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You can stick with me if you're afraid to be on your own out here, just don't get in my way.
—Octavia Ember

Octavia Ember[1] is a member of Team NDGO and a student from Shade Academy. Octavia and her team are defeated by Team SSSN in a first round match of the Vytal Festival Tournament in the episode "New Challengers..." of Volume 3.


Octavia is a young woman with fair/lightly tanned skin, brick red hair left loose with swept fringe to the right and olive green eyes.

She wears a teal blue waistcoat with two long tails and dark brown strapless top. A cropped sleeveless vest of the same color is worn over the top and waistcoat. Her skirt is pale green graduates to a cream with a zigzagged pointed hem accompanied with an open front layer that graduates from brown to light brown. She wears a pair of navy belts crossed in the front and back and a pair of sky blue layered spaulders, held in place by a dark brown leather strap across her chest. Her shoes are a pair of simple, navy blue ankle boots with folded over top and brick red lining. She also has a navy blue chocker.


Octavia has a stoic and cold personality, being more mature than most others and becoming unmoved and uninterested in others as Vacuo's culture prioritizes survival. She is rude and blunt, holding resentment towards the other kingdoms. Octavia was amongst the students who mercilessly harassed newcomers to Shade Academy after Beacon fell, entirely unimpressed by them.

Octavia is seemingly a morally flexible person, as shown by her second mission with Team NOVA, in which she and Nebula use children trainees as bait for the Grimm, leading to them sustaining minor injuries. When scolded by Arslan Altan and Velvet Scarlatina, she shrugs them off. She is also a coward, having fled the Battle of Beacon with her team.

Nonetheless, Octavia is shown to still have some heroic traits, being willing to work with those she has a disliking towards without any complaints and showing that she still respects teamwork. She also gives Velvet a chance to prove herself in the Shade Academy Initiation.

Octavia, like many natives to Vacuo, also possess a ruthless, vicious view on life. This is seen during her apparent attempt to kill Carmine Esclados without hesitance when the opportunity presented itself to her and felt no remorse due to believing that during a battle against an enemy opponent, it was always important to go for the kill whenever the chance presented itself.

Powers and Abilities

During the match she was shown to be a skilled fight, but was unable to counter Sun Wukong's attacks in spite of her abilities, and was knocked out by a kick to the head followed by a quick succession of hits from his staff.


Main article: Octavia's Dagger

Octavia's weapon of choice is her Kris, which can be loaded with both Fire and Gravity Dust, making it capable of creating fiery shockwaves that can also kick up dirt to blind enemies.


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Octavia skates across the sand.

Octavia's Semblance, Sandskating, allows her to slide across sand at extreme speeds in a burst. This is showcased in her battle with Team SSSN in the Vytal Festival, where she easily glides through the desert biome, outpacing other fighters with ease.[2] It also allows her to create a whirlpool of sand when aided by Gravity Dust in her Weapon.


  • Octavia is the name of a species of raspberries, rubus idaeus. Raspberries are magenta/red in color.
  • "Ember" is also the name used for pieces of coal or wood that are in a smoldering state, which brings to mind fiery colors.
  • Octavia and the rest of Team NDGO were created by a group of fans who backed Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Octavia is voiced by her creator Claire Hogan, and is listed as "Team NDGO Character Consultant" in the credits of the episode.[3]


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