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Omen[1] is Raven Branwen's signature weapon.



Omen is a long, single-edged, one-handed sword of Japanese design, with a trigger built into the hilt and cross-guard rather than the traditional tsuba. The blades are fixed to the hilt with a locking mechanism instead of a tang.

Each blade is made from solid Dust and may be one of several different types: Green (Plant), Blue (Ice), Red (Fire), Dark Blue (Water), Purple (Gravity), Yellow (Lightning), Cyan (Hard-Light), and White (Wind). The Dust blades may break mid-combat, forcing Raven to sheath the hilt and attach a new blade. The blades are telescopic, allowing them to be stored at roughly half-length within the scabbard and extending to their full length once drawn.


The scabbard contains a rotary chamber that houses Omen's different Dust blades. When Raven connects the hilt with the scabbard, she can switch to a different Dust blade, or if the hilt does not have a blade, she can attach a fresh one.

Additionally, the scabbard contains a firing mechanism that can eject the sword with the press of a button.

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  • When equipped with a red blade, Omen bears some resemblance to the swords wielded by some of Junior Xiong's Henchmen, as well as Adam Taurus' weapon, Wilt. The rotating chamber in the scabbard also demonstrates similarities to Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaster.
  • The Japanese classification makes it an ōdachi due to the blade's full length when drawn.
  • Omen was modeled by Monty Oum in about a weekend during a trip.[2]
  • An omen is a phenomenon supposed to portend good or evil; a prophetic sign. The name is similar to her brother's weapon, Harbinger.
  • In Amity Arena, Raven's Mother's Day Outfit repaints Omen to have the gray parts become pink and the black parts become white.