"Perry"[1] was a Faunus White Fang member first introduced in "Painting the Town...".


Perry appears alongside Deery at the White Fang Faction Meeting as a new recruit. He later appears as a full White Fang member, guarding the subterranean ruins of Mountain Glenn in the episode of the same name. After Ruby falls into the underground ruins, she is apprehended by Perry and his partner, who deliver her to Torchwick.

It is unknown if Perry survived the train crash in "No Brakes", or if he was apprehended following the Grimm breach.


Perry is a young man that wears the standard White Fang uniform. He wears glasses on top of his Grimm Mask. He also has floppy ears, which would later be concealed by his White Fang uniform.


  • "Perry" is the name of an alcoholic beverage made out of fermented pears.

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