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Ozpin's Office was the office of Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, located on top of Beacon Tower that also functioned as Vale's Cross Continental Transmit System Tower[1]

The outside of the tower was first seen in the opening narration of "Ruby Rose" and it is first visited in "Welcome to Beacon". In "End of the Beginning", during the Fall of Beacon, the Wyvern destroyed the top of the tower and was petrified whilst holding on to Ozpin's office.


The office of Headmaster Ozpin was situated at the top of Vale's Cross Continental Transmit System, also known as Beacon Tower. As the highest point at Beacon as well as in Vale, it sat high above the clouds and afforded an impressive view of the surrounding area.

Ozpin's chair was positioned to face away from the main room window which was also a large clock The main window behind Ozpin's desk was circular and functioned as a clock face.

The office had two elevators that both featured Ozpin's Emblem above. The elevators lead down to the CCTS terminals, the entrance to the tower and even lower into the Beacon Vault beneath the school.

Ozpin's office was a circular room in grey-green tones below the tower's tip which housed green spheres, likely the CCTS technology.

The chair, table, walls and ceiling all featured intricate clockwork mechanisms consisting of many interlocking cogs and gears. Despite Ozpin's desk looking old, it was capable of interfacing with scrolls through touch and could project holograms across the room.


The office functioned as Ozpin's office during his tenure as the Headmaster of Beacon Academy. The outside of the tower was seen throughout Volume 1, while the office was first visited in Volume 2 when General Ironwood visits Ozpin. The office was next visited when Ruby was questioned about the mysterious spy infiltrating the Cross Continental Transmit System computers.

In Volume 3 it served as the location where Ozpin's Group discussed what to do regarding Salem's spies. James Ironwood unknowingly passes Cinder's Black Queen virus from Ozpin's computer onto his scroll, which afforded her even more access and knowledge.

Ozpin invited Pyrrha Nikos to his office after she was chosen as the next Fall Maiden. After they talked about the Story of the Season being true, she was led down into the Beacon Vault alongside the rest of Ozpin's Group.

Fall of Beacon

Ozpin watched the Vytal Tournament from his office. After the battle between Pyrrha and Penny and the Grimm attack he went directly down into the Beacon Vault where Amber was.

After Cinder killed Ozpin, she used her Maiden Powers to fly up to his office, where she lured the Wyvern. Pyrrha used her Polarity to go to the office to confront Cinder. Their fight was momentarily disrupted when the Wyvern flew through the tower, destroying its entire top portion it as well as destroying the Cross Continental Transmit System. Cinder and Pyrrha continued to fight in the now open room with Pyrrha using her Semblance to manipulate the debris to attack Cinder.

Just as Pyrrha was defeated by Cinder, Ruby Rose reached the top, witnessing her friend's death. This triggers her Silver Eyes, which damaged Cinder and petrified the Wyvern, turning it into stone atop the tower. Ruby fainted as Qrow Branwen arrived to take her home.

Even after events at the Battle of Beacon, the petrified Wyvern still attracts Grimm to the school, making rebuilding it currently impossible.


  • Between Volume 2 and Volume 3, the walls of the office were changed from concrete to windows.
  • According to Miles Luna the walls in Ozpin's office can transition from being transparent glass and opaque walls.[2]



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