Volume 3

Never Miss a Beat

Hey! Why don't you? That's what you sound like!
—Neon, to Yang Xiao Long before their battle
Hey! Where'd you get your hair extensions?
—Neon, asking Yang about her hair
Ooh, really?
—Neon after discovering that Yang's hair is natural
You should try rollerblading sometime! It's super fun! It'd probably take you a while though since you're so... you know... top-heavy.
—Neon getting to Yang before the fight even begins
Never miss a beat, never miss a beat, never miss a beat!
—Neon's catchphrase
Look! Now you're bottom-heavy, too!
— Neon taunting Yang during their battle
You should cool off! Get it? Because you're angry.
—Neon, during her battle against Yang
Ooh! Flashy eyes! Y'know, you're actually kinda pretty when you're angry.
—Neon, to Yang during their battle
I wasn't trying to say you should go on a diet. I was saying you really need to go on a diet! You're fat.
—Neon finally manages to make Yang snap.
You did it, Flynt! Don't worry about her, she's easy! But kind of annoying!
—Neon about Yang.
Never miss a beat! Never miss a beat! Never... miss a... beat?
—Neon, before she's defeated by Yang
What?! We Lost?! Team FNKI lost?! That was... that was... amazing! Oh my gosh, you guys were super crazy awesome! We should definitely party together sometime, right Flynt?
—Neon, to Flynt after their battle against Weiss and Yang

Volume 7


Never miss a beat, never miss a beat. Excuse me!
—Neon, during her battle against Team JNR and Oscar Pine
Come on, lightning bolt, aren’t you supposed to be fast?
—Neon, to Nora Valkyrie
Wow, your boyfriend’s actually holding his own! Where’s all that energy when he’s around you?
—Neon, to Nora about Lie Ren
Wow! That was amazing! You guys have really improved since the Vytal Tournament. And that cute farm boy had a few surprises for us, too.
—Neon, after their sparring battle against Team JNR and Oscar

RWBY: Amity Arena

​Neon is an unabashedly spunky chatty cat! Hailing from Atlas Academy, she... wait, she's not from Shade or Beacon? Our Kingdom's representative looks like this?? ahem! AHEM! Well if she is indeed from Atlas, she must be a powerful fighter! In her roller skates... and nunchaku-glowsticks... oh dear...
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