Episode 2 - "New Challengers..."

  1. Position - At 4:59, Jaune Arc is standing normally on the debris.
  2. Model - At 5:10, Nora Valkyrie just smashed the ground a few seconds ago, but it looks normal here.
  3. Position - At 5:24, Team JNPR is somehow "standing" on top of debris.
  4. Position - At 6:24, the Crow Bar is located on a street corner with paved roads and sidewalk, but at 6:27, it is located at docks.
  5. Model - At the beginning of Team SSSN and Team NDGO's match, Scarlet David removes his coat and lets it fall, and then in the next shot when Team SSSN runs forward, it has disappeared. Then later, when Octavia Ember attacks him, his coat is suddenly back on his shoulder again.
  6. Position - At 8:42 Team NDGO are standing in front of the water biome, but should be standing in front of the Vacuo biome.
  7. Model - During the Match between Team SSSN and NDGO the board lists Team SSSN as Sun Wukong, Sage Ayana, Scarlet and Neptune Vasilias whereas they are presented as Sun, Scarlet, Sage and Neptune in the Volume 2 and the Volume 3 Openings.
  8. Model - At 8:38, Scarlet can be seen with his pistol drawn. However, his model still has a pistol on his hip.
  9. Model - During the same scene as shown above, Scarlet can be seen holding his pistol in his hand. However, at 8:45 he can be seen with no pistol in hand.
  10. Model - During the same scene as shown above, Scarlet is seen discarding his jacket, but on the next scene it disappears from the arena.
  11. Model - At 10:42, when the knives fall onto Scarlet, the hook that is keeping Gwen Darcy suspended returns to his gun.
  12. Model - At 12:00, Nebula Violette is holding her weapon in crossbow form and sword form at the same time.
  13. Model - At 12:48, Nebula, Dew Gayl and Gwen Darcy are standing on the water.

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