Volume 4


—Oscar, talking to a mirror


Shut up! You think this is funny? It's not.
—Oscar, to Ozpin
It's autumn-colored... with a large mahogany desk. There's a small table with chairs in a corner for guests, with a tea set that... I... I gave him.
—Oscar, describing the headmaster's office
So you just decided to read my thoughts?
—Oscar, to Ozpin
Get out of my head!
—Oscar, to Ozpin


You know... the weirdest part is how it feels. Leaving home is crazy. Going to the city is crazy. Everything you've told me is completely crazy. But it doesn't feel crazy anymore. It feels like I'm doing the right thing.
—Oscar, to Ozpin

No Safe Haven

Um, I'm supposed to tell you, I'd like my cane back?
—Oscar, when meeting Qrow Branwen

Volume 5

Welcome to Haven

You... have silver eyes.
—Oscar to Ruby
But you probably know me as... Professor Ozpin.
—Oscar, introducing himself to RNJR

Necessary Sacrifice

It's strange, I have only had this cane for a few weeks, but... I feel like I've had it for a lifetime. Longer, even.
—Oscar commenting on The Long Memory
I'm... scared. I'm more scared than I've ever been in my life, than I ever thought was possible. I always knew that I wanted to be more than a farmhand, but this? Who would ask for this?
—Oscar expressing his fear to Ruby
How can you be so confident?! People have tried to kill you! The world's about to go to war all over again! How are you okay with any of this?!!
—Oscar questioning Ruby's confidence

The More the Merrier

Not quite.
—Oscar's response to Lionheart's "Ozpin?"

Vault of the Spring Maiden

She made a choice! A choice to put others before herself! So do I.
—Oscar, to Hazel

Haven's Fate

He had... a message... we must... get the lamp to... Atlas.
—Oscar, giving Ozpin's message to Qrow

Volume 6

Argus Limited

You know sometimes the burden of saving the world feels overwhelming. But then people like that come along and make me grateful that it's our jobs and not theirs.
—Oscar, to everyone


Hurry... he's... trying to stop you!
—Oscar, to Team RWBY while fighting back for control from Ozpin
He's afraid... you'll find out what he's... hiding!
—Oscar, to Team Rwby about Ozpin's secret

The Lost Fable

He didn't know...
—Oscar, about Ozma when he first reincarnated

So That's How It Is

He's... gone.
—Oscar, to everyone about Ozpin
No, this is different. He's gone. It-- It's like he's locked himself deep inside my head. Our head? I hate this! I want it to stop!
—Oscar, after Ozpin shutting himself deep inside his subconscious
I'm just going to be another one of his lives, aren't I?
—Oscar, asking Ruby about himself being one of Ozma's reincarnations

Dead End

Look, none of this is great, we know. But we're not the bad guys here.
—Oscar, to Jaune Arc


No, it's okay. These past few days, I've been scared of the same things you were. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be... me. But I did some thinking, and I do know that I want to do everything I can to help with whatever time I have left.
—Oscar, to everyone

Our Way

I... thanks, but... I've been meaning to tell you guys... I didn't land the ship on my own.
—Oscar, to everyone about how he crash landed the airship
No, he guided me... And then he was gone again...
—Oscar, to everyone about how Ozpin helped him on how to land the airship safely
I don't know, but... it at least means he was looking out for us.
—Oscar, to everyone about Ozpin

Volume 7

The Greatest Kingdom

After we came all this way, we can't just leave, can we?
—Oscar, to everyone

A New Approach

Actually, Oz isn't completely gone.
—Oscar, to General Ironwood about Oz
Not quite. He's kind of, um, gone... at the moment.
—Oscar, to Ironwood about Oz's status

Ace Operatives

Ruby, hiding things from Ironwood, doesn't that feel like what Ozpin did to us?
—Oscar, to Ruby before she and the others head for the mission


What did you have in mind?
—Oscar, Ironwood before he receives some sparring training

A Night Off

You guys are evolving and I still don't have my Semblance.
—Oscar, to everyone and their Semblance while he doesn't have one yet

Worst Case Scenario

Well, I can tell you what I think. The path you're heading down where you're the only one with the answers, where you do the thing you think is right no matter the cost, it's not going to take you anywhere good.
—Oscar, to Ironwood
Some things matter more, I think. Keeping our humanity. It's what makes us different from her.
—Oscar, to Ironwood about protecting humanity and their difference compared to Salem's
I do believe in you, but not only you. I think the best thing you could do is sit down and talk with the people you're most afraid to.
—Oscar, to Ironwood

As Above, So Below

The panic you were worried about? It's already happening. The secrets you're keeping? They're about to be in the open anyway. It's time. Tell the truth.
—Oscar, to Ironwood
We're sorry we kept it from you, too. We didn't know who to trust. I figured you should know before you make any… sacrifices.
—Oscar, after telling Ironwood the truth about Salem
He'd be proud of you. You're bringing the hope that Atlas was meant to inspire. A city in the sky is held to a higher standard.
—Oscar, complimenting Ironwood on Ozpin's behalf

With Friends Like These

This crazy girl showed up and attacked me. But she looked like someone else.
—Oscar, to Team JNR about Neopolitan

