Participants Episode(s) Result
Roman vs. Team RWBY "Painting the Town..." Draw
Neo vs. Yang "No Brakes" Won
Neo, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald vs. Unnamed Team "Round One" Won
Neo and Roman vs. Ruby "Heroes and Monsters" Lost
Neo vs. Cinder "The Coming Storm" Interrupted
Neo vs. Oscar and Team JNR "The Enemy of Trust" Escaped
Neo, Cinder and Emerald vs. Maria and Penny "Amity" Lost
Neo and Cinder vs. Team RWBY, Penny and Jaune

"The Final Word"

Lost (Betrayed)


Neo, formerly Trivia Vanille, was born to the Vanille family in the city of Vale. Her father, Jimmy Vanille, was the city manager for the Vale City Council.

RWBY: Roman Holiday

Imaginary Friends

In the early morning hours of her eighth birthday, Trivia plays tiptoe tag with another, wilder girl named "Neoplitan" through the halls of a dark mansion. As the two play, Neo enters the family room, which she was not allowed to go into. During this, Trivia inadvertently knocks over an expensive Akaibara vase, shattering it, and alerting her parents. When the two arrive – her father, Jimmy, angry and her mother, Carmel, concerned – Trivia finds Neopolitan has vanished, and cuts her hand on a piece of shattered glass. Enraged, Jimmy pulls Trivia out from under the couch by her ankles, shaking her upside down. Jimmy demands her to speak for herself and tell him what happened, but Trivia is only able to produce a rasping sound. Carmel asks her daughter what happened, so the girl uses a communication board to spell out the name "Neo", blaming the other girl.

At this, the two parents argue amongst themselves about their daughter's condition, Jimmy is impatient with her and Carmel says Trivia has an overactive imagination, and that her doctor, Mazarin, told them to give the young girl space. As her father leaves, ranting about the things to provide for his family's wealth and ordering somebody to clean the mess, Carmel sits with Trivia. She asks her daughter if she knows that a friend who does something bad and leaves her to take the blame is a bad friend. She begs Trivia to say something, but when she gets no response, Carmel leaves Trivia in the room to clean up after herself, leaving her alone once more. However, as she looked up, Neopolitan has returned, and convinced Trivia to leave somebody else to pick up the pieces.

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RWBY Investigations

Neo is first seen at a gathering of the White Fang, accompanying Roman Torchwick as he addresses the group. She later aids Roman in his escape following his defeat at the hands of Team RWBY, and demonstrates her abilities.

Sometime later, Neo is on a train carrying large amounts of explosive cargo, once again aiding Roman. After Team RWBY boards the train, Neo ends up confronting Yang Xiao Long. Yang holds her attention, allowing Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna to pass by Neo without consequence.

Neo defeats Yang

However, after a brief, rather one-sided fight, Neo bests Yang and attempts to kill her via a blade in Hush. However, before she can, Raven Branwen appears, prompting her to flee.

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Vytal Festival

Neo is seen participating in the Vytal Festival Tournament. She conceals her identity by changing her appearance drastically: she wears a predominantly black outfit and also changes her hair and eye colors. In the tournament, she competes as part of a team with Emerald Sustrai, Mercury Black and Cinder Fall. The team has no trouble during their first match, in which Neo is seen mercilessly stomping on a hapless opponent.

After Mercury fakes a broken leg, Neo and Cinder, disguised as paramedics, evacuate Mercury via an Air Bus to an unknown location.

Later, Neo is shown freeing Roman, returning to him his trademark hat and Melodic Cudgel.

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The Battle of Beacon

Neo, freeing Roman from the airship

Aboard an Atlesian Airship, Neo hands Roman a Scroll with Cinder's virus on it. Roman plugs it into a control panel, infecting all of the Atlesian Knight-200 soldiers with a hostile AI. When Roman hears something crash into the top of the airship, he instructs Neo to find out what it is. Neo nods and leaves the room, heading to the airship's roof.

