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Oscar's Farm (unofficial) is a farm in Mistral that was Oscar Pine's home until he was joined with the soul of Ozpin and left. It is first seen in "The Next Step".


The farm is home to at least two people, Oscar and his Aunt. It is located on a large flat plain with mountains in the distance. The largest building on the farm is a barn, although there are at least two other buildings, one of which may be a house where Oscar's Aunt lives. Water is supplied by a water pump. There is a road in front of the farm, with a fence that is in need of repairs. The driveway meets the road at a junction with another road, creating a crossroads.

Oscar is shown hoeing a garden, so the farm produces some vegetables. There are also many bales of hay visible, but no livestock is shown.

Oscar's Room

Oscar's room is located at the very top of the barn, accessible by a long ladder. The room has a sloped ceiling, a large window with a bookcase underneath, a bed, a large storage chest and a large circular rug. The room is lit by an oil lamp.


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