Unnamed Aunt

His relationship with his aunt is shown to be relaxed and stable. Her reaction to his departure from the farm is not seen as of yet.

Ozpin's Group


The boy with two souls.

After the death of Ozpin, Oscar is the current incarnation of Ozma. At first, Oscar is not receptive to Ozpin or his endeavors, deciding that Ozpin simply is not real and refusing to listen to him. However, over time, Ozpin convinces Oscar that he has a greater role to play and that he must leave for the City of Mistral. After making the decision to leave home, Oscar is much more amicable with Ozpin, although he is shown to be distraught about the Headmaster doing something embarrassing, and strengthening his body and Aura.

Oscar has two different versions of himself after Ozpin's soul attaches itself to him. One is his own personality while the other is Ozpin using his body. Each version of him smiles differently than the other and at certain points, their voices mix with each other.[1]

He has taken to speaking with Ozpin's consciousness within their merged soul, asking him questions, seeking guidance and knowledge, easing his mind in the process. Oscar, although frustrated, appears to appreciate the increased pace of his training, learning to quickly trust Ozpin's wisdom, taking in his muscle memory with natural talent. Oscar is taken aback by Ozpin's mercurial tone when revealing how he granted the Branwen twins the power to transform into corvids, finding the idea to be both surprising and rather bizarre.

Their relationship becomes strained in "Vault of the Spring Maiden" when Ozpin tells Oscar to run from Hazel Rainart. Oscar refuses, citing that Ozpin told him to fight. Even so, Oscar defends Ozpin from Hazel's accusations for Gretchen Rainart's death on the grounds that she made her choice. However, when Hazel attacks Oscar, Ozpin forcibly takes control despite Oscar's protests, as it was something he was not aware that he could do.[2] In "Haven's Fate", Ozpin has Oscar pass on his message to Qrow to bring the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas.

Due to the events of the Battle of Haven, in "Argus Limited", Oscar angrily refuses Ozpin to take control of him before the battle against the herd of Manticore and a Sphinx. In "Uncovered", he senses Ozpin's fear about his secret being revealed by the Relic of Knowledge. This prompts Oscar to stop Ozpin from taking the Relic from Ruby since he's afraid that she might use it to discover what he has been hiding from them. In "So That's How It Is", Oscar becomes discouraged when Ozpin seals himself within the boy's mind, leaving him scared and confused. He then wonders if he is just going to be another life for the Headmaster.

In "Our Way", Oscar admits to his friends that Ozpin guided him to land the airship. While he is unsure if the Headmaster has been watching the group since he supposedly sealed himself away, Oscar believes that Ozpin has been looking out for them.

Oscar's words to Ironwood in "The Enemy of Trust" inspire Ozpin to find the bravery in himself to make a return.[3] After Oscar unlocks his magic to survive his fall, he asks Ozpin to help him save Atlas.

In "Refuge" Oscar reveals he is upset that Ozpin returned as when he was gone, he felt like he was becoming a true member of the team. When Ozpin tells Oscar that the two are still on the path of merging their memories and souls, he tells him that he doesn't want that.

After Oscar is captured in "Fault", Ozpin comes up with a plan to turn Salem's own followers against her, starting with Hazel. Oscar let's Ozpin take over his body again in "Midnight" to convince Hazel of Salem's true plans. Their efforts eventually succeed in "Witch".

When the group is upset after finding out Ozpin returned in "Ultimatum", Oscar defends him, saying that he took the brunt of the torture to protect him, as well as trusting him with usage of The Long Memory. After saying this, Ozpin gives his thanks to Oscar in relief.

Qrow Branwen

Oscar and his new acquaintance.

Oscar awkwardly approaches Qrow after pressure from Ozpin. He asks for Ozpin's cane back and is very confused about the meaning of the interaction. On the other hand, in his elation in finding Ozpin's latest incarnation, Qrow becomes wildly drunk, furthering Oscar's unease regarding his unexpected subordinate. However, they later show a good relationship, such as when Qrow calms Team RNJR down as they surround him in amazement of him as Ozpin's reincarnation.

