I’m as good as new! Better, even! And now I’m the official protector of the city!
—Penny, to Ruby's Group

Penny Polendina[1] is a character who first appeared in the episode "The Stray". She is a robot, created by her father Pietro Polendina.

In "PvP", Penny is destroyed by her own weapons during her fight with Pyrrha Nikos.

She returns in "The Greatest Kingdom" with a new look made by her father, Pietro Polendina, who rebuilt her after the Fall of Beacon. Penny became the official protector of Mantle and eliminates Grimm that invade the city. As of "The Enemy of Trust", she is the current Winter Maiden.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Original Design (Volumes 1-3)[edit | edit source]

Penny had short, rather curly orange hair that came down to her chin with a small ahoge on top, and she wore a pink bow on the back of her head. She also has bright green eyes, light skin, and freckles. She wore an off white old-fashioned styled off the shoulder blouse with frill detailed trim and frill flared cuffs that half cover her hands alongside copper button detailing on the lower parts of her sleeves. She also sports a short gray pinafore dress with golden trim on the hem alongside four light green stalagmite styled stripes on the lower half of the dress, two on the front and two on the back, accompanied by two matching colored circles above the tips that have a stripe that runs around her waistline, with golden outlines, and a detachable black and light green collar. She also wears a pair of black thigh-high leg pieces that seemingly are attached to black shoes. The leg pieces have a single green stripe up the sides that appears to light up.

She has a layer of skin that conceals her metallic structure and spherical joints, and her irises bear similarities to the shutter of a camera. The skin isn't strong and can be damaged revealing the metal under her it as shown in A Minor Hiccup.

She also wore a silver backpack that contained Floating Array, her weapon.

Prom Outfit[edit | edit source]

During the Beacon Dance, Penny wore a short, light green, short-sleeved dress with a narrow black detailing around her waist, white collar alongside a pair of light green green heels.

Rebuilt Design (Volume 7-Present)[edit | edit source]

After the Fall of Beacon, Penny was rebuilt by her father. Her hair is significantly longer and curled inwards at the tips and she wears a black fabric bow under a pink metal bow that has a golden outlined green orb. The ahoge remains and is more prominent.

Penny wears an olive green German styled dress with a black hem that is striped with emerald green. The abdominal region is black with four golden buttons with matching buckles on her shoulder straps She also wears an off white blouse with puffy shoulders, frilled flared cuffs and vertical black lining down the front centre. Her collar piece does away with the green accents and is instead finished with a black ribbon, another power button at its center that switches on and off when Penny is inactive or active as shown in "Out in the Open". Penny wears black metal legs pieces that run-up to her thighs, there's a green stripe that runs down the sides, with a large green circle at the top and a small one at the bottom, both outlined with gold and capable of lighting up too. The knee piece of her legwear is heavily defined to look sperate from the leg pieces. She has a trio of jets in the lower rear part of her leg pieces that granted Penny the ability of flight. She also wears a pair of black low heeled metal boots with the tops hidden by the lower part of her leg pieces.

She also wears a pair of black lacy cuffed gloves with golden stud detailing on the knuckles. She also retains her silver backpack on her back carrying Floating Array.

Image Gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Penny is amiable, excitable, kind and curious. It has been stated that Penny gets a lot of her attitude from her father.[2] She often shows a distinct lack of social awareness, likely due to not having a lot of experience with Human nature. When Ruby makes an unconditional offer of friendship, Penny seems both immensely pleased and somewhat surprised. Another small quirk is that Penny hiccups whenever she tells a lie. She was also really excited when Ruby Rose offered her a fistbump in A Night Off, an action that nobody has ever offered to her and wanted to do it perfectly.[3]

She also seems to place great value on friendship, for she is greatly angered at the sight of Ruby being knocked down by Roman's flare in "Black and White". She also places trust in Ruby based on the latter promising that she is her friend in "A Minor Hiccup".

Furthermore, Penny seems to be immensely curious. Upon hearing that Blake Belladonna has run away, she proceeded to ask Ruby numerous questions, all related to Blake and friendship in general. Despite being told not to wander off, Penny still wandered Vale on her own.

Penny occasionally shows insecurities about her artificial nature. Upon confiding in Ruby that she is a synthetic being, Penny is worried about how she would take the news. However, after seeing Ruby take it rather well, she is glad that Ruby does not seem to care that she is really a machine, for what truly matters is her heart and soul.

In "Dance Dance Infiltration", Penny is shown to enjoy dancing as she dances by herself between two Atlas Soldiers. Later that night, she does "the Robot" with one of the soldiers.

Penny's most notable trait is her kindness. Upon meeting Team RWBY, she greets them with a jovial "Salutations!", compliments Weiss' hair, and offers to help Ruby track down Blake. In addition, she once saves Ruby from a truck before asking the driver if he was okay, thanks Team CRDL during the Vytal Festival for the time she had, and tells Pyrrha in the finals that it is a pleasure to finally meet her. Despite Atlas and Mantle originally being hesitant of Penny, she still worked as their proud protector.[4]

Penny's more peculiar social quirks appear to tone down as the series progresses. While earlier appearances have her depicted as cheery, curious, and unfamiliar with many aspects of social interaction, these aspects appear to diminish with each subsequent appearance; by the time of the Vytal Festival, Penny is barely distinguishable from her former self's naivete and volatile emotional state, sharing a conversation with Ruby about both her plans to stay at Beacon, despite her teammate Ciel Soleil objecting due to running short on time.