Once there, she uses her power to change back into her original outfit, reports to Roman with a text from her Scroll stating "Guess who?", and engages in battle against Ruby Rose. She easily dodges the swings of Crescent Rose and shatters in an illusion before Roman intervenes in the fight. Together, the two gain the upper hand on Ruby, with Neo quickly yanking Crescent Rose from Ruby's grasp and landing a roundhouse kick, allowing Roman to blast Ruby to the side of the airship.

As Neo slowly walks towards Ruby, she drags her blade along the airship and subsequently holds Ruby at sword point. However, amidst Roman's monologuing, she is defeated as Ruby opens her umbrella, causing the winds to blow her away from the airship. She flies away, clinging to her umbrella at the mercy of the raging winds and the surrounding Grimm, much to Roman's shock and dismay.

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An Unlikely Alliance

Neo returns

After the Fall of Beacon, Neo somehow makes her way to the kingdom of Mistral. Around two weeks after the Battle of Haven, Neo pays Lil' Miss Malachite for information regarding Cinder's location. When the Maiden goes to the gangster to get her information on Ruby's group, Neo appears to Cinder standing on the second-floor balcony. She then initiates a duel that eventually takes them outside the bar, where she drops her Semblance to reveal that she was using her illusions to mask her tattered clothes, and she is now wearing Roman's hat, implying she blames Cinder for his death. The battle continues until Cinder becomes frustrated and uses her Maiden powers to stop the fight and confront Neo, saying that they both want Ruby dead, before proposing an alliance.

Neo is then taken to the empty Vault beneath Haven Academy and learns of Cinder's mission to retrieve the Relic of Knowledge for Salem before Ruby and her group gets it to Atlas. Afterward, she is given the offer to kill Ruby, as the Fall Maiden is forbidden to do so by Salem. After taking a moment to ponder, Neo shakes Cinder's hand and seals the deal.

Neo steals a Mistralian airship and reconvenes with Cinder Fall, both of them wearing new outfits. She demonstrates her ability to disguise the airship as an Atlesian one with her Semblance, and it pleases Cinder so greatly that, boarding the airship, she tells Neo she still believes in destiny.

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Stealing the Relic of Knowledge

Neo after her infiltration at the Schnee Manor

Following their arrival in Atlas, Cinder and Neo went into hiding in the city, taking a luxury apartment as their base of operations. During their time, Cinder ordered Neo to infiltrate the Schnee Manor during Jacques Schnee's banquet, where she was tasked to find the location of the Relic of Knowledge under the guise of a waitress at the party. Following Jacques' arrest, Neo returned to their apartment with the information needed, informing Cinder she had succeeded in her task.

Later, Neo and Cinder listen to James Ironwood and Robyn Hill's broadcast, revealing they are aware Salem's forces, particularly, Arthur Watts and Tyrian Callows, are in the kingdom's borders, to Neo's surprise. Cinder is angered at the two, calling them idiots, then tells Neo how Salem's original plan was to attack Vacuo next. Cinder confirms with Neo whether Oscar Pine has the Relic of Knowledge, ordering her to take it from him. Neo refuses, transforming herself into Ruby to get her point across, to which Cinder angrily restates they must get what she needs before getting what they want. Cinder smiles, explaining to Neo that she would find the Winter Maiden that night, citing that Ironwood's paranoia would lead her to the Maiden. Neo relents and transforms back into herself as Cinder tosses her the Scroll.

Confronting Team JNR and Oscar

Neo thus then makes her way to Atlas Academy, where upon successfully sneaking into the school's dormitories, begins her search for Oscar and the Lamp and eventually successfully locates and ambushes him inside his Dorm room by using her Semblance to fool him by disguising herself as someone else. Her Battle against Oscar eventually ends with her successfully wrestling away the Relic of Knowledge from him and leaving him considerably tired and weakened after the hard struggle against the Gangster. However upon detecting Team JNPR searching for Oscar and due to not yet having escaped the school, Neo thus then disguises herself as Oscar and proceeds to lure in Nora Valkyrie by using his appearance to her advantage to get her to lower her guard against her and get close enough to attack her.

