Volume 3

Heroes and Monsters

Guess who?
—Neo's text message to Roman Torchwick

Volume 8


Your boss won't stay dead… but you will without this ;) If you want her name, you know what you owe me.
—Neo's blackmail text message to Cinder Fall

RWBY Chibi

Season 1

—Neo's sign saying to Roman how he looks after Zwei's "fetch" game explodes them

Season 2

Hats off to you.
—Neo's sign after a Geist possesses Roman's hat
Mad as a Hatter!
—Neo's sign promoting Crazy Roman's Steals and Wheels

Season 3

He's dead
—Neo's sign after Mercury Black makes fun of her
He's a dum-dum. But he's my dum-dum.
—Neo's signs after Roman falls down a pit

About Neo

This crazy girl showed up and attacked me. But she looked like someone else.
We... haven't exactly heard good things.
Jaune Arc, explaining to Oscar about Neo in "With Friends Like These"
Neopolitan has some very useful abilities and has proven to be a valuable asset.
—Cinder, to Salem about Neo in "Divide"

RWBY: Amity Arena

A master of disguise, a peerless fighter, an escape artist, are among the many things one can say to describe Neo. Cruel, vicious, and sadistic are some other. But actually, she is sweet, petite, loving and loyal... if you're a Dum-Dum. More specifically, HER Dum-Dum. Everyone else- gets the "silent" treatment.
RWBY: Amity Arena
RWBY/Justice League
Minor Characters