Episode 12 - "No Safe Haven"Edit

  1. Model - Starting at 2:46, Crocea Mors goes missing until Jaune Arc gets Qrow Branwen to safety.
  2. Position - Lie Ren is pinned head on against the building despite the fact that he stood on the tree without the building behind him.
  3. Position - When Ren falls after the Nuckelavee releases him, he falls higher from the building than he was pinned.
  4. Model - At 7:42 Nora Valkyrie has Magnhild on her back.
  5. Model - At 7:55 when Ren pulls his dagger from his boot, the sharp side of the blade is outward, facing the same direction as his knuckles, but, in the next scene the blade is pointing inward, the opposite direction as before, with no possible way that he could have turned it.
  6. Position - At 8:17 Magnhild is in front of the house Nora and Lie Ren are hiding under despite being flung into a different trajectory and not being seen in any of the shots that show the area behind Ren. It is not visible at 6:48 either.
  7. Position - During the brief scene with Cinder Fall, the camera pans completely around the room showing only Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black present, but then immediately cuts to a shot of Salem watching Cinder training.
  8. Model - When Ruby is writing her letter, she is using her right hand despite being previously shown to be left-handed (other writing, how she fights) and Monty stating that she and Weiss are left-handed. This was probably an oversight.
  9. Model - During the scene with Cinder, a hallucination of Ruby Rose is shown in her Volume 4 attire, even though there is no known mention of Cinder or Emerald having seen her since she wore her original outfit.
  10. Credits - Oscar's Aunt is listed twice in the credits.

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