Open fire!
—Nebula Violette

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Nebula Violette[1] is the leader of Team NDGO. Nebula and her team fight Team SSSN in a match of the Vytal Festival Tournament in the episode "New Challengers...".


Nebula has lightly tanned skin, indigo hair brushed over to her left side and olive eyes. She wears a high-necked, tight-fitting gray shirt with dark gray accents, along with a long, lilac coat with one long sleeve with the other rolled up. She also wears a leather bandolier with a steel gray pauldron on the right shoulder, which also appears to hold her weapon. She wears a slanted dark gray belt on the second notch alongside a breastplate that matches her pauldron. She wears gray pants with dark gray boots with light gray laces alongside dark gray forearm length gloves with the left glove being fingerless and having a cuff. She also has a dark gray band around her right elbow with a smaller band on her upper left arm.


As one of Shade's Vacuan students, Nebula was one of the greatest critics of the other schools, unimpressed by their failures to protect Haven Academy and Beacon Academy, thus choosing to torment them about it. Nebula is brash and quick to taunt her enemies, being particularly resentful towards non-Vacuans. However, she is also perceptive and sensible enough to stop fighting once she knows her enemies are defeated.

Nebula has dubious morality, having no qualms letting Octavia Ember use children as bait for the Grimm despite potential injuries. She is also a coward, having fled the Battle of Beacon with her team, under the excuse that it was a lost cause to fight.

She also enjoys combat, and states she'd been waiting for a chance to fight and beat down on Velvet Scarlatina.

Powers and Abilities

She is more skilled at hand-to-hand combat the Velvet Scarlatina, albeit being slower. She is also proficient with wielding a club.[2]


Main article: Nebula's Crossbow

Nebula's weapon of choice is her Crossbow. It has the capability to transform into a sword. She is shown to be quite adept at both marksmanship and sword fighting, but was still unable to best Scarlet David in a one-on-one fight.


Nebula and her team are students at Shade Academy, from the kingdom of Vacuo. Her team journeyed to participate in the 40th Vytal Festival combat tournament, hosted by the kingdom of Vale, but were defeated by Team SSSN in the team round of the tournament. As the Fall of Beacon took place, Nebula and her team ran away from the danger, abandoning the school and people in order to save themselves, retuning home to Vacuo.[3]

Roughly one year later, after Beacon and Haven Academy students, Nebula and her team were amongst some of the more harsh students to the new transfers, harassing and tormenting them over being unable to defend their home.[4]

Nebula participated in the Shade Academy Initiation, declared by Theodore to reshuffle teams. After the shuffling of teams, Nebula is assigned to Team NOVA, as its leader. The team later goes to a Weapons Training class with teams ROSC and FNDU, which Xanthe Rumpole had decided to instruct herself. Rumpole instructs Nebula and Velvet to be the match of the day, in which they'll spar without their usual weapons; Nebula would take a club and Velvet a staff.[5]

As they fight, Nebula taunts Velvet and comments on how she's wanted to beat on her for a while now, and she eventually does so, defeating Velvet in the duel. However, once Nebula offers to help her up, Rumpole instructs her to keep beating her club down on Velvet. The students object, as Nebula had clearly won the fight. Rumpole tells them that Velvet still has Aura to fight, and her giving up so easily goes to show how little Beacon had prepared its students for a true threat. Rumpole tells the students that a bigger threat is soon to come, and to be unprepared for it is entirely reckless on their part. With this, she dismisses the classes and leaves.[6]

Team NOVA is eventually sent on a mission to Coquina to fix a CCT relay tower while also clearing the area of the Grimm. NOVA is instructed to also guide a group of students from Oscuro Academy, including August Caspian, and show them how to be Huntsmen.[7]


  • Her surname is a variation of "violet", which is a deep purple. In Astronomy, a nebula is a cloud of interstellar gas and dust, that can showcase a variety of colors, including violet.
    • Nebula's surname is spelled as both Violette (on the scoreboard) and Violetta (in the end credits). Her creator has confirmed that it was intended to be spelled the former way.
  • Nebula and the rest of Team NDGO were created by a group of fans who backed Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Nebula was voiced by her creator Grace Bono, who was also credited as "Team NDGO Character Consultant" in the credits of the episode. Nebula has additional spoken lines supplied by Kate Warner.[8]
  • Mylissa Zelechowski, creator and voice of Gwen Darcy, has stated that the creators of Team NDGO's headcanon for Nebula's sexuality is that she is asexual, along with Gwen and Dew.[9] However, this has yet to be publicly confirmed by Rooster Teeth.


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