Volume 1Edit

Ruby RoseEdit

But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten; things that require a smaller, more honest soul.
—Ozpin, speaking to Salem
You... have silver eyes...
—Ozpin, upon getting a closer look at Ruby Rose
It's just that I've only seen one other scythe wielder of that skill before. A dusty old crow...
—Ozpin, talking to Ruby and referring to Qrow Branwen
So I've noticed.
—Ozpin, after hearing Ruby boast about her skills
And what is an adorable girl, such as yourself, doing at a school designed to train warriors?
—Ozpin, in response to Ruby's revelation of going to Signal Academy
So you want to come to my school?... Well, okay.
—Ozpin, inviting Ruby to Beacon Academy

The Shining Beacon, Pt.2Edit

I'll...keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge--to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose – direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step.
—Ozpin, giving a commencement speech to the new students

The First StepEdit

For years you have trained to become warriors, and today your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest.
—Ozpin, explaining Beacon's initiation process
No. You will be using your own landing strategy.
—Ozpin, answering one of Jaune Arc's questions as politely as possible
Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path... or you will die.
—Ozpin, giving crucial advice before the initiation

Players and PiecesEdit

Congratulations, young man.
—Ozpin, showing Jaune a personal touch
It looks like things are shaping up to be an... interesting year.
—Ozpin, reflecting on his new students

The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2Edit

Hmm... Well that didn't seem to go very well.
—Ozpin, to Ruby after Weiss Schnee yells at her
Ruby. I've made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child on this planet. But at this moment I would not consider your appointment to leader to be one of them. Do you?
—Ozpin, reassuring Ruby of her position
Being a team leader isn't just a title you carry into battle, but a badge you wear constantly. If you are not always performing at your absolute best, then what reason do you give others to follow you?
—Ozpin, giving his opinion on leadership
You've been burdened with a daunting responsibility, Ruby. I advise you take some time to think about how you will uphold it.
—Ozpin, giving Ruby advice about how to be a good leader

Volume 2Edit

Best Day EverEdit

... And they will be. But right now they're still children, so why not let them play the part? After all, it isn't a role they'll have forever.
—Ozpin, to Glynda Goodwitch about teams RWBY and JNPR

Welcome to BeaconEdit

I hope they never have to.
—Ozpin, after James Ironwood asks if Beacon students could win a war
I admire your drive. And I am proud to run a school that accepts individuals from all walks of life – rich, poor, human, Faunus...
—Ozpin, to Blake Belladonna
Why do you wear that bow, Blake? Why hide who you are?
—Ozpin, asking Blake on why she hides her Faunus heritage
I may be your headmaster, but I am also a Huntsman; and it is my sworn duty to protect this world from the forces that conspire against it.
—Ozpin, to Blake
If you ever need to talk to me... please don't hesitate to ask.
—Ozpin, to Blake

Burning the CandleEdit

If you think about it, fighting and dancing aren't so different.
—Ozpin, to Ruby
It's not every day that friends are able to come together like this. Time has a way of testing our bonds, but it's nights like these that can help keep them stronger than ever. Nights like these are ones we'll never forget.
—Ozpin, to Ruby

Field TripEdit

So tell me, when you prepare to go to war, which do you send in first: the flag bearer, or the scouts?
—Ozpin, to Ironwood
Instead of waiting for you all to break the rules, why don't we just bend them?
—Ozpin, to Team RWBY

Volume 3Edit

It's Brawl in the FamilyEdit

A guardian is a symbol of comfort. But an army is a symbol of conflict.
—Ozpin, to Ironwood
There's an energy in the air now, a question in the back of everyone's minds... "If this is the size of our defenses, then what is it we're expecting to fight?"
I suggest we find our guardian.

Never Miss a BeatEdit

His heart is in the right place. He's just... misguided.
—Ozpin, about Ironwood
Ever since the day I met her, I had the feeling she would be the one. She's strong, intelligent, caring... but most importantly, she's ready.
—Ozpin, talking about his candidate for Guardian (implied to be Pyrrha Nikos)


We are telling you this, Pyrrha Nikos, because we believe you are next in line to receive the Fall Maiden's powers.
—Ozpin to Pyrrha, on why he called her to his office


You brought your army to my kingdom, James. Use it.
—Ozpin to Ironwood, ordering a defense against the Grimm

Heroes and MonstersEdit

I'm... so sorry.
—Ozpin, to Amber
Take Jaune and get out of here. Find Glynda, Ironwood, Qrow. Bring them here right away. The tower cannot fall.
—Ozpin, to Pyrrha

Volume 4Edit


I understand how you're feeling. I went through the same panic and confusion.
—Ozpin trying to comfort Oscar
We are in complete agreement on that matter, I promise you. Believe me, I wish this weren't the case. But as I've told you, our Aura, our souls are combined.
—Ozpin, to Oscar
Greatness, hopefully. Greatness in knowing that, when the world needed help, you were the one to reach out your hand. It won't come without hardship, without sacrifice, but I know you don't want to live the rest of your life working as a farmhand in Mistral.
—Ozpin, to Oscar


