Volume 1

The Stray

—Penny, greeting Team RWBY
You called me friend! Am I really your friend?
—Penny, after Ruby Rose calls her a friend
Sen-sational! We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!
—Penny, in reply to Ruby's half-hearted offer of friendship
I'm combat ready!
—Penny, on fighting in the Vytal Festival

Black and White

Oh... you mean the Faunus girl.
—Penny, to Yang Xiao Long after Yang announces that they are looking for Blake Belladonna
That's terrible! Well, don't you worry, Ruby my friend! I won't rest until we find your teammate!
—Penny, to Ruby about Blake
Is she a man?!
—Penny, about Blake
I don't have a lot of friends; but if I did, I'd want them to talk to me about things.
—Penny, to Ruby
Ruby, are these people your friends?
—Penny, to Ruby
Don't worry, Ruby. I'm combat ready!
—Penny, to Ruby just before engaging the White Fang

Volume 2

A Minor Hiccup

I'm... not a real girl...
—Penny, revealing her secret to Ruby

Painting the Town...

Most girls are born, but I was made. I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura! I'm not real...
—Penny, explaining herself to Ruby
One day, it will be my job to save the world. But I still have a lot left to learn.
—Penny, explaining why she was made to Ruby.

Volume 3

Never Miss a Beat

Thank you for a wonderful time.
—Penny, after she trounces Russel Thrush and Sky Lark
There was an incident with a magnet, but I was able to play it off.
—Penny, about hiding her robot nature
Ruby, there's something I've been wanting to talk to you about... I want to stay at Beacon.


Salutations, Pyrrha Nikos! It's an honor to finally meet you!
—Penny, greeting Pyrrha
This is going to be so much fun!
—Penny's last words before being torn apart

Volume 7

The Greatest Kingdom

—Penny, when reuniting with Ruby and her friends
It is such a pleasure to see you all again!
—Penny, to Ruby and co.
I'm as good as new! Better, even! And now I'm the official protector of the city!
—Penny, to everyone about her job
We have so many things to catch up about. I cannot wait! [...] It seems we will have to wait.
—Penny, before leaving Ruby and co.
Let's talk more later! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures and tell you how I have been and I am just very excited about the whole experience!!
—Penny, while parting ways from Ruby's Group

A New Approach

Yay, you're here!
—Penny, to Ruby and co.
Isn't it great? We're not going to just replace Beacon Tower. Building a new tower on top of Amity Colosseum will re-establish global communications!
—Penny, to everyone about Ironwood's new approach
C'mon! Let me show you around campus.
—Penny, to everyone
So that way's the cafeteria, and that way is the training rooms. Oh, and over there are the classrooms!
—Penny, giving Team RWBY, Team JNP, and Oscar a tour around Atlas Academy
Remember, you're in Atlas now. As the most well-funded school on Remnant, every teen at Atlas Academy gets their own room! And if that wasn't enough--
—Penny, before Lie Ren concludes that Atlas Academy is like Beacon Academy
It'll be just like Beacon again!
—Penny, to everyone

Pomp and Circumstance

Your speech outros are improving, sir!
—Penny, to Ironwood


I just wanted to say how excited I am to be working with you in a professional capacity. As friends!
—Penny, to Ruby
Relationships are so interesting and varied!
—Penny, to Ruby
Now that I'm the official protector of Mantle, I don't really have a team anymore. General Ironwood says I don't have time for friends.
—Penny, to Ruby
I feel like I wish I could do both the things I need to do and the things I want to do. Is that normal?
—Penny, to Ruby
Affirmative. I will plan for six possible outcomes.
—Penny, to Clover
Robyn Hill. I would like to politely ask that you call off the Huntresses approaching the rear of the truck
—Penny, to Robyn about the whereabout of Joanna Greenleaf and May Marigold
Let us through, please.
—Penny, to Robyn

