I'm sending two of my best guards to personally escort you. Make sure General Ironwood hears that part.
—Caroline, talking about the Nubuck Guards

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The Nubuck Guards are two Atlesian soldiers stationed at the Atlesian Military Base in Argus under Caroline Cordovin. They made their first appearance in "Dead End".


Nubuck Guards One and Two are Atlesian Military personnel assigned to the Atlesian Military Base in Argus. They work under Caroline Cordovin, who considers them "two of her best guards" and are usually seen right behind her as her personal guards.


Identical in appearance, Nubuck Guards are tall and broad-shouldered. Their uniforms include caps with two visors, pulled down so as to cover their eyes. They commonly either speak in unison or completing each other's sentences.


They are first seen guarding the Argus Military Base and not letting anyone in as the Mistral-Atlas border has been closed by General Ironwood. They are only prepared to listen when they are presented by Weiss Schnee, getting their supervising officer, Caroline Cordovin. When Caroline is talking, they occasionally strike a dignified pose to emphasize her point.

When Weiss and Maria Calavera infiltrate the base with Saphron Cotta-Arc and Adrian Cotta-Arc, the Nubuck guards eagerly assist Weiss with her bag. After Adrian starts crying, they quickly try calming him down by performing weird poses to amuse him.

Caroline volunteers them as "two of her best guards" to personally escort Weiss to Atlas, but Weiss hijacks the Manta Airship and throws them out with one parachute.


Their behavior is over the top, such as their march or the way they praise their commanding officer, Caroline Cordovin. They are very devoted to their military as seen when they corrected Qrow when he didn't call James Ironwood by his title "General". They try to be as helpful and supportive as they can, as seen how they support Caroline and are very eager to assist where they can, like when they carried Weiss' luggage or how they tried to calm down Adrian by performing weird poses to amuse him.


  • Nubuck is leather that has been treated in a specific way and is used for boots.
    • Caroline Cordovin alludes to the nursery rhyme of the old woman who lived in a shoe[1] and the Nubuck Guards add to that by being named after leather for boots.


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