Participants Episode Result
Neptune, Team RWBY and Sun vs. Roman "Painting the Town..." Removed from combat
Team SSSN vs. Team NDGO "New Challengers..." Won
Students vs. Nevermore "Battle of Beacon" Won
Students vs. Grimm, White Fang, AK-200s and Paladins

"Battle of Beacon"
"Heroes and Monsters"



Neptune was born in the city of Argus, with his family of swimmers who lived on the coastlines of the city. He unlocked his Semblance at an early age, which made him unable to bathe himself due to its nature of displacing water around him.

When he was four years old, Neptune’s older brother, Jupiter Vasilias, attempted to teach his brother how to swim by throwing Neptune off a pier in Argus. When rising up from the sea, Neptune unintentionally brought some of the ocean water back with him in a bubble where he couldn’t breathe or see. To get out, Neptune used his Semblance to pass the bubble of water onto Jupiter, who was lucky to have a Semblance that allowed him to turn the bubble into vapor to also escape. Nonetheless, this event traumatized Neptune, who thinks he almost killed his brother because of his Semblance, causing him to develop hydrophobia. Following this, Neptune’s parents bought him goggles in order to get him to start going outside.[1]

Neptune’s mother is a lawyer, as a result he knows legal terminology and practices.

Neptune appears to know his teammate Sun Wukong, with whom he is good friends, from before the start of the series. He is a student from Haven Academy.

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Second Semester

Neptune is shown walking around Beacon Academy with Sun, who excitedly tells him about his experiences with Blake Belladonna. During their conversation, Sun lets slip that Blake is a Faunus before making Neptune agree to keep this a secret.

Sun then brings Neptune to the cafeteria in order to introduce him to the rest of Team RWBY, who are in the process of having a food fight with Team JNPR. Neptune is caught in the crossfire of this battle, getting drenched in purple soda. While Sun seems incredibly amused by this, saying, "I love these guys!" Neptune simply frowns angrily.

Neptune later enters the library with Sun, who introduces him to Team RWBY properly. Noticing that they are playing a board game, Neptune says that libraries should only be for reading, and Lie Ren agrees from across the room. However, Neptune is told by Sun to be quiet and not act like a nerd. Neptune simply responds that he is only being intellectual. He then introduces himself to Weiss Schnee.

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Team RWBY Investigations

When Team RWBY begins their investigations into Roman Torchwick's activities, Neptune is with Sun when the Faunus tells the four girls that "friends should always get involved". Neptune asks to come in, and he is partnered with Yang Xiao Long as she goes to visit her "old friend" despite Weiss' protests.

During their investigation, Yang and Neptune ride on Bumblebee to go to Junior's club. Unfortunately, Junior Xiong has no new information because Torchwick had not come to meet with him since Yang's first appearance at the club. Neptune attempts to flirt with Melanie and Miltia Malachite but is unsuccessful. He is seen seemingly getting weak-kneed for Yang, but he is also berated by Junior when asked where his men went, as Junior had already stated that they had not come back.

As the pair begin to leave, Yang receives Blake's call for help, informing the rest of the team that she and Sun are being chased by Torchwick in the Atlesian Paladin-290. Neptune and Yang take Bumblebee to assist the two of them. Neptune manages to avoid many cars thrown at the two of them by Torchwick before firing on the mech with his weapon's gun form. He then changes his weapon into its glaive and trident form before leaping off Bumblebee and driving it into the mech's back.

However, despite Sun using his Semblance to aid his friend, the two are knocked off of the highway, leaving Team RWBY to finish the fight. It is later discovered that the two had gone to A Simple Wok, where Sun reassures his friend that he was sure that the girls were safe.

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Aftermath and The Dance

In the episode "Extracurricular", Neptune is seen with the rest of Team SSSN outside of Beacon Academy.

Neptune accompanies Sun to see Ruby Rose, Weiss, and Yang while they are setting up for the upcoming Beacon Dance, asking if they will actually have fog machines after hearing an argument between Yang and Weiss about some of the decoration choices. He later interjects and chastises Sun for not knowing what he's talking about when the latter suggests he can just go to dance in his usual attire. Neptune is later seen being approached by Weiss, who invites him to come with her to the Dance.

At the Dance, Neptune is spotted by Jaune laughing with Blake and Sun when it is revealed he in fact turned down Weiss' invitation. Some time later he walks in coincidentally to find Jaune outside on the balcony, where he tries to start a conversation assuming Jaune thought the Dance was lame though complimentary of the girls present.

Jaune angrily calls him out as to whether he takes any of the girls he hits on seriously, which flusters Neptune, who asks where this came from. Jaune then reveals that he knows Weiss asked Neptune to the dance, which Neptune tries to evade answering before Jaune demands outright what possible reason Neptune could have turned her down for.