I'm afraid you'll have to solve this one on your own.
—Ozpin, to Oscar, about there being no magically created supply of money

Volume 5Edit

Unforeseen ComplicationsEdit

I once told you I made more mistakes than any man, woman, or child on this planet. I wasn't exaggerating. I'm... cursed. For thousands of years I have walked the surface of Remnant; living, dying, and reincarnating in the body of a like-minded soul. The Professor Ozpin you all met was not my first form, and it clearly wasn't my last. It's... an extraordinarily strenuous process, on everyone involved.
—Ozpin through Oscar, explaining his situation to Team RNJR
I am the combination of countless men who spent their lives trying to protect the people of Remnant. With every rebirth my soul is eventually merged with another and I am changed, but my memories stay with me. This curse was bestowed upon me by the gods because I failed to stop Salem in the past. But we must stop her now.
—Ozpin, further explaining his true nature

Lighting the FireEdit

Don't worry, Mr. Arc. Your journey is far from over, and the same might be said for all of you. Unlocking your Semblance isn't the end. It can still grow and evolve. Providing you are willing to put in the work, who knows what could happen?
—Ozpin, giving Team RNJR words of encouragement

Necessary SacrificeEdit

In some ways, yes. But in many others... no. She has her quirks, her faults, just like everyone else. But she also possesses something unquantifiable: a spark, that can inspire others even in the darkest of times.
—Ozpin, to Oscar about Ruby.

Rest and ResolutionsEdit

My ability to reincarnate, though a curse, isn't without a few key benefits. Much like the Maidens, I too possess a certain... "magical" power. Using this power, I was able to gift the Branwen twins the ability to "see" more, to move freely and be unburdened by their natural bodies. I... well... gave them the ability to turn into birds. Rather ridiculous sounding out loud, isn't it?
—Ozpin, on how he gave the Branwen twins their shape-shifting power.
As helpful as that might be, unfortunately it is not that simple. My power is finite, and if I'm being honest, dwindling. The amount that I gifted to Qrow and Raven was, all things considered, rather minuscule. You see, centuries ago, I sacrificed a great deal of magic to four young women, who I hoped would use my gift for good. They were the first Maidens. Miss Xiao Long, it was never my intention to lie to you. To any of you. There are just some matters that I prefer to... "play close to the chest". I believe that's how you phrased it?
—Ozpin, admitting to have created the Maidens.
The road ahead is undoubtedly filled with hardships and peril. However, it's been far too long since you have all been together. Please, take tonight, enjoy this moment.
—Ozpin, telling the group to take the night off.

True ColorsEdit

There are indeed a misguided few who have filled their hearts with malice. It doesn't take a great number of people to cause harm, but I still believe there are far more people in this world willing to prevent it.
—Ozpin, to Qrow about humanity
Let's just say I made finding the Relic at Beacon a... bit more challenging than at the other schools.
—Ozpin, to Ruby about the Relic of Choice
While this cane is indeed very precious to me, it is also just that - precious to me. While I admit it still has a few more tricks up its sleeve, I can firmly say that being a Relic isn't one of them.
—Ozpin, about his cane

Vault of the Spring MaidenEdit

Gretchen Rainart was Hazel's sister. Despite her brother's wishes, she enrolled at Beacon Academy to become a Huntress and tragically lost her life on a training mission. Hazel... holds me responsible. Please, let me fight. I know Hazel. He's wounded in a way that cannot be healed.
—Ozpin, talks about Hazel's sister to Oscar

Volume 6Edit

Argus LimitedEdit

I do hope those weren't Beacon graduates.
—Ozpin, about Dee and Dudley
I'm afraid there's one complication... The Grimm are also attracted to this.
—Ozpin, talking to everyone about the Relic of Knowledge and the Grimm


The Relic of Knowledge has a wonderful, and incredibly dangerous ability. Its user can ask any question, and the lamp will provide an answer.
—Ozpin, explaining about the Relic of Knowledge's powers
It is true that the Grimm are attracted to the Relics. It's faint, but undeniable. I believe it has to do with their origin, but I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, I feared that making you all aware would only add anxiety and negativity. It seemed like the safer option.
—Ozpin, to Team RWBY
I'm sorry, but you have to understand that my behaviors are backed by experience. I'm not saying that I have reason to think you will betray me. I'm saying that I have reasons for the things that I do, the secrets I keep, the reason I...
—Ozpin, before he finds the Relic of Knowledge is missing
That's not what I meant to suggest. Miss Rose, the Relic is a powerful item and I simply feel as though it is my burden to bear.
—Opzin, to Ruby
—Ozpin, right before stopping Ruby from asking Jinn the second question

So That's How It IsEdit

I... don't have one...
—Ozpin, confessing to Team RWBY, Maria, and Qrow
Maybe you're right...
—Ozpin, before shutting himself inside Oscar's subconsciousness

