Nice place to raise a family, if you're into that sort of thing.
Qrow Branwen, on Patch

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Patch is a small island to the west of Vale. It is also the location of Signal Academy and where Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose were raised.

These forests are known to contain Beowolves and Ursai. It is unknown if any other species of Grimm reside there.


The island is safe enough for a family to live in their house and for people to build a combat school but is also large enough to have areas infested with Grimm like its forest.

Patch is relatively secluded and includes heavy forested areas that Yang ventured into, bringing Ruby along with her when they were very young in an effort to learn more about her missing mother, Raven Branwen.

Many Grimm have appeared in the forests of Patch. Notable examples are a large amount of smaller Beowolves and a Giant Ursa.

A forest infested with Grimm is also the location of Summer Rose's gravestone.


The island is the location of the childhood home of Ruby and Yang and the combat school they attended before entering Beacon.

It is the location of Signal Academy where Taiyang Xiao Long acts as a teacher and Qrow taught before quitting.

It is first seen in the "Red" Trailer when Ruby visits her mother's gravestone and fights many Beowolves in the snow-covered forest. The same cliffside is also visited by Ruby and Taiyang in "Round One".

Sometime before enrolling in Beacon, Ruby and Yang were training in the forest before a big Ursa attacked them and was defeated by Yang.

After the Fall of Beacon, Ruby and Yang return to Patch and live there for a while recovering. Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren visit Patch and together with Ruby visit the cliffside gravestone before embarking on their journey to Mistral.

After Yang receives a Prosthetic Arm made by Pietro Polendina and commissioned by James Ironwood at the request of her father, she refuses to use it at first. After she was going through PTSD based on Adam Taurus cutting off her arm and she received guidance from professors Peter Port and Bartholomew Oobleck and her father calling her out due to her condition, she decides to use the prosthetic arm and begins training with her father.

Once he manages to teach her not to rely on her Burn Semblance all the time like she used to, he tells her about her mother and her flaws while also revealing her semblance to her. Once she learns this and prepares to leave after repainting her bike, Tai confronts her about it she's going after Raven or Ruby. After she plans to go to her mother in order to find Ruby, Yang leaves her father and Zwei behind in Patch.

The next time Patch is seen was during the Volume 5 post-credits scene, when Raven used her link to Taiyang to escape Mistral. However, she doesn't stay in Patch and leaves him behind to run away from Salem.

Later, the citizens of Patch receive Ruby's message to Remnant publicly revealing the existence of Salem and asking for assistance with the situation in Atlas. After the broadcast is cut off, Tai pleads for Ruby to come back with clear worry. In the end though, nobody came to help Atlas as it was destroyed in "The Final Word".


Currently in Patch

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Formerly in Patch

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  • A patch is a piece of cloth or other material used to mend or strengthen a torn or weak point. It can also mean the act of mending or strengthening something.
  • A patch can also mean a part of something marked out from the rest by a particular characteristic.
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