Neo delivers the Relic of Knowledge to Cinder

However just as the Nora was coming close enough to hug her, the real Oscar bursts in and successfully punches Neo, dispelling her Semblance disguise and reclaiming the Relic as it fell off her belt and upon being identified by Jaune, Neo thus then brandishes her own weapon in preparation for her battle against Team JNPR and Oscar to retrieve the Relic. Their fight is interrupted when Atlas Soldiers begin chasing Team JNPR and Oscar, who are still on a wanted list. Oscar is exhausted from his previous encounter with Neo from before Team JNPR found him, and due to his exhaustion, he is unable to keep up with JNPR and becomes lost. Neo, having disguised herself as Nora, hides Oscar from the Atlas soldiers and steals the Lamp. She then flees, making it past Oscar and Jaune with her agility and then Ren by playing with his feelings for Nora. Due to more interference from Atlas soldiers, she manages to escape.

Neo later meets up with Cinder, gives her the Relic of Knowledge and seems annoyed at Cinder for taking it without a single word.

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Meeting the Queen and her Pawns

Neo first meeting with Salem

Soon after this, Neo and Cinder acquire a Manta airship and make their way to Monstra to meet up with Salem inside the whale. En route to the Grimm, Cinder is reminded of a memory of her past, prompting her to nervously scratch at the airship's chair, clawing at the seat. When the two arrive, Cinder gives the Relic of Knowledge to Salem and takes full credit for retrieving it, much to Neo's annoyance.

Tyrian soon arrives taunting the two, causing a small argument between him and Cinder which soon interrupted when Cinder introduces Neo to Salem, referring to her as an asset, which once again irritates Neo. Soon after, Emerald, Mercury, and Hazel arrive. Emerald is delighted to see Cinder, but Cinder harshly shuts her down. When Cinder declares that she will take the Winter Maiden power from Penny Polendina, Salem stops her, and to Cinder's dismay reminds her that while she's more valuable than a "pawn", she is not to act without Salem's orders. Cinder backs down, telling Salem that without her she is nothing, and makes her leave with the rest of Salem's group as their master summons a Grimm to track down Oscar Pine.

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Disobeying the Queen

Neo and Cinder are encountered by Salem. Cinder bows before her queen, formally addressing her as "your grace." Cinder notices the Hound standing beside her master, prompting the Fall Maiden to nervously asks what it is. Salem tells her subordinate it's an experiment, the immortal woman asks what Cinder needs of her. Cinder requests that Salem should allow her in locating the Winter Maiden. Salem immediately denies Cinder's request and sarcastically talks to her pet, telling it of Cinder's thoughts and wants. Cinder scolds her master, saying without the powers of the Maiden, the Vault is inaccessible to them, and they are doing absolutely nothing to progress their victory. Salem coldly tells Cinder to as she says, Cinder tries to make a rebuttal, but the Hound roars at the Maiden, shutting down any further arguments. Salem tells Cinder to know her place, and she reluctantly agrees. Repeating the phrase, "without you, I am nothing."

Neo refusing to assist Cinder

After Salem and Cinder go their separate ways, Cinder rants to Neo, claiming Salem doesn't know of the capabilities Ruby and her friends have. She tells Neo they won't be gone for too long, they're only going to check on something. Cinder then says her enemies wouldn't abandon their ill-guided attempts at saving the world. Neo in turn, due her growing discontent for their "partnership" was shown to refuse to assist Cinder any further. Later Emerald would reveals herself and offers to help the two. Claiming she's been working on her semblance and promises not to tell Salem or anyone. Cinder, in response, angrily demands to know how much she overheard.

Neo, Cinder, and Emerald travel to Amity Colosseum, attempting to sabotage Penny, Maria, and Pietro, and to steal the Winter Maiden powers. As the colosseum is launched into the atmosphere, Cinder exclaims, she wished Penny's friends were with her. She taunts the robotic girl, saying she is just a tool to be used. Penny shouts back at Cinder, telling the Fall Maiden she doesn't know what she's talking about. Cinder proceeds to summon a barrage of black glass swords at Penny. Penny, however, summons her swords, and deflects the projectiles. The swords begin to overwhelm Penny, backing her into a wall. Luckily for her, Maria comes to her aid, and uses the mech she's piloting to shield the girl from the attack. Maria scream at Cinder, telling the woman to get away from her. Maria's sentence is cut short, as Neo rams the aircraft into Maria.