Neptune embarrassingly admits he can't dance, which shocks Jaune, given the cool persona Neptune often projects. His anger deflated, a baffled Jaune basically asks Neptune to confirm that he'd rather turn down a girl and hurt her feelings rather than simply admit he can't move in rhythm to music, to which the latter responds affirmatively. Neptune tells Jaune that if he likes Weiss, he won't interfere should he want to pursue her; however, Jaune then turns the question back on him, asking if he genuinely likes Weiss himself.

Neptune states that he does, though he doesn't yet know her that well. In response, Jaune suggests that he simply go talk to her and be honest without any of the pretense. Neptune takes his advice to heart and thanks him before telling Jaune he's a cool guy, though the latter sarcastically tells him to stop lying to his face before they part with a reconciliatory fist bump.

Neptune and Weiss at the dance

Neptune is later seen talking to Weiss, before taking a seat next to her alongside the dance floor. After a sterling dance number by Team JNPR, Weiss asks Neptune what changed his mind, before he inclines his head toward a dancing Jaune, commenting to Weiss that she had some good friends looking out for her.

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The Mountain Glenn Mission

Neptune and Sun meet up with Team RWBY shortly after Team JNPR's arrival, informing the girls of their mission to shadow a crime specialist. After Oobleck calls for the girls, Sun and Neptune, like JNPR, sympathetically stare at Team RWBY before going their separate ways.

Neptune and Sun arrive during the attack on Vale, but they are not shown to do any on-screen fighting.

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Vytal Festival Tournament

Neptune and the rest of the members of Team SSSN participate in the Vytal Festival Tournament. Their first match is against Team NDGO of Shade Academy, from the kingdom of Vacuo. Neptune attempts to flirt with them to no avail, prompting Sun to call him "dumb".

When Team SSSN's half of the field was revealed to be an ocean biome, Neptune is horrified, revealing his fear of water. At the start of the battle, he immediately flees into the other half and climbs a rock mesa to get away, claiming he is guarding the higher ground as an excuse. Later on he descends again and shot at Octavia Ember to provide covering fire for Sun, but otherwise he remains out of the fight until both Sage and Scarlet are eliminated, leaving Sun alone against the remaining members of Team NDGO.

Neptune outright refuses to approach the wet side of the field at first, making more excuses to Sun, but eventually he joins in the fight after a short argument, shooting Dew Gayl and then using his trident to electrocute the entire body of water, defeating Team NDGO. After the fight, he is briefly seen dancing in celebration with Sun.

Later, he is seen as a spectator at several matches.

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The Battle of Beacon

Neptune aids Amity Colosseum

Neptune is among the group of students present at Amity Colosseum at the beginning of this Grimm attack on Vale. His weapon flies to the floating arena in a rocket-propelled locker. After a Giant Nevermore breaks into the stadium and is defeated, he is among the students that choose to fight this battle rather than flee. The group takes an Air Bus to Beacon where they begin to fight the Grimm.

After the Battle of Beacon with, Neptune returns to Haven with Team ABRN, Sage, and Scarlet, and Sun tells them that he will catch up with them later before leaving for Menagerie with Blake. where they watched their school nearly fall to the White Fang’s attack. Like SSSN, they were one of the teams who had decided to continue their training in Shade rather than losing another semester. ABRN had beaten them to Vacuo by a few weeks, as Sun Wukong had insisted on taking SSSN through the scenic route.[2]

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Going to Vacuo

Neptune reveals himself during Sun and Blake's farewell.

Neptune and Sun meet with Team RWBY, Jaune, Ren and Nora to say Team SSSN will stay together. Together, they go to Vacuo - where Sun used to live.

During their time at the train station as a large group, Neptune attempts to flirt with Ilia Amitola, failing on account of her preference for women.

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Before the Dawn

Neptune alongside his team travelled from Mistral to Vacuo where they met up and aided Team CFVY in battling Carmine, Bertilak and the Grimm. Eventually capturing Carmine and Bertilak and escorting them and the tribe's member to the settlement of Coquina where they stayed for a couple of days to recover from the battle. Neptune with his team would start to get involved with CFVY's investigation into the Crown's activities in Vacuo. Like the other students however Neptune would be removed from his original team and reformed into a new team following the initiation trial laid out by Theodore and Rumpole. Neptune would become a member of Team BYRN alongside Bolin, Yatsu and Rae. Neptune and Sun would follow a lead and interviewing Finn Asturias though Sun would leave Neptune to finish up on his own. When Sun and Velvet disappeared Fox and Yatsu found and confronted Neptune over where Sun had gone, using Neptune's fear of water against him to get the information out of him while also learning that he doesn't like getting water in his ears or eye and how what his Semblance was. Neptune would later be present amongst the other Huntsman and Huntresses during the Battle of Shade, protecting the academy and town from the Crown's forces and the incoming Grimm.

Sun and Neptune receive Ruby's message

After his team had reformed back into SSSN, Neptune can be seen in Vacuo responding with "Dude" to Ruby's world wide broadcast.

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