For the member of Team JNPR, see Nora Valkyrie.

Nora Allen is a support character who first appeared in RWBY/Justice League. She is based on her DC Comics counterpart of the same name.


She is a female Snail Faunus with eyestalks as her trait. She wears a purple long sleeved dress with frilled hem alongside a white apron and brown curled toe slip on shoes.


She is a kind caring person asking Ruby Rose how she is as she gives both Bruce Wayne and Ruby a hug and invites them to stay the night.


She first appears as Barry Allen's mother in the Faunus Quarter where she was introduces to Ruby and Bruce by Jesse and Barry. She invited Ruby and Bruce to stay the night due to the disappearances happening in the Faunus Quarter.

Later when Starro and his brainwashed army attack, Nora and Jesse Quick hold them off using a barricade.


Chapter 5: The Fastest Faunus Alive!

Chapter 11: The War of Wills

Chapter 12: The Last Stand


  • References and Differences from the DC Comics version:
    • Nora’s DC Comics counterpart is a normal human, but this version of her is a snail Faunus.
    • The DC Comics version of Nora mostly portrayed as mid-age woman, but this version of her is an elderly Faunus woman.
    • The DC Comics version of Nora was killed when Barry was a child as part of his backstory, while this version is very much alive and an active part of Barry's life.
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