In "Vault of the Spring Maiden", Qrow displays a greater level of protectiveness towards Oscar in the heat of battle, diving in front of Oscar to shield him from Hazel's Dust-infused attacks, and keeping him out of harm's way as best he could.

After the battle has concluded in "Haven's Fate", Qrow tells an exhausted Oscar not to strain himself, and Oscar relays Ozpin's message to Qrow: get the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas. As the boy passes out, Qrow gently cushions his fall.

In "So That's How It Is", Qrow lashes out at Ozpin and indirectly punches his host, Oscar, who felt the pain when he was given back control over his body.

In the same chapter, Qrow tells Ruby not to "lie" to Oscar about being his own person, and that they are "better than that", upsetting an already frightened and isolated Oscar even more. After this, Oscar and Qrow grow further apart and, unlike Jaune, Qrow has yet to acknowledge any problems in how he's treated him.

James Ironwood

Ironwood shows Oscar the Atlas Vault.

Oscar had a familiar relationship with the general since arriving at Atlas Academy and meeting him, even revealing his status as Ozpin's current incarnation to him upon meeting. Ironwood, in turn, took a personal interest in bringing out Ozpin from his dormancy within Oscar, primarily through sparring and training together. Ironwood even placed a special confidence in Oscar, having taken him on a personal trip to the Atlas Vault where the Relic of Creation was kept safe. There, the two have an exchange where Oscar expresses familiarity with the Vault and how the Staff's power was used to keep Atlas air-born. Ironwood appears to see the layers of Ozpin's personality within Oscar, relieved to have his old friend back in any capacity.

In "The Enemy of Trust", Oscar tries to reason with Ironwood and convince him to change his plan of abandoning Mantle in favor of Atlas. When Ironwood refuses and insists he is done letting everyone's inability to see the bigger picture get in the way of doing what is right, Oscar solemnly tells Ironwood he is as dangerous as Salem. This leads to Ironwood abandoning his friendship with Oscar and shooting him off the platform to his certain doom, showing no emotion watching Oscar fall. Thankfully, Oscar survives through the intervention of Ozpin.

In "Divide", Oscar curses himself for thinking Ironwood would have listened to reason. Later in "Ultimatum", he is shown to be horrified by Ironwood planning to destroy Mantle himself unless he gets Penny Polendina.

In "Creation", Oscar helps Jaune, Ren, Nora, Emerald, and Winter Schnee fight against Ironwood and they manage to defeat him.

Leonardo Lionheart

Oscar first encountered Lionheart in "The More the Merrier" during which he quickly confronted the turncoat Headmaster once the Battle of Haven began. Initially startled by the fact that Oscar was Ozpin's latest incarnation, Lionheart quickly regains his composure upon realizing that the two could not have been paired together for long. Hoping that if he could capture Oscar and deliver him to Salem he could become free from her influence, Lionheart engaged him in battle. After Oscar notices Ruby had been knocked unconscious, he defeats Lionheart by knocking him down the staircase in a moment of sheer rage.

Salem's Inner Circle


Oscar tortured by Salem.

Oscar meets Salem for the first time in "Fault", after being captured by The Hound and bought to Monstra. Salem questions Oscar for information regarding the location of the Relic of Choice and the password for the Relic of Knowledge. Oscar admits he has no idea about the Crown, but tries to lie about the Lamp having used up all its questions. Seeing through this lie, Salem tortures him with magic causing Oscar to scream in agony, and mockingly states that he truly is like minded to Ozma, due to lying so easily. When Oscar defiantly states that he would tell her nothing, she simply leaves him with Hazel to be beaten.

After he and Ozpin realize that they could use the opportunity they have to turn Salem's followers against her in "Midnight", they begin by trying to convince Hazel.

When Oscar attempts to escape with his friends and Emerald in "Witch", Salem catches them and asks him why Ozma always returns. After she orders Hazel to kill them and he instead decided to help them escape, Oscar helps him destroy Salem to temporarily put her out of commission.

