Season 1Edit

The VacuumEdit

NOPE! Everything's fine! PYRRHA IS FINE! Nothing bad... ever... happened! EVER.
—Nora, to everyone

Magnetic PersonalityEdit

We're going on a hike! We're going on a hike! Today's the day, hip-hip hooray! We're going on a hike! Whoo!
—Nora, about going on a hike with her team

Ren Plays TagEdit

Tag back!
—Nora, to Ren

Love TriangleEdit

Yeah, IF ONLY!
—Nora, annoyed that Ren never notices the sign
Subtlety is the keeeyyy.
—Nora, after giving Ren a haircut

Spin the BottleEdit

Listen up, ladies! You need to get your acts together! No more video games.
—Nora, to everyone about training
We gotta toughen you up! You think you're gonna go out there and save the world without thunder thighs?!
—Nora, to everyone

Big VacationEdit

Nora's captain of the party boat! Arrr!
—Nora, looking forward to the beach

Neptune's PhobiaEdit

Because she's spent days and days and tons of effort to find just the right gift that expresses the LOVE that she feels for you... is what I'm guessing, since she is a secret!
—Nora to Ren, without mentioning it was gift by her

Save Nora!Edit

Oh no, I'm helpless, and in danger! I'm not done with you yet! Bad Grimm, bad Grimm!
—Nora, to the Beowolf
No, wait, come back! What's a girl gotta do to get rescued around here? Wait, did he say I'm "amazing"?! Ren thinks I'm amazing!
—Nora, delighted about Ren's comment about her

Evil GeniusEdit

I need to be entertained or my brain turns to oatmeal. The bland kind, not the kind with sprinkles. Uggggh, now I'm bored and hungry.
—Nora, about being boring
Oooh, I love board games! How does it work? Tell me, tell me, tell me so I can crush you all.
—Nora to everyone, about the board game

A Slip Through Time and SpaceEdit

Oh thank goodness. That was crazy. I think I just traveled through a bunch of parallel universes. It was so weird. Did you guys see any of that?
—Nora, to Ren and Ruby

Season 2Edit

Magic ShowEdit

Alright, I want a nice, clean game. Or, you know, just a game. I guess.
—Nora, to everyone, about the soccer game

Girls Rock!Edit

Where. Is. My. Hammer?!
—Nora, angry about her weapon is missing
You guys! Did you hear? The school is having a Battle of the Bands. You know what this means, right? We have to start our own band!
—Nora, to Team RWBy about the Battle of the Bands

Boy BandEdit

Pet parties sound awesome! Ooh! Can I come? Can I? Pllleeeaaassseee?
—Nora to Ruby
Nurse Nora is here to take care of you!
—Nora to Ren
I'm sorry, Ren, but I have to follow the nurse's oath. No surrender, no retreat!
—Nora to Ren, attempt to break his other leg
I knew my love would cure him.
—Nora, after Ren leave the room

The Mystery BunchEdit

I'm the smart one!
—Nora, about her role as a genius

The FixerEdit

Yeah! We're she-tectives!
—Nora, to Sun and Neptune

Happy BirthdayWeenEdit

Oh, just makin' a little love potion with someone special in mind.
—Nora to Jaune and Pyrrha, about making a love potion

A Slip Through Time and Space Pt. 2Edit

Listen. It's not that I shouldn't drink coffee, it's that I haven't been drinking enough at once! I need MORE!!
—Nora to Ruby and Yang

Season 3Edit

Tea PartyEdit

I was promised tea and crumpets! Now I don't know what crumpets is, but all I'm seeing is leaf water!
—Nora to everyone, complaining about the tea party

JNPR DreamsEdit

Ren and Nora, butter together. Awwwwwwww!
—Nora to Ren

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