She was right about you... such arrogance.
—Cinder to Ozpin before the fight begins

"Ozpin vs. Cinder" is a battle that occurred in "End of the Beginning" in the Beacon Vault.

Preceding Events

After Cinder Fall kills Amber, Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos escape the Beacon Vault. Ozpin stands alone against Cinder, preparing to defend the CCT.

The Fight

The lights in the vault are turned off, and only the flashes from their weapons are seen. The two clash swiftly blocking each other's hits. Ozpin eventually manages to hit Cinder with The Long Memory, knocking her back several feet. Cinder halts to a stop on her feet, melting the ground beneath her.

Cinder summons several glass projectiles before firing them at Ozpin, but he easily smashes them out of the air with superhuman speed. Ozpin quickly rushes her, rapidly hitting her with his cane and landing a powerful blow on her again. However, Cinder uses her Maiden power to halt herself mid-air, unleashing a great force.

Ozpin slams his cane into the floor, using magic to create a spherical barrier around him. As Cinder fires a powerful fire-based attack at him, the Beacon Headmaster dashes at her, his barrier protecting him from the attack. Before Ozpin can reach her, the screen fades to white, leaving the former's fate unknown as later Cinder leaves the vault and heads to the top of the tower.

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