Hazel Rainart

Oscar facing the bane of his existence.

In "Kuroyuri", Oscar seemed uneasy when he first encountered Hazel. This is seen again in "The More the Merrier", when Hazel sealed him and the others inside Haven Academy's Grand Hall. Then, when Hazel discovered Oscar is the new incarnation of Ozpin in "Vault of the Spring Maiden", he immediately set his sights on him. Once Oscar learned of Hazel's sister, he tried reasoning with Hazel that Gretchen made a choice and that he would follow suit by fighting him.

In "Fault", When Oscar refused to divulge any information to Salem, she left him with Hazel to be beaten. After Oscar and Ozpin come up with a plan to turn Salem's followers against her, they start by convincing Hazel in "Midnight" of her real plans. At first he didn't believe them due to thinking they are lying to him, but after Oscar told him the password to the Lamp and saw how honest and straightforward he was when telling him, he managed to get through to Hazel as he started to believe him.[4]

"No More Gretchens, boy".

After he learned that Oscar was telling the truth in "Witch", he decided to help both him and Emerald escape from Monstra. After Salem catches them and intended on interrogating Emerald for the Lamp's location, he decided to turn against her and sacrifice his life to help them temporarily put Salem out of commission.


Ruby Rose

Upon meeting Ruby in "Welcome to Haven", Oscar is amazed at her Silver Eyes.

In "Unforeseen Complications", Oscar blushes when he looks at her and she giggles at him, and they briefly exchange small talk about their unique circumstances. In "Lighting the Fire", Oscar spars with Ruby to learn hand-to-hand combat. After accidentally punching Ruby in the face, for which he is quick to apologize, with Ozpin taking temporary control. Once training finishes, Ruby immediately tends to the exhausted Oscar, making sure he is okay. Later on, he receives encouragement from her and the rest of Team RNJR in finding his Semblance, likening Oscar to Jaune Arc who also had yet to discover his Semblance.

Oscar learns of Ruby's sorrows.

In "Necessary Sacrifice", Oscar admits his fear to Ruby of the inevitable battle they will have to face and bursts out his anger towards her because he does not understand how she appears to be calm and confident in the midst of the chaos surrounding her. However, he learns of her sorrow of losing her friends and her own fear of Salem and apologizes for his outburst, showing sympathy for her loss. As Ruby leaves, she assures him that despite the difficulty of the challenges ahead, the fact that he is there in Mistral shows he is braver than he thinks. Alone, Oscar admits to Ozpin that what they are facing is tough on her as well. Oscar appears to have a deep admiration for Ruby's take on life, her courage and her kindness in spite of all she has suffered through. Oscar even tries to emulate her kindness in his interactions with Hazel Rainart during their duel by offering him clarity and mercy.

Later, in "Vault of the Spring Maiden", Oscar sees Ruby lying on the ground, knocks Lionheart off the stairs in sheer rage at seeing her hurt and immediately runs to her side, urging her to get back up.

Oscar being comforted by Ruby after confessing his fear of being another one of Ozpin's lives.

In "Uncovered", Oscar manages to stop Ozpin from taking the Relic from Ruby, and he tells her about Jinn and to say the name to summon the being. In "So That's How It Is", Ruby is the only one to comfort him when everyone else is indirectly mad at him because of Ozpin and they see him as nothing but just a vessel of Ozpin. But Ruby is the only one who sees him as his own person. In "Lost", Oscar smiles at Ruby when she compliments his new combat gear. In "Stealing from the Elderly", after noticing her concern for her uncle, Oscar assures Ruby that everything is going to be okay. In "Seeing Red", Oscar shares his findings on the Colossus with Ruby, enabling her with the knowledge she needs to defeat Caroline Cordovin. He is worried for her when the Commander points the cannon straight at her, and shocked when she goes inside to fire at the Dust. In "Our Way", Oscar is amazed at Ruby's incredible feats in Argus, but later becomes the center of attention for the students by her. In "As Above, So Below", the two agree that they should tell Ironwood the truth and they awkwardly wish each other good luck before leaving to accomplish their tasks.