Our WayEdit

Stay calm, it's going to be okay.
—Ozpin, to Oscar before the airship is about to crash

Volume 7Edit

The Enemy of TrustEdit

The single quality that is common across every living creature on this planet... is fear. It’s funny then, that as common as fear is... we so easily underestimate its power. Fear of growing close to someone, a subsequent fear of loss, fear of failure. And as more people depend on you, those fears can take on greater power. But fear itself isn’t worthy of concern, it is who we become while in its clutches. Will you be proud of that person? Will you forgive them? Will you understand why they felt the need to do the things they did? Will you even recognize them? Or will the person staring back at you be the very thing you should have feared from the start? I suppose we all find out... sooner or later.
—Ozpin, about the term fear
Actually, you saved us.
—Ozpin, to Oscar

RWBY: After the FallEdit

Chapter 14Edit

Life will test each of you, but if you face your challenges together, you can overcome almost anything.
—Ozpin, to Team CFVY

About OzpinEdit

Chapter 2Edit

The youngest headmaster Beacon had ever had, he had a mischievous streak and a boyish charm that reminded Coco of her younger brother.
—Coco's thoughts on Ozpin

Chapter 17Edit

You won't have the privilege of hearing Professor Ozpin deliver his graduation speech, but there's one thing he tells every class that I want to share with you. Beacon Academy is not a place. It is an idea, which has taken root in each and every one of you. YOU are Beacon, and you must now go forth and serve as a hopeful light for others. It is your privilege and your burden as Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect not only those who cannot defend themselves, but to watch out for each other, always.
—Glynda recalls Ozpin's graduation speech to Team CFVY
Now get out of here. That last bit was part of his speech, too. He always kicked students out after that. He hated long goodbyes, and so do I.
—Glynda, to Team CFVY on Ozpin's farewells

RWBY ChibiEdit

Mortal FrenemiesEdit

You know, flirting was a lot less destructive in my day.
—Ozpin, referring to Qrow and Winter's quarreling

RWBY: World of RemnantEdit

Vytal Festival TournamentEdit

It's true that all of this began with war. But, it is peace that has served to shepherd humanity on its ascension to greatness. May we never stray from that path.
—Ozpin, on the subject of the Vytal Festival Tournament


All are expected to serve humanity... and never succumb to the darkness.
—Ozpin, on the subject of Huntsmen

Cross Continental Transmit SystemEdit

If one of the four towers is taken offline, the entire network falls with it; a slight inconvenience during routine maintenance. But to be honest, I find the limitations somewhat poetic. No one voice is louder than the others, and no voice may be silent without the rest. If the people of Remnant are to speak, then they shall do so together... or not at all.
—Ozpin, on the subject of the CCT

RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 9Edit

Yes... Of course. They will grow adults over time... And stand on the battlefield as guardians. This is their mission. I will be putting those precious students of mine in harm's way someday... So it's my duty to train them to be the best huntsmen they can be.
—Ozpin, to Ironwood about his students

About OzpinEdit

I've believed in Professor Ozpin for many years, and the man's never once led me astray!
—Professor Port to Weiss in "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2"
I've trusted him for years. We both have. I just... I can't help but feel like he's keeping us in the dark.
—Ironwood to Glynda in "Mountain Glenn"
Ozpin has experience that the rest of us lack. And I think that's something worth remembering.
—Glynda to Ironwood in "Mountain Glenn"
It's funny, the more I get to know him, the more he's starting to sound like Uncle Qrow...
—Ruby about Ozpin in "Round One"
She was right about you. Such arrogance.
—Cinder to Ozpin in "Heroes and Monsters"
Ever the optimist. We sure could use him now.
—Qrow about Ozpin, in World of Remnant: "Vacuo"
Ozpin is not the man you think he is.
—Raven to Yang, in "Lighting the Fire"
Because old man Oz has a great and terrible secret. One that could spread fear across the world. One that he eventually entrusted to our team, and once I knew, there was no going back. I needed to know more, but with every new discovery I made, the more horrifying the world became.
—Raven to Yang, in "Known by its Song"
You thought you could hide from me?! You'll pay for what you did. You'll die, over and over again!
Hazel Rainart, upon discovering Ozpin in "Vault of the Spring Maiden"
Hiding behind the face of a child, a monster like you must be stopped!
—Hazel, in "Downfall"
How many more children must die for you?
—Hazel, to Ozpin while torturing Nora Valkyrie
No one wanted me... I was cursed... I gave my life to you because you gave me a place in this world... I thought I was finally doing some good...
—Qrow, to Ozpin in "So That's How It Is"
Meeting you... was the worst luck of my life...
—Qrow, to Ozpin
He's the only man with a chance of getting through to Ironwood.
Watts, talking about Ozpin's connection with Ironwood
Actually, Oz isn’t completely gone.
—Oscar, to Ironwood about Oz in "A New Approach"
Oz only trusted himself with the whole truth.
—Qrow, reassuring Ruby in "Pomp and Circumstance".

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