The Enemy of Trust

There's something I have to do alone.
—Oscar, to Team JNR
I guess it's because of Oz, but… holding it helps calm me down when I'm afraid.
—Oscar, to Ironwood about The Long Memory
If you abandon Mantle, you abandon our best chance of reuniting the world. You abandon Remnant, leaving millions to fend for themselves so a few can survive. What kind of--
—Oscar, to Ironwood before he is interrupted
Then you're as dangerous as she is, James.
—Oscar, believing Ironwood is now too far gone
That power, these memories… You're back, aren't you? You saved me.
—Oscar, to a returned Ozpin

Volume 8


I was stupid to think the general would listen. Every choice I've made was the wrong one, and now…
—Oscar, to Ruby about his decision to try and reason with Ironwood
No. What Salem wants is to turn us against each other. Just like this. Jaune has a point. We can work separately and still be united.
—Oscar, to everyone


It should not be this hard getting people to just cooperate.
—Oscar, while escorting civilians to the crater
I'm not upset that you left. I'm upset you came back. I started to feel like me. Not the same me I was before all of this, but… the me I always wanted to be. I felt… like I was actually part of the team.
—Oscar, to Ozpin
It's all the negativity. Salem's forces aren't moving in, but it's enough to start attracting the stragglers.
—Oscar, to Yang


I'm sorry the reunion isn't living up to your expectations.
—Oscar, to Salem while pretending to be Ozpin
The Lamp is all out of questions…
—Oscar, lying about the Relic of Knowledge to Salem, to no avail


No, it'll be even worse. He's holding back with me. I can tell.
—Oscar, to Ozpin about Hazel
Salem, she knows she can't take on the whole world at once. So she doesn't. She has her followers work their way in sabotaging us from the inside out. (with Ozpin) Maybe we should do the same.
—Oscar, coming up with a plan


Her name is Jinn. You want her to come out of the Lamp? Just say her name. She can still answer one more question.
—Oscar, revealing Jinn's identity to Hazel
No, I'm giving you the password, and hoping you'll find the truth for yourself.
—Oscar, to Hazel


I thought the idea of falling through Remnant into a new world was exciting. I never understood why she was so sad when she finally made it back home. But now it makes more sense.
—Oscar, to Ozpin about "The Girl Who Fell Through the World"
No, I don't like what happens when we use magic. Every time we use it, I can feel us merging faster. I'm not ready for that.
—Oscar, to Ozpin about his hesitance to use magic
You sure he'll be okay on his own?
—Oscar, to Emerald Sustrai about Hazel while disguised as him
She'll just come after us.
—Oscar, to Jaune


You don't have to forgive her. You have every reason to feel that way. Just maybe give her a second chance. We've already gotten quite a bit of help today from someone we don't exactly trust right now.
—Oscar, to Yang's group about Emerald
I know how you feel, but he saved my life. When we were tortured, he took it. So I wouldn't have to. He entrusted me with this. And the massive amount of power he had stored up in it. Kinetic energy that he spent lifetime after lifetime accumulating in the cane he built.
—Oscar, defending Ozpin
I've seen what you can do, Emerald. However this fight ends, we could really use someone like you.
—Oscar, to Emerald


Can we please just give each other a chance? Emerald's not with Salem anymore, and Ozpin is back. All of this doubt and worry and distrust, it isn't getting us anywhere.
—Oscar, trying to reason with Team RWBY
Switch sides, huh?
—Oscar, to Emerald


There's something else to consider. Once the Staff creates anything else, the city drops. Atlas has enough natural Gravity Dust to keep it from plummeting immediately, but, well… nobody's going to want to be around when it touches down.
—Oscar, about the dangers of using the Staff of Creation
I blasted a hole through the bottom of Atlas and I highly doubt they've had time for repairs. That should take you straight to it. All of that… is the easy part.
—Oscar, suggesting Team RWBY's entry point into the Vault
The bigger question is what do we do now?
—Oscar, to Team JNR and Emerald after the communications shutdown

About Oscar

Hey, Oscar? This isn't gonna be easy, but the fact that you're even trying says a lot about you. You're braver than you think.
—Ruby, to Oscar
Of course not. You're your own person.
—Ruby, to Oscar
He's in your head, isn't he? Did you already know about this?
—Jaune, to Oscar
He didn't know any of it!
Weiss Schnee, to Jaune
How much longer can we even trust him?!
—Jaune, to everyone about Oscar
How do we even know it's really him?! What if we have been talking to that liar this whole time?!
—Jaune, to everyone about Oscar
It's Oscar. He's missing.
Blake Belladonna, to RWBY and Team JNR about Oscar
Don't worry, we aren't going to Atlas without him.
—Jaune to everyone about Oscar
Good. This team isn't the same without you, Oscar.
—Jaune, to Oscar
I mean, Oscar made a successful crash landing! He's a fourteen-year-old farm hand!
—Ruby, to everyone about Oscar's crash landing
Uh, Oscar here is… is the next Ozpin.
—Qrow, to Ironwood about Oscar
Now you are starting to sound like him.
—Ironwood, to Oscar
Yeah, they’ll be fine. Jaune’s a great leader, Oscar’s grown a ton, and Yang is more than capable of protecting them all in a fight.
—Nora discussing the other team's capabilities in "Strings".
So small, this new host of yours. It’s a wonder my Hound didn’t break you.
—Salem meeting Oscar for the first time in "Fault".
We certainly are similar, you and I. Maybe we have been presented with an opportunity.
—Ozpin to Oscar in "Midnight".
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