Later in Divide, Ruby is shown to be glad that they found Oscar and told him to come with them. After Oscar escapes the Monstra and returns to the main group in "Ultimatum", Ruby is shown to be glad that Oscar is safe yet again.

Weiss Schnee

After meeting Weiss Schnee, Oscar does not have many interactions with her at first. She defends Oscar's innocence when Jaune accuses Oscar in "Dead End". In "Lost", his temporary disappearance left her worried sick about him.

Blake Belladonna

A tired Oscar asking Blake if she wants to make breakfast which she refuses to do because she is too tired.

In "Alone in the Woods", Blake suggests that they should have breakfast, Oscar asks if she wants to make it to which Blake replies that she doesn't want to because she feels tired. He is later seen eating next to her in "The Grimm Reaper".

Yang Xiao Long

He is lucky he was not touching her hair instead.

In "Rest and Resolutions", after Ozpin's conversation with the Beacon students, Oscar finds himself touching Yang's shoulder, causing him to pull back in nervousness. Fortunately, Yang does not seem to mind and playfully laughs at his awkwardness.

In "Uncovered", Oscar agrees with Yang about Ozpin's secrecy and that he needs to now tell them the truth. Later, when he struggles with Ozpin over the control of his body, he explains to her what Ozpin is trying to stop Ruby from doing.

In "So That's How It Is", he is ordered by Yang to bring out Ozpin since she is not finished with him, but Oscar is unable to bring out Ozpin due to Ozpin locking himself deep in Oscar's mind. In "Alone in the Woods", Oscar is yelled at by Yang that they need to leave Brunswick Farms as the rest of the group are escaping from the Apathy.

After the events of "Lost", their relationship has started to become mended again as she was worried about where Oscar went when he disappeared.

During "The Enemy of Trust", Yang asked Team JNR where Oscar and the relic were with clear worry.

Oscar joins Yang's Group and ends up captured by The Hound in "Refuge", Yang attempts to rescue him in "Fault" and later succeeded in "Witch".


Jaune Arc

In "Dead End" Oscar becomes frightened of Jaune when he accused him of being Ozpin posing as him. But in "Lost", Oscar easily accepts Jaune's apology about the outburst, reasoning that he has been afraid of his own identity as well. Oscar is later praised by Jaune in "Seeing Red" for figuring out the weakness of the Colossus, and in "Our Way" for saving the airship from a crash landing. The two are later seen training together at Atlas Academy and end up going to the movies together the night of the Atlas council election in "A Night Off". Jaune also grows protective of Oscar, as in "The Enemy of Trust", he yells for his name several times making sure that he is safe. Jaune protects Oscar from Neo as she tries to take back the Relic from him.

V8 09 00128.png

In "Fault" Jaune expresses worry for Oscar when they fail to save him from the Hound, unable to stop thinking about him. He fiercely fights the Ace Ops for the opportunity to save Oscar from Monstra in "War", adamant against using the bomb when it would put Oscar's life in jeopardy. As they reunite in "Witch", Oscar looks elated to see Jaune and the others, Jaune returning that happiness by immediately giving Oscar a crushing hug. As Oscar is charging up the staff to use it against Salem, Jaune stays behind on Monstra while the rest flee. After Salem is temporarily defeated, Jaune uses his semblance to heal some of Oscar's wounds, and presumably, boosts his aura even more when they return to Schnee manor.

Nora Valkyrie

Tackle hug.

Nora appears to have taken to Oscar as quickly as Ruby has. When meeting Nora in "Unforeseen Complications", Oscar is called "little cute boy Ozpin" by her due to him being the Headmaster's reincarnation. In "The Grimm Reaper", Oscar is tackled in a hug by Nora after he and his group arrive in Argus. In "Dead End", Oscar seemingly gets on Nora's bad side after she and her teammates learn of Ozpin and Salem's past and become angry and upset by this revelation. But in "Lost", the relationship is mended after Oscar returns to the group and Nora is ecstatic with the reunion and questions his new attire.