Penny is apparently very perceptive, for she sees through Blake's disguise and recognizes she was a Faunus while most people did not. She could also tell that Joanna and May were hiding in "Sparks" when nobody else noticed them.

Penny and her personality operate under an AI.[5]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Penny and her swords.

Penny's weapon is known as Floating Array, consisting of multiple short swords. They are stored in what appears to be a backpack on Penny's back.

As seen in "Black and White", Penny is able to control the Floating Array with simple movements from her hands, able to manipulate every sword simultaneously without difficulty and can fire energy blasts when bringing them together. This blast of energy is powerful enough to simultaneously slice multiple Bullheads in half, shooting them down. She could also put her swords into smaller rings in order to fire multiple weaker beams.

The swords are connected to her and possibly operated, by the use of thin strings attached to the hilts. Penny's 'strings' seemed to be quite strong and durable, as they were able to pull down a Bullhead and cut through Penny herself easily. The swords are able to fold in half lengthwise for easier storage.

After Penny was rebuilt, she had not been seen using Floating Array until "Pomp and Circumstance", where she uses them to cut a cake. They were seen again in "Sparks", where she used them as a way to threaten Robyn Hill so that she would call off her Happy Huntresses who had the group surrounded.

Mobility[edit | edit source]

She can allow Floating Array to pull her around or anchor herself and use them to pull large objects, including an airship in flight despite the mass and thrust power of the vehicle. She can also use her weapons as thrusters, allowing her to move extremely quickly through the air.

Penny is able to jump great distances, with the force of her jump being enough to break the ground. She can also use her wires to catapult herself. She also seems to have a high amount of speed or stealthiness, as seen when she appears in one spot before quickly showing up in another.

In Chapter 14 of the Manga, Penny is shown to have a type of jetpack that goes by the simple name of Flight Unit.

As of "The Greatest Kingdom", Penny, in her new body, appears to have flight capabilities without Floating Array due to rocket thrusters implemented in her boots.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Penny displaying her superhuman strength.

Penny possesses immense physical strength, made evident when she manages to bring an incoming From Dust Till Dawn truck in "A Minor Hiccup" to a complete stop with her bare hands, even causing the ground beneath her feet to buckle and crack. Her strength is attributed to her being a robot, which she admits to in the same episode.

However, she is not used to fighting sneaky enemies, something which Tyrian Callows took advantage of and have him the upper hand in A Night Off.[6]

Aura[edit | edit source]

In the episode "Painting the Town..." Penny reveals she is the first synthetic entity to be capable of generating an Aura. According to other references to Aura, this could also imply that Penny truly has a soul and that she can also wield a Semblance.

In "Worst Case Scenario", Pietro revealed that he used a part of his own aura to create Penny's. The exact mechanism of how he did it was not revealed. However, Pietro notes that it takes a little more of his aura each time he rebuilds Penny.

Mechanical Physiology[edit | edit source]

Penny's robot blueprints.

Due to Penny's nature as an android, she is significantly more resistant to fatal injuries. According to her father, Pietro, she can survive injuries and damage as severe as dismemberment and even decapitation, so long as her cores[7] remains intact. This is evident as her one of her cores survived her previous form's destruction and gruesome injuries unintentionally inflicted by Pyrrha in "PvP", an incident which led many to believe Penny was dead.

Maiden Powers[edit | edit source]

Penny's Maiden eyes.

Main article: Maidens

Penny is the current Winter Maiden. Although she has not yet shown any of her newfound magic, she possesses the same powers as her fellow Maidens. As the Winter Maiden, Penny is the only one that possesses the ability to open the Vault containing the Relic of Creation in Atlas.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Penny alludes to Pinocchio. For more information on this allusion, as well as other choices the creators made for this character, see Penny Polendina/Behind the Scenes.
  • Penny's name can bring to mind the color of copper, which pennies are coated in. It can also bring to mind the green color that copper takes on when it is oxidized.
  • In her debut episode, when Ruby tells Penny that she is her friend, Penny exclaims, "We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!" which is a callback to Weiss' sarcastic rebuttal of Ruby's friendship in "The Shining Beacon, Pt.2". Ruby acknowledges this.
  • Since Penny has ferromagnetic components, she can be affected by magnets, as seen in "Never Miss a Beat" and "PvP".
  • Penny's fighting style resembles that of Naminé as she is depicted in Dead Fantasy, an online series also created by Monty Oum.
  • Going along with her robotic theme, her swords have the international standby/power symbol on each of them.
  • The destroyed character model of Penny from "PvP" and "Battle of Beacon" was actually built by her voice actress, Taylor McNee, who is also a 3D artist on the show.[8]
  • Penny's emblem is a green sword, similar in design to the swords she uses in combat.
  • Penny's model number is revealed in "Never Miss a Beat" to be M374, which is possibly a reference to the M374 Hephaestus Combat Suit worn by the Meta in Red vs. Blue. Coincidentally, the numbers 3, 7, and 4 are sometimes used as letters, specifically E, T, and A respectively. If you replace the numbers in M374 with the letters, you get Meta.
  • A new model of Penny based off of a scene from the Shirow Miwa manga was set to be included in RWBY: Amity Arena, but Rooster Teeth denied use of it owing to Penny's return in Volume 7.[9]

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