Young Nicholas Schnee decided to spend his days at combat school, his nights working alongside his father in the dwindling Mantle mines, and anytime in between learning everything he could about anything he didn't know.
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Nicholas Schnee was the father of Willow Schnee, making him father-in-law to Jacques Schnee and grandfather to Winter, Weiss, and Whitley. He was the founder and first CEO of the Schnee Dust Company.


Nicholas' appearance was seen in portraits throughout the Schnee Manor. In them, he is shown to be a tall man with long, white hair and a white beard. He greatly resembles his daughter, Willow and his three grandchildren, who all inherited his facial structure, blue eyes and naturally white hair.

He wore a heavy, ornate suit of armor reminiscent to that of the Arma Gigas, with a black shirt and pants underneath. Nicholas wore a red fur-trimmed cloak which was held by a gold chord. Statue replicas of this armor are seen repeatedly throughout the Schnee Manor.

In the RWBY: World of Remnant episode "Schnee Dust Company", he is portrayed as a muscular man who wears a red scarf.


Although yet to make a personal appearance in the series, from RWBY: World of Remnant, it can be seen that Nicholas was hard working, determined, intelligent, courageous, fearless and ambitious from how he had built himself and his empire, The Schnee Dust Company, from nothing through hard work, labor and honesty. Nicholas was also stated to have been a fair employer during his time as founder and president of the SDC, having been known to treat his laborers with respect and fairness and was not afraid to place himself in danger alongside them when searching for Dust Deposits in the tundra of Solitas and the other hazardous areas of Remnant alongside his men. With this disposition having earned him the loyalty of many of his employees.


Nicholas has not been physically shown in the main series itself, but his existence and history are detailed in "Schnee Dust Company".

In his youth, Nicholas attended combat school and mined with his father in Mantle. Upon his father's death, he inherited what little his father had and used the money to gather a mining team and discover a Dust deposit. Nicholas personally oversaw Dust expeditions around the world and built a trustworthy, upstanding reputation for the Schnee Dust Company that led to the company's success. Nicholas was forced to retire as his youth spent in the mines caused his health to fail later in life. He allowed his son-in-law, Jacques, to inherit the SDC upon being convinced by the latter to do so.


  • Nicholas' armor seems to be the the same model used for the statues and portraits decorating the Schnee Manor.
  • Nicholas might allude to Santa Claus who is often associated with Saint Nicholas of Myra and referred to as "Old Nick" as well.
    • He has a noticeable white beard.
    • Manages a large production company and is well known for his generous nature.
    • Wears a red and fur lined cape, much like Santa's famous red and white attire.
    • Lives in a northern land that is a state of perpetual winter.


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