Nora is often seen doting on and playfully teasing Oscar, treating him as something of a little brother during their interactions.

After they see each other again in Divide, Oscar believed she was about to tackle hug him again and prepared to defend himself. However, Nora instead calmly hugged him after they found him.

Lie Ren

Ren having a feeling that Ozpin has returned.

Oscar and Ren are currently on good terms. In "Lighting the Fire" Ren explains to Oscar the reason behind his sudden fatigue and the nature of semblances. After learning the truth about Ozpin in "Dead End", he does not express any direct outrage towards Oscar, but does leave with the rest of his teammates after Jaune attacks Oscar. He goes out looking for Oscar with Nora in "Lost", and is happy to see that he is safe.

In "Refuge", Oscar is riding with Ren on a motorbike before he is attacked and taken hostage by the Hound. Ren repeatedly shoots at the Grimm, demanding Oscar's return, yet is unable to retrieve him. Ren argues alongside Jaune and Yang against the Ace Operatives for the chance to retrieve Oscar from Monstra in "War". He is expressing how much he cares about Oscar as a friend when he awakens a new feature of his semblance. This feature is later used to find Oscar while looking for him in Monstra.

When traveling through the tunnels in "Ultimatum", Ren voices support for Oscar's decision to trust Emerald, and Oscar is surprised by Ren's kindness towards him even after he had intuited that Ozpin had returned.


Maria Calavera

Oscar tends to Maria after the airship crash lands.

In "Uncovered", Oscar tends to Maria following the train crash, despite just having met each other. "So That's How It Is", he is helped to his feet by the elder after Qrow punches him into a tree. In "The Lady in the Shoe", Oscar rides with Maria on the airship to search for a weak spot in the Colossus they are fighting. In "Seeing Red", Oscar calls Maria and Cordovin crazy for their frightening banter at each other. He later tends her after the airship crash lands into the trees.

In "Divide", Oscar is seen waiting outside the Pharmacy to let Maria to enter before him.

Neon Katt

Oscar met Neon Katt when he traveled to Atlas. He along with Team JNR challenged Team FNKI to a sparring match which they end up winning. After the battle, Neon is shown to be very impressed by Oscar's level of skill and takes extreme pleasure in playfully teasing Oscar, flirtatiously calling him a cute farm boy and leaving him feeling very flustered.

Emerald Sustrai

Hazel initially brings Oscar and Emerald together in order to escape Monstra in "Witch". While appearing to look like Hazel, Oscar trusts Emerald's guidance on how to navigate the large Grimm. When Oscar is confronted by Salem, he defaults to Emerald on how to proceed.

Oscar helping Emerald up.

Due to not having been personally involved with the Fall of Beacon, Oscar is more open to trusting Emerald than the other members of the team, who all have a negative history with her. Oscar insists on bringing Emerald with them in "Ultimatum", and Emerald protests. He notes that Emerald's powers could be useful in the fight against Salem, especially since they are both her enemies now. In addition, he seems at ease around her, allowing her to travel behind him with her weapons, and not even considering the implications of her presence when he greets Ruby.

As Yang and the rest of the team become hostile towards Emerald in "Risk", Oscar steps in to defend her, saying that she deserves a second chance. Later, as Emerald is attempting to encourage the team, he teases her for admitting that she has switched sides, when previously she seemed ambivalent towards them. Emerald having fallen from trying to rescue Penny, Oscar offers to help her up. She accepts, standing by his side as an included member of the group for the rest of the conversation.

Throughout Volume 8's production, Eddy Rivas referred to their friendship as "Emerald City," referencing both their character's allusions.[5] In the case of Emerald, it's referring to her name, and in the case of Oscar, it references the Emerald City present in The Wizard of Oz.


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