production can also lead to changes and additions to the plans for the show.

Character Basis

Peter Port alludes to the character Peter from the fairy tale Peter and the Wolf.[1] This allusion has had the following influences on the character and show:

  • His first name is Peter, like the protagonist of the original story.
  • He wears mostly red, like Disney's depiction of Peter from the 1946 compilation film Make Mine Music
  • In his first appearance in "The Badge and The Burden", Professor Port tells a story about how he captured a Beowolf and was hailed as a hero by his village.
  • The barrel of his weapon resembles the bell of a trumpet, which may be a reference to the fact that musical instruments are used to represent the different characters in Peter and the Wolf. Trumpets are used to represent the hunters who arrive to rescue Peter during his skirmish with the wolf, while Port is a licensed huntsman himself.
  • Aside from Peter himself, Port also physically resembles Peter's grandfather, as depicted in the 1946 Disney short film.


  • In one of his streams, Ryan Haywood stated that the inspiration behind Port's voice came from the Full Metal Alchemist character Alex Louis Armstrong.
  • After Volume 3, Rooster Teeth changed animation software from Poser Pro 2013 to Autodesk Maya. With this change, the animation department also made all new models for RWBY.
  • Originally, Peter Port was voiced by Ryan Haywood until he was later exposed for illegal sexual relations with fans and left Rooster Teeth because of it. Following Ryan Haywood's departure from Rooster Teeth, Rooster Teeth made changes to Port:

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