A Night Off

I am so glad you made it. It's just Marrow and I tonight, so more friends means more fun.
—Penny, to Ruby, Nora and Ren
I believe I may be confused. Who are we talking about again?
—Penny, to Ruby about Nora and Ren's argument
Put down your weapon and surrender!
—Penny, to Tyrian Callows before he suddenly vanishes into the crowd while she uses her night vision
I... I didn't.
—Penny, when being accused for the attack at the rally party

Cordially Invited

Are you okay?
—Penny, to Winter
I thought you sounded fine. You were just speaking from your heart.
—Penny, to Winter about her outburst at the private dinner
I guess you're right, I don't understand.
—Penny, to Winter before leaving

With Friends Like These

The General is leaving Mantle to perish?
—Penny, after finding out Ironwood decided to abandon Mantle
But all those people we just protected, they won't survive.
—Penny, to Winter
That doesn't bother you? What about your sister? Our friends?
—Penny, to Winter about Weiss and the others
I do not see what is good about any of this.
—Penny, to Winter
You said your personal feelings do not matter.
—Penny, to Winter about her personal feelings
I think… I think I understand.
—Penny, after listening to Winter about having personal feelings
You were responsible for Beacon. For what happened to me.
—Penny, confronting Cinder Fall
I think… It gives me personal feelings!
—Penny, to Cinder before the battle

The Enemy of Trust

I disagree.
—Penny, to Winter after saving her from falling
It's Penny, ma'am.
—Penny, to Fria
She's… gone.
—Penny, to Ruby about Fria

Volume 8


I'll go.
—Penny, to Pietro about going with Ruby's Group to Atlas


I mean Winter. The general. They were our friends. But then the Ace Ops attacked you. And the general, he said people were going to die, because of me.
—Penny, to Ruby
I was the protector of Mantle, but now, I am much more than that. And I wish I was not.
—Penny, to Ruby about her new responsibility as the Winter Maiden
Thank you, Ruby.
—Penny, feeling comforted by Ruby


We'll cross the bridge, then go left, straight, right, straight, left, up, up, right, straight, right, right, straight, left, left. And my name... is Penny.
—Penny, to May
Do not worry, Ruby is capable of traveling at an extreme velocity from one point to another by breaking herself down to her molecular components, thus negating her mass and then reassembling them at the destination, theoretically making it possible for her to transport all of us in the same way, as mass no longer matters.
—Penny, breaking down Ruby's Semblance to the rest of the group
I guess we all have to do some things we would rather not.
—Penny, about heading to Amity Tower
If General Ironwood plans to leave Mantle behind, nothing has changed.
—Penny, to the Ace Ops
Leave. Her. Alone.
—Penny, to Harriet after the latter antagonized Ruby
You will NOT hurt my friends!
—Penny, defending Ruby's Group from the Ace Ops alone


Dad? [...] This does not seem like a very good idea.
—Penny, to Pietro while laying bombs inside the Schnee Dust mine
That is not... I choose to fight for the people who care about me.
—Penny, to Cinder
But Dad... I am trying to.
—Penny, to a distraught Pietro about living her life
No! I– I have to go! The Vault! NO! Dad!
—Penny, panicking after Arthur Watts tampers with her systems
I love you.
—Penny, to Pietro while in freefall


I'm... I'm sorry.
—Penny, weakly to Ruby, Weiss Schnee and Blake


I don't want to do it.
—Penny, while struggling with Watts' virus
But there is a part of me... It's making me...
—Penny, to Nora
I must open the Vault, and then self-terminate.
—Penny, while under a control from the virus


Ruby, stop me!
—Penny, begging Ruby
Kill me. And I can make sure the power goes to you.
—Penny, to Ruby
Please... Please! I cannot fight it!
—Penny, to everyone
I can still feel it fighting me.
—Penny, to everyone about Watts' virus


Do hugs always feel this warm inside?
—Penny, asking Ruby after she was created as a human by Ambrosius


