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Oscar's Farm (unofficial) is a farm in Mistral that was Oscar Pine's home until he was joined with the soul of Ozpin and left. It is first seen in "The Next Step".

Description[edit | edit source]

The farm is home to at least two people, Oscar and his Aunt. It is located on a large flat plain with mountains in the distance. The largest building on the farm is a barn, although there are at least two other buildings, one of which may be a house where Oscar's Aunt lives. Water is supplied by a water pump. There is a road in front of the farm, with a fence that is in need of repairs. The driveway meets the road at a junction with another road, creating a crossroads.

Oscar is shown hoeing a garden, so the farm produces some vegetables. There are also many bales of hay visible, but no livestock is shown.

Oscar's Room[edit | edit source]

Oscar's room is located at the very top of the barn, accessible by a long ladder. The room has a sloped ceiling, a large window with a bookcase underneath, a bed, a large storage chest and a large circular rug. The room is lit by an oil lamp.

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