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Neo is seen working with Cinder after Roman's incarceration. She fights as the fake Haven team's fourth player in the Vytal Festival, and pilots the Air Bus ambulance taking Mercury Black away after his match against Yang.

Cinder's FactionEdit

Roman TorchwickEdit

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Partners in crime

Neo was an affiliate of Roman. She seemed to be the only person Roman did not regard with utter contempt and disdain, and she quickly got him out of danger on multiple occasions.

They were also shown to work fluidly together in combat, working off one another's attacks in a very organized display. This is depicted during the events of "Heroes and Monsters", where both fight against Ruby Rose and overpower her with relative ease.

On the DVD cast commentaries, series writer Miles Luna speculated that Neo would be even more dangerous if she didn't look up to Torchwick as much, and compared the dynamic to that of Harley Quinn and the Joker from Batman. Lindsay Jones also compares their relationship to that of a daughter and father, with Miles agreeing.[1]

Monty Oum has said she was designed due to the need for Roman to have a right-hand woman.[2]

She is also the only character towards whom Roman has exhibited any genuine concern, as he cried out in horror when Ruby activated her umbrella atop an airship during the Fall of Beacon, sending her flying.

In "The Coming Storm", it is revealed that Neo has not gotten over Roman's death and she wears his hat in remembrance of him.  She attempts to exact vengeance on his behalf by trying to kill Cinder, whom convinces her to instead target Ruby, citing she was the true reason why Roman was killed.

Cinder FallEdit

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Partners in revenge

Neo is part of Cinder's team during the Vytal Festival Tournament. Whilst they have not been shown interacting much, she apparently works well with her as a team in combat.

Neo's affiliations with Cinder's faction continued even while Roman was imprisoned by the Atlas military.

In "The Coming Storm", Neo wants revenge on Cinder who she believes is responsible for Roman's death. After Cinder reveals her Maiden powers, Neo agrees to work for her to kill Ruby. They later seal the deal with a handshake in "The Grimm Reaper". In "Our Way", Neo impresses Cinder when she demonstrates her Semblance on a Mistralian airship.

Neo has displayed exasperation when dealing with Cinder, such as when Cinder doubts her plan for infiltrating Atlas. However, she is easily able to compose herself. It is unknown how she personally feels about Cinder as of yet.

Team RWBYEdit

Ruby RoseEdit

Neo and Ruby first see each other in "Painting the Town..." when Neo rescues Roman with her Semblance.

Later, when she discovers Ruby on their stolen airship, she sends Roman a message with Ruby's picture and the text "Guess who?"

When the two fight, Roman later joining in, Neo is easily able to disarm and overpower Ruby. When it looks as though Neo is readying to kill her, Ruby saves herself by pressing Neo's umbrella open and sending her off the airship via the high winds.

In "The Coming Storm", Neo is convinced by Cinder that Ruby is the one responsible for Roman's death, prompting her to team up with the Fall Maiden to hunt down and kill the Huntress.

Yang Xiao LongEdit

Although the two have only interacted in battle, Neo seemingly enjoyed fighting Yang, even to the extent of toying with her in the midst of combat. Yang's temper came out in reaction to this and Neo used it to her advantage. After the battle ended, Neo gave a sadistic smile as she prepared to kill Yang.


Raven BranwenEdit

In "No Brakes", Neo immediately became fearful and retreated from the train car after Raven arrived via a portal to stop her from killing Yang. In the Volume 2 Director's Commentary, it is stated that she retreats because she can tell that Raven is someone she cannot defeat. This is evidenced by her opponent's superior speed and Omen, her telescopic blade.


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