Why'd you have to come back? Why didn't you just learn your lesson?
—To Cinder

The Final Word

She can’t get the Staff and the power… but there is something you can do…
—Penny, to Jaune about Cinder
Let me choose… this one thing… trust me…!
—Penny, to Jaune
Salutations! You made it!
—Penny, greeting Winter
It seemed fitting that it should be you. It was your power after all
—Penny, to Winter about being the Winter Maiden
You were my friend.
—Penny, to Winter
I won’t be gone, I’ll be part of you.
—Penny's final words to Winter

RWBY: Amity Arena

In the match on Amity Arena in the Amity Colosseum against Pyrrha Nikos, Penny Polendina was torn apart by her own weapons and was presumed dead. However, as her cores were recovered successfully, Dr. Pietro Polendina was able to reconstruct her bigger and better than before.

What's more, is that her experience in Vale has proven to us that Penny's AI is powerful enough to actually integrate with Human society to a fair degree. (Proven by her friendship with Miss Rose.) Which instantly cleared Penny for active peacekeeping duty in Mantle once she was rebuilt. The world criticized us for making a weapon disguised as a young girl when Penny fell, but now... there's something about a bright young robot girl protecting the people with a gung ho attitude and cheery demeanor that restores hope.

Dr. Polendina may have made the right decision, for humanity. "Sal...U...TATIONSSSS!!!" -Penny"
RWBY: Amity Arena
A super awkward... "girl"... who lacks social graces to the point that makes you think, was she mad... I mean, born yesterday? "Sen-sational! We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!" -Penny"
RWBY: Amity Arena

RWBY Chibi

That is correct! I am a normal meat person, just like you.
—Penny, when Ruby states she's completely normal
Aw, Ruby. You are a bioluminiscent bug to me as well!
—Penny, after Ruby says she lights up her life
Get along, little doggie, it is now plain to see, you and I are too different, it was not meant to be...
—Penny, saddened to no end, saying goodbye to a Grimm she wanted to befriend

RWBY: The Official Manga

Chapter 6

Salutations! Are you okay? I apologize for being crashed into by you. Is your body injured?
—Penny asking Ruby if she is alright
Please be my friend?
—Penny asking Ruby to be her friend
Wonderful!! I have made my first friend!! We will enjoy together and exchange stories of romance!!
—Penny, to Ruby

Chapter 7

We encounter one another once more... Miss Ruby.
—Penny, to Ruby
However. Miss Blake is your friend, yes? No matter what sort of person she may be... The fact of your friendship remains unchanged.
—Penny, to Ruby about Blake

Chapter 8

There is no cause for alarm. Preparations or battle.. are complete.
—Penny to Ruby
Whatever reason they may claim... Nobody is allowed... To hurt my friend.
—Penny to Ruby, about the reason she fights

Chapter 10

Do not fear. Those intend no cruelty towards me. I used to alone all the time. I like to take walks whenever I am overcome by loneliness. But I will return how now. I do to feel quite so lonely anymore.
—Penny to Ruby
Please keep secret when I have told you! And one final thing... Ruby. Please be careful. Danger encroaches upon this world.
—Penny gives one final warning to Ruby

About Penny

You're not like those things we saw back there. You've got a heart, and a soul; I can feel it!
—Ruby, declaring that Penny is a real girl, in "Painting the Town..."
I guess, in a manner of speaking, she did. But we were able to recover her core from Amity Arena once it had made its way back to Atlas.
Pietro about Penny to Ruby and co., in "The Greatest Kingdom"
That's my girl.
—Pietro, about Penny
The Protector of Mantle, huh?
—Robyn, after meeting Penny in "Sparks"
No one's going to make you do anything you don't want to do.
—Nora, to Penny in "Dark"
It's just a part of you. Don't forget about the rest.
—Nora, to Penny
Yes you can! It's just a part of you, remember? If you were only a machine, you never could have fought back for this long.
—Nora, to Penny in "Risk"
But you've got an Aura, Penny, a soul. That's who you are, our friend, not a machine.
—Ruby, to Penny
RWBY/Justice League
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