RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 3Edit

Yahoooo! First to the finish!
—Nora, riding an Ursa as she and Ren arrive at the Abandon Ruins
Oh, Look, Ren others. Guess we weren't first after all, ha ha ha!
—Nora, to Ren

Chapter 4Edit

Yay! Now it's really a party, right, Ren?
—Nora, to Ren, about fighting the Death Stalker with Jaune and Pyrrha

Chapter 9Edit

Fine by me!! But you won't get your revenge without a fight.
—Nora, to Weiss
All bark and no bite, you chumps!
—Nora, to Team RWBY
I'm the queen of cuisine combat! ♪ ♪ The princess of gourmet warfare! ♪ ♪
—Nora, to Team RWBY

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