Maria wrestles with the aircraft and pins it to the arena floor. However, Neo puts the aircraft in reverse, releasing her from Maria's grasp. Emerald assists Neo by using her semblance on Maria. The aircraft rams into Maria's mech, rendering it useless. Neo opens the mech's hatch, Calavara impatiently asks what the mute girls wants, and the girl shape-shifts into Ruby. Still in her Ruby disguise, proceeds to attack Maria, but the elderly woman proves to be more than a match for her. Despite being younger and taller than Maria. Maria blocks, dodges, parries, and counters Neo's attacks. Neo becomes increasing irritated with her opponent and allowing her to be more open for attacks. As the fighting progresses, Penny is sent flying to the floor of the coliseum, and Maria abruptly stops fighting Neo to check on Penny. Neo sees the opportunity and knocks Maria away from Penny. Neo, embarrassed, and frustrated draws her blade from Hush. However, Off-screen, Penny's energy beam hits Neo, causing the mute to slam into the airship, and depleting her aura.

Neo slowly losing her patience with her "allies"

Right after Cinder's defeat, Emerald demands Neo get them out of there, to which the mute girl gives an angry glare, and pilots the ship back to Salem.

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Assault on Atlas

On the bridge, Neopolitan and the rest of Salem's subordinates are present. They learn of Watts' activity and witness Salem punishing Cinder. Cinder is given the task of freeing Watts and locating the Winter Maiden. As the Grimm destroy Atlas' outer defenses, Neo and the rest watch as Monstra touches down on the fields and regurgitate a pool of Grimm.

Neo taking the Lamp and making her move

Later, she uses her Semblance to discreetly watch Oscar call forth Jinn from the Lamp, along with Hazel planning to help Oscar and Emerald escape. After the three leave, Neo deactivates her Semblance, making herself fully visible, and moves toward the Lamp.

Upon Salem finding Emerald escorting Oscar and Yang's Group to the Monstra's exit, Salem revealed that the Lamp has gone missing from her vault, confirming that Neo had taken it for herself.

After Oscar uses the Long Memory to destroy Monstra, Neo skips away from the corpse carrying the Lamp, disappearing into the cloud of debris and dust. Not long after, she sends Cinder a text, remarking that Cinder won't survive unless she has the Lamp to give back to Salem. Having learned Jinn's name from her earlier eavesdropping, Neo adds that, if Cinder wants the password for the lamp, she knows what she owes Neo: the opportunity to kill Ruby.

Later, Neo meets up with Cinder and Watts on the streets of Atlas.

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Falling into the Void

Neo falls into the Void after Cinder betrays her

After meeting with Cinder and Watts, Cinder apologizes to Neo for not up holding her end of her deal and help kill Ruby. Neo hands the Relic of Knowledge over to Cinder allowing Cinder to ask the final question and learn the heroes' plan. Neo would take part in the attack on the Atlas command center, seen kicking a stunned worker in the head, knocking them out. She would later be in the Central Location attempting to sneak up and stab Ruby in the back whilst she was distracted with Cinder's attack however Yang would see Neo deactivating her Semblance and jump in the way of Neo's attack causing Yang to fall into the void. Neo annoyed she hit the wrong target continues her attack on Ruby and has to fight off an enraged Blake at the same time though Blake stops and has to make a choice of helping Ruby against Neo or Penny and Weiss against Cinder. Neo is seen later carrying on her fight with Ruby and is batted by Weiss with the Staff of Creation through a portal though returns and knocks Ruby to a lower platform, picking up the Staff of Creation. Ruby fakes Neo out and uses her Semblance to get behind Neo and knock her off. As Ruby attempts to pick up the Staff she is blasted off by Cinder, Neo who is gripping to the edge of the platform with one hand, looks down as Ruby grabs onto her leg. Cinder takes the Relic of Knowledge from Neo's belt and proceeds to drive the bottom end of the Staff into Neo's fingers knocking her into the void, leaving her fate unknown.

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