You might think of it as Anima's Mountain Glenn.
Lie Ren about Oniyuri

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Oniyuri is an abandoned village on the continent of Anima first seen in "Tipping Point" in Volume 4 of RWBY.


The settlement lies in the middle of a forest and was abandoned sometime during its development. It is surrounded by a wall and has walled sections inside the village. Some of the buildings are damaged, while others have scaffolding indicating that they were never finished.


Oniyuri was founded by wealthy elites that were fed up with how the Mistral council ran things in the Kingdom. They attempted to make their own city that they had hoped would one day become a Kingdom of its own. Lie Ren mentions that his parents believed in the village's ability to do it. However, the settlement was attacked by Grimm; Ren believes it to be a single one.

Team RNJR comes across the abandoned village in "Tipping Point", where they learn of Oniyuri's history from Ren. While walking through the settlement, they are attacked by Tyrian Callows who was sent by Salem to capture Ruby Rose alive. Before they are defeated however, Qrow Branwen comes to save them and begins to fight Tyrian himself. While his niece Ruby attempts to help him, his Misfortune Semblance almost causes her to get hit with a falling plank until Qrow pushes her out of the way. During the fight, Qrow is poisoned by Tyrian's stinger which Ruby cuts off Tyrian's tail and forces him to flee. After asking Qrow what all of that was about, he tells Team RNJR about Salem's existence and her goals.


  • Oniyuri is the Romanized spelling of the Japanese word for the tiger lily. In Japanese floriography, it means "wealth".
  • Oniyuri was compared to Vale's attempted expansion of Mountain Glenn.
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