Volume 2

Best Day Ever

Whoa, chill out man, okay? I got it! I got it!
—Neptune, promising to keep Blake Belladonna's secret
—Neptune, when asked if he is going to be cool

Welcome to Beacon

And I don't believe I've caught your name, snow angel.
—Neptune, to Weiss Schnee

A Minor Hiccup

Seriously, though, can I come in? We're like, really high up right now.
—Neptune, to Team RWBY

Painting the Town...

Whoa, what a woman...
—Neptune, on Yang Xiao Long's personality
They're probably fine, right?
—Neptune, to Sun Wukong

Burning the Candle

Ignore him for he knows not what he says.
—Neptune, on Sun's attire

Dance Dance Infiltration

I can't dance, man!
—Neptune, to Jaune Arc
You're a really cool guy, Jaune.
—Neptune, after receiving encouragement from Jaune
You're looking at him. You got some good friends looking out for you.
—Neptune, to Weiss about Jaune

Search and Destroy

Then you can party with us tonight! We're shadowing a crime specialist. All inner-city detective stuff. We get junior badges.
—Neptune, to Team JNPR

Volume 3

New Challengers...

Alright, girls, try and remember: hands above the waist.
—Neptune, flirting with Team NDGO before the match
Uh, you know, uh, it would probably be better if you came over here! Yeah, I can guard this... sector! We're in lockdown mode!
—Neptune, talking to Sun during the match against Team NDGO
There! I helped! Are you happy now!? Also, I am not afraid of water, and I have no idea what you are talking about!
—Neptune, talking to Sun during the match
Okay, just... get out of the water.
—Neptune, talking to Sun during the match against Team NDGO

Volume 6

Argus Limited

He definitely overslept and absolutely almost missed this.
—Neptune, talking to Blake, about Sun's reason for almost missing her big send off
Now would you hurry up? Need I remind you we have our own trip to plan?
—Neptune, talking to Sun about their own trip to Vacuo
Hey, almost didn't see you there, 'cause, you know, the camouflage?
—Neptune, flirting with Ilia Amitola

RWBY: Before the Dawn

Promotional Materials

I just don’t like getting water in my eyes. That’s why I have these cool goggles. That’s the best thing about Vacuo. No water.
—Neptune, to Fox Alistair

RWBY: Amity Arena

Lock Down! Right!
—Neptune upon being deployed

RWBY: The Official Manga

Chapter 9

Same here, honestly. I don't know why you always get all the fun. Our team is here representing Haven Academy, after all.
—Neptune reminded Sun about their team are representing for Haven
I'm not taking your word for it.
—Neptune, to Sun
Are you the Snow Angel of rumor? How enchantingly gorgeous.
—Neptune, flirting with Weiss

Chapter 10

Um... Yang. Do you have a different definition for the word "friend"?
—Neptune, to Yang

Chapter 11

He's unbelievable... I wasn't expecting such a fun encounter with a bad guy tonight...
—Neptune, to Sun
That numbskull... I'm always telling him... How much I hate water!!
—Neptune, talking about Sun how he hates water
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