Olive Gashley is a character from RWBY: Before the Dawn. She is a student from Shade Academy who was drafted into Team ROSC after the teams were reshuffled.


Olive is described as being a wolf Faunus with ears as her trait.


After the Shade Academy Initiation, Olive was drafted into Team ROSC.

Olive was present for Team ROSC's mission in the Wastelands, in which she and her team kept perimeter watch around the desert while on the alert for the creatures of Grimm. During one such patrol, she, Scarlet David, and Reese Chloris search for a missing Coco Adel after they realize she's alone in the desert. They found Carmine Esclados in the Wastelands and engaged her in combat while Coco managed to escape being buried alive. As Team ROSC fumbled to try and defeat Carmine, the group was approached by Death Stalkers, who gave the rogue Huntress an opportunity to escape.

Team ROSC made an escape to a nearby Dust refinery, where they engaged in a long struggle against the Grimm. Olive used her pike to fend off a Ravager as the team ran low on supplies. Eventually the four were saved by Fox Alistair, Sage Ayana, Nolan Porfirio, and Octavia Ember. The group then found the Crown Bunker, and Coco used her Semblance to boost the Gravity Dust in Olive's weapon. After uncovering the entrance, Nolan stays outside while the others discover Rosa Schwein and Gillian Asturias discussing preparations to wage war with the City of Vacuo. They make a retreat to Shade Academy.

She participated in the Battle of Shade.

Powers and Abilities

Olive is a wolf Faunus who has enhanced hearing and eyesight. Her weapon of choice is an awl pike which uses Gravity Dust to improve her attacks.



  • Olive alludes to "The Gashlycrumb Tinies".[1]
    • One line is "O is for Olive run through with an awl", likely the source for her name and weapon.

Color Naming Rule

  • Olive is a shade of green as well as a well known species of fruit tree.
  • Gashley is likely a mix of Ashley (meaning "ash tree meadow") and gash (a long deep slash, cut, or wound).


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